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At a cost of more than 73 billion dinars Minister of Construction: completion of 58 projects in the field of maintenance of roads and bridges in all the provinces

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The Minister said that the General Authority for Roads and Bridges of the ministry completed this year, 58 projects in the field of maintenance of roads and bridges in all the provinces in Anbar province, has been completed maintenance by Ameria tourist city length of 42.5 kilometers and the rehabilitation of the pilgrimage route road and replace the roof wooden bridge Hawijah modern and maintenance of joints stretch to bridge the valley Hjlan and rehabilitation of a bridge in the quantum 70 on the road gray wet old, either in the province of Diwaniyah has been the completion of maintenance of 13 kilometers of road شنافية Official and maintenance by غماس Junction غماس a length of 10 kilometers, as well as maintenance through the Official Sadeer and 20 kilometers of road Official Najaf. maintenance through Afak the monastery at a cost of 1,991 billion dinars. He added that in the province of Muthanna was completed maintenance through Samawah Khadr (the monastery) and maintenance through Samawa intersection of salted length of 14 kilometers in addition to maintenance bridge greens الكونكريتي addition to the maintenance of the joints of the stretch and fences preventive and steel for bridges Alfoghanih on the Highway and the reconstruction of the bridge over the railroad Highway Traffic also equipped with traffic signs kilo metric and maintenance of the expansion joints of the bridge affected A1, either in the province of Babylon has been accomplished through the maintenance Albu Alwan and maintenance of railway bridge on the road to the Rosary and Maintenance Moelhh road length of 11 kilometers. The Minister said that in the province of Basra has been completed maintenance bridge Karma الكونكريتي and the maintenance through cooperation a length of 7.25 kilometers, and in the province of Diyala maintenance by the death of Khan Bani Saad, a length of 12.4 kilometers and maintenance and clothing Shat new control and maintenance of New Baquba Baghdad Road (different parts of) 20 km at a cost of 2,238 billion dinars, and in Salahuddin province has been completed set up protective fences for bridges in the province at a cost of 992 million dinars. But in the province of Dhi Qar has been completed by the Graf Sahlan length of 11.8 kilometers and 7.4 kilometers maintenance of Basra, Nasiriya Desert Road, and in the holy city of Karbala maintenance has been done through the Indian holy city of Karbala a length of 9.6 kilometers at a cost of 1,889 billion dinars, maintenance and clothing through Ibrahimeya length of 8,750 kilometers and a cost of 2,433 billion dinars, and said the minister was in the province of Kirkuk was completed maintenance of bridges tea first and second at a cost of 771 million dinars, either in the province of Maysan Vtm completion of maintenance bridge Republic Iron and maintenance of road building Ptirh the dawn of a length of 30 kilometers and Maintenance by Kut Building (home corridor) with a length of 20 kilometers and Maintenance Building Tayeb road length of 66 kilometers and maintenance through Basra Architecture (leg corridor) with a length of 20 kilometers and maintaining bridges الطبر and released Hungary. In the province of Najaf Vtm completion of maintenance 8.5 kilometers of road cement plant in Kufa and maintenance by Mashkhab Rak stone and maintenance and clothing through the holy Najaf, Karbala, 12 kilometers long in addition to maintenance by the monastery of a length of 11 kilometers in the province of Nineveh been completed, Maintenance Rabia تربكة the road border length of 20 kilometers and maintenance via Shikhan connector and maintenance and clothing through Mosul Coeur a length of 24 kilometers and maintenance of border road Rabia تربكة junction, towards the village of Tal Musharraf and Maintenance of Sinjar, Tal Afar, a length of 13.5 kilometers and maintenance of Rebiya connector road 16 kilometers in addition to road maintenance Zammar Ain Zala .. and bridge maintenance Qayyarah and he was in Wasit province has been completed Maintenance d'Baghdad road (Azizia Soarh) a length of 23 kilometers and maintenance of the intersection through Numaniyah with through (Cote d' Baghdad), as well as the completion of maintenance projects the link road between Highway Traffic and through Sayafiyah along 17 kilometers and maintenance of 12.75 kilometers of road YUSUFIYA issued YUSUFIYA addition to the maintenance of the road link between the old Diyala Bridge in Rustumiya and set up barrages half pipe on the road to Baghdad Hilla.

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