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Legal Parliament: Adoption of 'parties' after the election law (PFP)

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Submitted to the heads of blocs to study
BAGHDAD - Alaa al-Tai
likely legal committee parliamentary ratification of the parties after the passage of the law amending the election law legislative public. The head of the Legal Committee Khaled Huani completion of the final wording of the law four months ago, indicating that the bill sent to the heads of blocs to study it.
He denied Huani in an interview for the "morning" there is no disagreement on the basics of the law, but he said the heads of blocs demanded the inclusion of observations on some of the paragraphs, and is scheduled for inclusion of vote after the Elections Law.
The House of Representatives decided to postpone the vote on the law of parties, which consists of 69 paragraph because of objections from the political blocs on some of its paragraphs.
indicated that most of the political parties exercise currently work according to the law of the civil governor of Paul Bremer and the procedures described by observers as "inaccurate", especially as the dozens of registered parties won the very small number of voters during the elections years, in addition to their headquarters in the province or provinces only which is contrary to the new law.
contrast, predicted committee member MP Hussein Net deported parties law to the next parliamentary session, and not passed in the current session, and expected continuing controversy long on this law.
Safi said for " morning "that" the law of parties of laws very important, it is difficult approved during the current parliamentary session, because there are a lot of amendments made ​​to it and these amendments need to be discussions with the political blocs. "
He said, "This law will organize the political process in the country because it contains a lot of material task that govern the operation of political parties in terms of the number of effectives to it and prevent the formation of armed groups affiliated to political parties, as well as on the subject of the rules of procedure, as well as detect receivables finance or finance. "
said a member of the Legal Committee that "the law will discuss the issue of the ownership of which belongs to the Ministry of Justice in the previous law, this is not true because it must be under the shadow of the judiciary to the independence of the latter, as well as the existence of differences on a number of party members at the formation.
known parties law, according to a copy obtained by the "morning", the political party that "every Iraqi group organization based on the principles and common goals contribute to the formation of the political will at the federal level or the regions and governorates not organized province and participate in public affairs and seek to participate in elections and referendums to achieve specific programs concerning political affairs, economic or social or cultural development of the state and exercising its democratic means to peaceful transfer of power or participating in . "
and the Net, "There are six provinces must provide lists parties where within the organizational process and the identities issued in the name of this party or that, and this process does not appeal to all, especially the parties arising or modern, that do not have large fan base."
also noted the Net Ban " Kurdistan wants to take a special law for the parties, "explaining that" this is not consistent with the Constitution of the fact that the government federal, and there is a parliamentary election coming and the formation of the government, and therefore all parties should be well suited inside the center. "
the MP said "the organizational work within the party thing very important, and resides parties and large blocks has a fan base and wide, but it does not have members within their masses or their parties, and this will cause them embarrassment in terms of numbers, as well as the matter regarding the governorates six which must not be less than the number of members of the one hundred member of each party. "

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