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Maysan Oil produces 235 thousand barrels of Halfaya field Missan oil drilling nine wells completed Halfaya field and raise production to 235 thousand barrels per day

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Maysan Oil produces 235 thousand barrels of Halfaya field
Missan oil drilling nine wells completed Halfaya field and raise production to 235 thousand barrels per day

Author: AAW
Editor: BK, HH 7.27.2013 17:08

Range Press / Maysan
Announced Maysan Oil Company, on Saturday, the completion of drilling operations and reclamation of nine wells in the field Halfaya oil (35 km southeast of Architecture), within the processes developed operated by Petrojayna Chinese two years ago, while confirming that the fields affiliate is currently producing 235 thousand barrels per day exported, mostly to the ports of Basra.
The Director-General of the Maysan Oil Company Ali Qubool Bahadli in a statement issued today, and received a (long-Presse) a copy of it, "The company Bohai contracting with the company's main Petrojayna Chinese, completed reclamation of the well حلفاية 7, which reached its production to 2687 barrels per day, according to tests last" .
He Bahadli, that "the company Bohai also completed operations completion of two wells are the HF051 and HF137 using two drilling 21 and 97 belonging to returnees her," noting that "the sum of the old wells that have been reclaimed in the field of Halfaya since direct operations developed two years ago, amounted to nine wells currently producing 234 thousand barrels per day, mostly exported to the ports of Basra in southern Iraq. "
The Maysan Oil Company announced that, in (16 June 2013), the arrival of the two towers, new drilling to a field Halfaya oil with the launch of the second stage of its development, indicating that the two towers others will arrive soon, bringing the number of rigs (10) in addition to towers for reclamation, which will contribute to the high frequency of drilling operations and increase the number of new wells, having contributed to the first phase by adding more than 100 thousand barrels of production rates.
Witnessing Halfayah field operations, the development of "unprecedented" after transmittal to Chinese Petrojayna company, which won a development contract in the second licensing round, organized by the Ministry of Oil, the end of the 2009 year.
It is estimated oil reserves for the Halfaya field to yield Maysan Oil Company of around 16 billion barrels, of which four billion are recoverable at the moment, in addition to large amounts of gas, and was the first wells drilled in it in 1976.
The Iraqi Oil Ministry has signed in 2010 a final contract with a consortium of three Chinese companies, French, Malaysian, to develop the Halfaya in the province of Maysan, (320 km southeast of Baghdad), in the second licensing round, which is estimated reserves of recoverable, four billion, one hundred million barrels of oil.
The company Petrojayna Chinese are developing Halfayah field since 2010, has completed the first stage production of about 100 thousand barrels per day, while you CNOOC to develop fields Bazrkan and Abu West and loose change, north and south, it is hoped to raise production rates to about one million barrels a day early in 2017.
The Chinese Petrojayna company announced, on the fifth of March its intention to post U.S. company Exxon Mobil to develop the West Qurna oil field in southern Iraq, and stressed that the U.S. company and the Iraqi government have expressed their support to participate in the development process.
The Chinese Petrojayna company with investments in several large oil fields projects including a حلفاية field in the province of Missan, Rumaila in Basra in southern Iraq.
It produces Maysan Oil Company fields an average of 217 thousand barrels per day after the addition of more than 100 thousand barrels in the first phase of the development of the Halfaya field in June.

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