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Najafi: great affinity between the blocks to vote on election law ( post for oogie & bubbies )

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House of Representatives bill discusses Unified Retirement
Baghdad morning Alaa al-Tai Muhannad Abdul Wahab
election law is still suffering the throes difficult in the corridors of the House of Representatives, with the continuation of discussions and debate between the political blocs to find solutions to the points of contention in the law. differences centered on the distribution of seats between compensatory parliamentary blocs, as it calls for the Kurdistan Alliance to increase the number of compensatory seats, while refusing the National Alliance and the Iraqi List waive their share of those seats. Complexities recent forced the House of Representatives to make its 32 open until they reached a consensus on the election law. Said in a statement the Department of Media of the Parliament received "morning," a copy of it, that "the Council resumed its open, which was held under the chairmanship of House Speaker Osama Najafi and the presence of 175 deputies, and was completed during the discussion Bill Unified Retirement, sponsored by the Committees legal and financial. "
said Najafi in the beginning of the meeting and a great affinity between the parliamentary blocs to vote on the proposed law on parliamentary elections. statement noted that the Presidency has decided to adjourn the meeting to remain open to Monday.
decision of the Presidency to suspend the meeting while achieving consensus on the election law, came after continuous meetings lasted until late the day before yesterday, a result of continuing controversy between the blocs in parliament.
showed parliamentary sources said differences latest on the law focused on the issue of compensatory seats seven, an issue most prominent having been raised to nine seats by adding two seats to the Kurds for their share of the time showed the National Coalition and Iraqi unwillingness to give up their share of those seats.
MP for the coalition of state law, Hanan al, said in a statement the "morning" that "discussions focused on resolving the issue of compensatory seats , after the findings of the parliamentary blocs to an agreement not to increase the seats in the House of Representatives and hold on to the previous number, "pointing out that" the 310 seats belonging to the representatives of the provinces and the remaining 15 seats, 8 of them for Kota and 7 compensatory was calculated on the basis of what happened upon each entity in the elections by and fit. "
She Fatlawi that "the Kurds want to get additional seats to become their seats compensatory 3 in the share one seat," indicating that "the National Alliance and the Iraqi List refused to waive Hssma of compensatory seats that are 4 of the alliance and 2 for an Iraqi."
and added that the differences can contribute delays in passing the law, because of the masses demands and every time we finish the problem appears again, pointing out that "the other blocs except for the Kurds have expressed their desire to vote on the current law, a majority or return to the previous law."
explained Fatlawi that "the coalition presented a proposal to return to the number of seats Previous to that he can not increase the number of members of parliament, without having accurate statistical or census, as well as it represents the desire of the reference and the street, "asserting that" the proposal has received the approval of the blocks and resolve part of the differences, "afterthought by saying: The point of contention new stood then was increased compensatory seats demanded by the Kurdistan Alliance. "
and showed the difficulty of reaching an agreement on the law as a result of the adoption of the blocks proposals after crossing every point, pointing out that the number of compensatory seats is currently the node biggest and if what has been agreed upon we will be able to pass the rest of the points.
predicted an MP for the National Alliance to continuing differences will lead the presidency of the parliament to one of the following two options, either to continue to suspend the hearings and make it open or go to majority voting in any option, it is assumed respected by the other ingredients. "
For his part, MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Sirwan Ahmed capable that the Kurds are not out of the problem in delay adoption of the election law, ruling approving the law because of the continuing controversy and stuck blocs positions.
said capable in a statement the "morning" that "discussions between the blocs took a long time yesterday, not which to reach a result," blaming the "Iraqi List and the National Alliance for the lack of desire in cooperation or participation on the mechanism for the distribution of compensatory seats that have been proposed recently, but Aaredan the waiver of any of the compensatory seats as they reject the quota and the increase in seats. " Kurdistan Alliance MP, waved Province Kurds of the electoral process in the event of return to the old law or approve new majority. "
decision the House of Representatives Muhammad Al-Khalidi, stressed that the election law in its current form can be challenged if they are passed by majority.
said Khalidi in a press statement yesterday, "The law in its current form can not be passed by a majority of political in the House of Representatives, which need to agree upon between the blocks because the proposal is not a new law," noting that most of the political blocs have interests and proposals to increase the number of seats, so there is no before the law only consensus to pass.
, and pointed out that the any block or someone who can challenge the election law until after the election because of a constitutional article allowing the appeal proposal and not the law.
meanwhile, called for mass citizen in the House, Presidency of the Republic to issue a presidential decree set a date for the holding of the House of Representatives next.
MP from the bloc Hassan sari said during a press conference held parliament building with a number of members of the cluster, it was "obvious to everyone difficult situation experienced by the House of Representatives in the late adoption of the electoral law and ratify it, especially as the points of understanding is still missing and vision statements absent", calling for "issuing a presidential decree set a date for parliamentary elections to come."
renewed force during the conference rejected his list for "postponing the elections and the closed list and circle one and increase the number of parliamentary seats."
In turn, the MP said the bloc Bayan Jabr during the conference, said that "negotiations between the blocs political and deadlocked on the compatibility of the election law, "noting that" the heads of political blocs held yesterday, a meeting which discussed four proposals will be considered, including the proposal of the United Nations to increase the number of seats in parliament to 328 are distributed in an appropriate manner. "

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