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Fever rising prices plaguing local markets in Mosul before Ramadan

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27/06/2013 (00:01 pm) -

Fever rising prices plaguing local markets in Mosul before Ramadan

 Mosul / نوزت the شمدين

Ahead of the holy month of Ramadan, hit the local markets fever rising prices, despite the promises of the Ministry of Commerce to provide additional material in the share of Ramadan.
traders and citizens expecting the arrival of food prices to record levels, and attributed it to the high prices of origin and doubled transportation costs due to the fuel crisis as well as for non-distribution of ration card items. But not one of them looks in your eyes directly, and answer why all these reasons, attend one-time and on-year before the month of Ramadan, a few days only.
confirms journalist Acer Thanon editor economic, that the lack of real control on prices and products alike, make our local markets at the mercy of traders, which weighs a result, on the shoulders of the ordinary citizen.
due easier to say in his speech to the extent that the big dealers are concerned about it, and they Adoznon prices on what loves their pockets, but most of the small traders, فيجبرون on the matter, and deal prices, which are in advance, recognizing that to increase demand and lack of supply a major role in contributing to raising prices, a formula known. "
equations and economic theories do not sing the citizen nor the Tasman from hunger, "This is the opinion of the writer and economic researcher Silwan Mohammed Saeed, and insists that the weakness of the state apparatus, and the absence of solutions on how to deal with the market, a major role in citizen and left alone in the tested to the consciences greedy. And points out in his speech to the extent that the opening of border crossings wide, with the lack of standardization and quality control, and the entry of adventurers down to the commercial center that they are traders, contributed significantly as well as in the quality of supply in the market and prices, as well as other things not disclosed are said to be relationship to the security situation in Nineveh, and contented himself with it!
Mahmoud Sami, dealer foodstuffs in the stock market, he said that prices have gone up already but not significantly, something that occurs naturally every year, because of the high levels of demand, especially for the food, and the only way to rein in these prices, the distribution of vocabulary many of the ration card, and this is what does not happen for years, which means that the citizen will resort to the market to meet his needs, which leads to higher prices.
criticized fellow Mahmoud in the market itself, named Samir, do citizens just days before the Ramadan or Eid purchased home needs food or others, and pointed out that this tradition is known to traders, not only in Iraq, but also in the countries of origin, so they call these days b (season), any period of vogue work and prosperity.
Samir, it is believed that the change habits of society may regulate the movement of prices, and demanded the central and local governments, an awareness campaign includes many of the practices of life of the Iraqi people, and said that it takes time and effort. The Abdul Rahman Mustafa, a trader clothes ready, He expressed his happiness increased demand, and said that this is happening early this year, because often the last ten days of Ramadan is the time Iqbal citizens to shopping, and this year is witnessing a change in the weather popular. And Abdul Rahman, that the situation in Syria, making traders rely significantly on other countries such as Turkey nearby, or China though then, but what you offer attractive prices for any dealer. All this, as opposed to the wheel stops the domestic industry, it is natural that others are Almtgmon prices. It also indicates that most traders face recession clothing throughout the months of the year, and waiting for the change of season, or the arrival of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, in order to discharge the cargo, an opportunity for many to compensate for the losses suffered by them.

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