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Demanding that the Government send unified retirement law to Parliament for adoption.. Block ': no agreement to pass laws in one basket

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With the delayed adoption of a number of laws in Parliament, including task retirement law which awaits the deduction for a long

' Block and renewed by MP Abdul Hussein abtan asked the Government to speed up the sending of the common retirement law to the House of representatives for a vote, noting that the delay in the adoption of the law causes damage to retirees and the country in General. "abtan said millions of pensioners are waiting for the publication of the consolidated or new retirement law," Noting that "the Government has taken previous resolutions by granting retirees over the past monthly ElsaRemained, and these temporary solutions don't fill need retirees and their families. " Abtan said that "the delay of the new pension law, cause damage to pensioners and the country in General," urging the Government to "accelerate unified retirement law sent to Parliament because of very important laws, and that took more time than his entitlement in the Cabinet." The parliamentary Finance Committee had earlier announced that it will host a public retirement Commission Director General on the draft law of the new retirement next week for further talks. "context Abdul Hussein abtan," we will be the first voting to abolish the pensions of Ministers and deputies and three presidencies. "the House of representatives voted at its session held on 16 August last year GanOne of the three presidencies, salary reduction and reduction ranged from 40 to 80%, which reduced the salaries of Heads of State of the Republic and the Cabinet and representatives from 50 million to 12 million, and acquired a legal degree and categorical rating promised effective from the date of its promulgation in the Official Gazette. the Cabinet has submitted to the Federal Court of appeal on the reduction of the salaries of Ministers, claiming that the salary of the Member of Parliament is higher than the Minister, what else The implementation of the resolution and block citizen representative had called for reduction of financial allocations to the three presidencies and the abolition of social benefits that are greater than 10%, and increased the salaries of retired amounts available from this section. MP block representative Abdul Hussein abtan citizens that "abolishing those privileges is a normal and valid because it achieves justice, where there are thousands of retirees paid not exceeding three hundred aRoll, while the salaries of Ministers and deputies and three presidencies to dozens of needy Iraqi families living. "he was MP for citizen representative Habib terminal block had earlier stressed that the reduction of the salaries of the three presidencies and the abolition of the retirement of parliamentarians to benefit citizen. Terminal called" citizen gets the interest directly, explaining that the subject of salary reduction and abolition of the retirement of the inter-parliamentary presidenciesManien was the topics requested by the citizen and block it from our sponsors ". the laws pending legislation in the Parliament, the President promoted citizen canina, Baqir Jabr Al-Zubaidi, that there was no agreement to pass laws one basket, mrhaga to see a House that the forthcoming adoption of a package of important laws, including the law of the Federal Supreme Court, the Council of the Union, Al-Zubaidi said" there is atExceeded the pass laws in one basket, we believe this is not true, we want to pass laws one after the other, "likely" is a large and important package of laws, a house next to exit in the last legislative chapter in the laws of good citizen and country, including the Federal Court and the law Union ". the representative of the religious reference in the Holy City of Karbala Friday, criticized the use of{One-basket} in the adoption of laws by the House of representatives, describing it as a "dangerous incorrect and self-serving national interests." said Al-Zubaidi, the Federal Court, and the legal Council of the Union need to thirds, if a quorum is achieved, it will be postponed ", stating that" there are some blocks does not want to pass the Federal Court Act, and others are passing the law on the Council of the Federation, as it is written of draft and existing proposals both wants to pay towards not voting. " "There are many laws went to the executive authorities, but until now had not been implemented, including Basra, the capital of Iraq."

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