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Abdul-Mahdi: that Iraq possessed wealth enough to build the largest states from space and number (post for player)

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Abdul-Mahdi: that Iraq possessed wealth enough to build the largest states from space and number

Tuesday, August 27 / August 2013 13:38

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} said the leadership of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, Adel Abdul-Mahdi said Iraq's natural wealth enough for him to build greater than states and a number space.

And said Abdul-Mahdi, in a statement told a news received by the agency {Euphrates News} copy of it today Tuesday that "Iraq possesses every energies of the Advancement of, a security, and, service, and economically, At the internal and external relationships, and we have armed forces exceeded the prepared {1.2} million not a member of, compared to the forces of a terrorist do not exceed the prepared {7000} the a terrorist.

And continued, "no matter how not water problems and the earth and the economy, investment and of Housing, Electricity, and other, But the country is what still entice investors, with each Mngsatna and Aracellna and can be that the we build positive relations to neighboring countries, including from the we disagree with her, for the but we do not we see the participants and benefits and the elements of our strength, and see problems and differences only. "

He added that the "the people feels nervously and foil severe because of the continuing threats and crises Cuomo tens of of the martyrs per day and as if the the matter Pat acceptable, and escapes hundreds of ultra-extremists of the most prisons guarding in addition to the increasing corruption and encumbrances and unemployment as well as the the issue of of electricity that ranged in the its place and as well as the investments and projects and services."

He said, "There is a sense of helplessness and failure, armed forces trained to protect the country's wars classic Jbhoah, and look like absent when the cost file security, not to mention the violations and the absence of the role of the people, when they weigh administrative procedures and economic directives and regulations and requirements lag Kktherh archives and the health of the breasts and the requirements of integrity and prevent fraud, Instead of natural or procedures followed by the smart successful departments, the interests and transactions Sttatl and we will pay unforeseen expenses and damages pending disable the interests of the people, weakening pay procedures backward ignorant of current and expel money and bad money interests and the best interests principle says

He added, "When you regulate the internal political relations with the States according to the principle of crises and threats, not mutual interests and benefits, we'll lose friends and activate enemies."

And pointed out that "deactivation empties activities which protect the people and interests and the rights and when it happens the vacuum Vsimlah terrorism, corruption and mafias, and breaks down security and services and the economy and politics," pointing out out that "the this matter longer a failure for the the State of that dominate and a monopoly on everything."

And between the that the "the State powerless despite the efforts of many for fill the its positive role as if the its mission the foundation disable interests and not facilitated by but rather for as long as encouraged the the forces of society and the political forces on the take measures deduced from the people's interest disable mechanism Embarkation and progress,", stressing that he "When is absent of life and effectiveness, will be generated vacuum filled by subversive powers and Adwa ". is finished AD

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