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Maliki: errors during military operations (unacceptable) and the perpetrators must be held accountable( post for player)

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Amid calls for further «avenge the martyrs» and support the security forces
Baghdad morning
stressed Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, that the mistakes that occur during military operations are unacceptable and must be held accountable the perpetrators to prevent recurrence, a reference what is happening from the tension in the country into sectarian discourse which is adopted by some politicians, He expressed concern about the implications of the implications of what is happening in Syria on Iraq and the region. Meanwhile, he saw the deputies and officials to intensify Qaeda Tfjeratha recently, comes an attempt to put pressure on the security forces in order to stop the process of "revenge of the martyrs", stressing the need to continue multiplying the nests of terrorists and support the security forces and change its plans.
collective responsibility
Maliki said during a meeting with heads of tribes and notables areas the outskirts of Baghdad, yesterday that "the responsibility to protect the country from the threat of terrorism and the challenges that surround it, should be borne by all," calling on citizens to "cooperate with the security forces and the army and police and help them in dealing with terrorists and criminals. "
he said in a statement received by the morning copy of it: "The errors that occur sometimes during military operations even if the individual is unacceptable and must be held accountable the perpetrators to prevent their recurrence," adding that "what is happening from the tension caused by sectarian rhetoric which is adopted by some politicians are standing up platforms. "
The Prime Minister emphasized that he "can not build a country under this sectarian discourse and التصعيدي," stressing that "the weapons would only be by the state, nor indulgence with any party carrying weapons outside the framework of the state."
and on the situation in Syria, said the Prime Minister said that "what is happening in Syria threatens Iraq and the region," and urged everyone, led by politicians to "unite and unite and renounce sectarianism and to maintain the public interest to partisan interests in order to ward off the dangers and protect the unity and national sovereignty."
For their part, called tribal chiefs and dignitaries to "legislation law criminalizing sectarian incitement," arguing that "such a law could stop incitement and escalation that does not serve one of the sons of the people." trying to squeeze into it, hook deputies and officials intensified movement of recent bombings in the capital Baghdad a process of "revenge of the martyrs", which has achieved many accomplishments and was able to raid nests of terrorist organizations and confound their presence. was the Baghdad Operations Command, launched the beginning of August now, raids and military checkpoint in the areas of belt Baghdad called the "revenge of the martyrs," as it made ​​the military operation strong results managed to kill more than 60 terrorists including Arabs and the destruction of more than 50 LEC and adjust the car bombs. came this process against the backdrop of the escape of hundreds of prisoners in two attacks on prisons Taji and Abu Ghraib, on 21 July, and the escalation of car bomb attacks and improvised explosive devices beyond where claimed the lives of dozens of dead and wounded, mostly civilians. MP for the National Alliance victory Gharbaoui, promised a series of terrorist operations carried out by views known, is an attempt to put pressure on the security forces for the purpose of زعزعتها and stop the process avenge the martyrs. said Gharbaoui for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": that "there are countries regional and external agendas internal trying to pressure the security forces in order to stop the operations which took a lot of terrorist organizations and raiding أوكارهم", believing that "these agendas are trying to threaten the democratic system in the new Iraq." clans and security plans and asked for the National Alliance for activating the role of clans and urged them to stand by the security forces to maintain security, called the Kurdistan Alliance to an urgent meeting of the leaders of the security forces in the House of Representatives in order to agree on the security plans will put an end to terrorist operations. National Alliance MP Ali inch between during his speech for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network, "" The Iraqi tribes is a mixture of Sunni and Shiite communities a unified and support for the security forces is important and contribute significantly to the eradication of terrorism and defeat it. " and added that "there are differences and kegs of terrorism and the settlement of these disputes will be removed incubators," noting that "The elimination of al-Qaeda needs to unite everyone." For his part, called the Kurdistan Alliance MP Mehdi Haji, to an urgent meeting of the leaders of the security forces in the House of Representatives in order to agree on the security plans will put an end to terrorist operations. Hajji said, for "Center Brief for network Iraqi media ":" It is necessary to attend security leaders to the House of Representatives for the advancement of the reality of security in the country. " He continued: "The events Syrian and escape of prisoners and the deteriorating security situation in Iraq and the political differences required security leaders and the House of Representatives to the meeting and to agree on a specific mechanism for the exit of the crisis and to reach a radical solution. " criticism is constructive and joint plans either the security committee in Baghdad Provincial Council, has criticized the remarks is responsible for the security reality and demoralize the security forces by some politicians. and said Chairman of the Committee in the Council Mohammed جويبر for "Center Brief for network Iraqi media, "that" the statements by Iraqi politicians, do not aim the security work and his memoirs, "pointing out that" some of them marketed to that security forces failed, not the same benefit, and this so-called cash is building within the framework of alienation from the reality in which we are bound by all " . added جويبر that "the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary and Security Committee in Baghdad Provincial Council, they can give opinions about the security reality due to friction and dealing with constant Baghdad operations." In turn, the development of the Baghdad Provincial Council a joint plan with the ministries of interior and defense to control the areas that repeatedly targeted , include monitoring sums of money to buy equipment Sonar sophisticated and the number of surveillance cameras. said council member full-Saadi, in his speech, "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," that "during the next few days will be monitored sums of money within the budget of the development of regions for the purchase of equipment Sonar sophisticated and a number of surveillance cameras. " and continued, "will be set up cameras in sensitive areas aimed at continuously," noting that the province ستخول ministries to contract for the purchase of hardware detection of explosives. " targeting of the state and people, for his part, said the families of Adhamiya, said the bombings carried out by al-Qaeda in Iraq target state and the people by affecting the plans rejuvenating the country economically, noting that the families of Iraq from the south to the north coherent and unified to confront terrorism. said Chairman of the Board Sabah al-Obeidi's "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": "The terrorist bombings directed against Iraq and its people, Terrorists do not want to Iraq to stand up and do not want to head the government to services. " and called al-Obeidi, "the political forces to follow the example of the Iraqi tribes to unify their positions to face the threat of Al Qaeda." In the same vein, between the Council of assigning Anbar that al-Qaeda targeting all Iraqis do not exclude one of the Tfjeratha seeking to stir up sectarian strife, calling for the military leadership to continue multiplying the nests of terrorists, the process of revenge for the martyrs. said Council President Hamid al-Hayes for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," that "al-Qaeda does not exclude one of its operations terrorist as he tries through bombings hit areas with the majority Shiite and the other predominantly Sunni to foment sectarian strife, "calling" security leaders senior to continue the process avenge the martyrs to target the nests of terrorists in Baghdad and other provinces, "he said, adding that" al-Qaeda is currently experiencing tightening security. " , it stressed Iraqi National Accord Movement on the need to change security plans currently used to counter terrorist groups, calling for an urgent meeting of political leaders to develop radical solutions to the problems of security and political. said responsible relations movement triumph of Allawi's "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," "All the political blocs today bear responsibility in what goes on in Iraq, and therefore political leaders meeting my grandfather to find radical solutions to the problems of security and political experienced by the country, "asserting that" Iyad Allawi will meet any invitation for the meeting of a serious among the leaders. "said Allawi, said" the security forces to change its plans in the face of terrorism and not to rely on set up checkpoints inside Baghdad and causing traffic jams. " Allawi showed that "Syria if exposed to a military strike against its effects will reflect negatively on the security situation in Iraq, so everyone on the move to strengthen the internal front."
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