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(posted for player46 in her absense)..Iraq and the United Nations sign a memorandum of understanding to strengthen anti-corruption measures

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(posted for player46 in her absense)..18:22 06/11/2013

Iraq and the United Nations sign a memorandum of understanding to strengthen anti-corruption measures
Follow-up - and babysit - Iraq has signed and the United Nations, on Tuesday, a memorandum of understanding to support Iraq's efforts in the fight against corruption.

The memorandum was signed by Iraq Alaa judge Jawad Hamid Chairman of the Integrity Commission and the International Organization Regional Office Deputy Representative to the United Nations for the fight against crime in the region of the Middle East and North Africa Live Veladson.

He Veladson a speech at the signing ceremony, which was held Academy of Iraqi anti-corruption: the terms of the memorandum seeks to strengthen the efforts of Iraq and its official institutions and civil in addressing the crimes of corruption in its various forms and addressing raised and their implications dangerous on the performance of democratic institutions and law enforcement and the completion of the plans and programs of development and prosperity, justice and equality in the ranks society.

He pointed out: The memorandum will help Iraq as well as to complete the steps good towards the implementation of the requirements of the UN Convention against Corruption and the involvement of all national parties and civil society organizations in this task and praised the significant role of the Integrity Commission in addressing this national responsibility large and cooperation featured with international parties to achieve the goal of all members the elimination of this phenomenon, which is now threatening the lives and aspirations of the people towards stability and prosperity.

The head of the Integrity Commission Judge Alaa Jawad Hamid has initiated the signing ceremony speech in which he reviewed the steps Iraq Avenue to uproot the phenomenon of corruption and contribute to the ترصين international effort to confront this scourge, which has become a crime cross-border diverge effects and consequences of the devastating result of failure to complete system for international action to stand her face.

And a reference to: The current year although no expiration half saw significant shifts in the Iraqi arena in the field of fight against corruption was in her lead the talks fruitful, which was held in Berlin with TI مفاتحتها for the opening of its headquarters in Baghdad in order to achieve the input reports about the reality of corruption in the country in a clear and scientific facts of the main sources.

He explained: that it is a prominent second in this area was the great success of the Forum Baghdad International Anti-Corruption in the eighth of last May, which the most prominent of all parties to the true reality of the phenomenon of corruption in Iraq in all its features and the nature of the efforts to weed them out and said that the third result is the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the organization International.

He stressed the judge Alaa Jawad Hamid: on Iraq's desire great cooperation with international parties on the basis of bilateral channels or through a joint effort as part of the terms of the UN Convention against Corruption, which was signed by Iraq in 2007 and that can enhance many of the mechanisms and concepts, especially on the basis of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding which is funded by the U.S. Bureau of the fight against money laundering.

The head of the Integrity Commission, Iraq disappointment from a position of Arab countries in obstructing a delivery whales corruption in Iraq, despite the signing of the United Nations Convention against Corruption and its association with Iraq extradition agreement.

He revealed, that a country that did not disclose his name, was arrested a few months ago that required which accounted for large sums of money when he was the minister, but was released despite the efforts and contacts and Iraq's attempts to restore it under the law.

She coordinated the Anti-Money Laundering Office in the U.S. Embassy Barbara Potts, expressed satisfaction at the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between Iraq and the United Nations promised added step to strengthen Iraq's efforts to combat corruption and complete the steps to implement the UN Atagafah requirements to combat corruption.

She described the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jacqueline Babcock, the memo as one aspect of the partnership between the international organization and Iraq to tighten the front of the struggle against corruption, which threatens the poorer segments of society and abort the development programs and the democratic process and addresses the efforts of equality, justice and advancement.

Babcock revealed in her concert for the United Nations in Baghdad today opened its permanent representatives of the office on drugs and crime said that the opening of the new office makes the international organization in the race (20) different formations for the implementation of development programs. O,
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