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Violence affects "the economic heart of Baghdad" strokes and warnings of "paralysis" economic

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5/31/2013 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

Long-Presse / Baghdad expresses dealers and retailers, in Baghdad for fear of the impact of security implications on the economic situation, especially after the reluctance of traders provinces for shopping capital of approximately threatens their work seriously and pushes them to think about the transfer of their business to the Kurdistan region, and expect a rise in food prices, considering that the current situation reminds them of years of sectarian violence, while warns economist that the continued deterioration of the security to the injury of the economy paralyzed and declining investment. shop owners phrase: customers are reluctant The move worked to Kurdistan During more than an hour of waiting between an assignee's wholesale Shorja market, which is the "heart of Baghdad economic", did not come any Mtdaa provinces, a situation repeated since the start of the wave of new violence in Baghdad, according to shopkeepers. says' Ali Haidar, the owner of a shop selling cosmetics wholesale Shorja market in central Baghdad, said in an interview to (range Press), "The movement of shopping has seen a significant decline since more than ten days," noting that "the shop owners singular in the provinces reluctant to come to Baghdad and shopping them because of the wave of recent bombings." did not rule out Haidar, that "this continues the decline in the trade movement in Baghdad, "adding that" the scene today is like so that we have seen the beginning of 2006 and we had to close the Mahna, "and draws merchant that" many of the traders Shorja think the transfer of their work to the Kurdistan region. " confirms Abu Ali, a dealer last Baelchorjh , what was said by his colleague, saying in an interview to (range Press), said that "a lot of our clients are from the southern provinces and Western have become reluctant to come to Baghdad to shop for fear of bombings and checkpoints delusional," noting that "communication is with them by phone only." while , warns the owner of a shop selling food, Mohammed Jabbar, in an interview to the (long-Presse), the possibility of "rising food prices, especially wheat flour, rice, oil, by the recession witnessed in the market in most of the joints," citing a "Iqbal citizens to buy food and stored in anticipation of the conditions of the unknown. " vendor Mobile: the situation is noteworthy years of unemployment sectarian and says Staff Ali (29 years old), salesman sack in the neighborhood of Sheikh Omar industrial center of the capital, in an interview to (range Press), said that "what Ojnyh Now Up to half of what you Ojnyh previously, "attributing it to" having to go back to the house before o'clock noon to Precede traffic jams witnessed by checkpoints with the end of time employees. " and draws on, that "most of the traders and salesmen finish their work before the second noon after that they continue until five o'clock in the afternoon, due to the implications of the security situation, "adding that" the current situation reminds years of sectarian violence that the country has witnessed years 2006-2008 ". Basta owner: work or starvation, in turn, says Haider Ali, the owner of Basta in Shorja , in an interview to (range Press), said that "things are moving toward more tension," مستطردا "not by hand trick because staying at home means starving to death." and shows Ali, a resident of Sadr City, east of the capital, "the fear of traffic areas which was tense sectarian in the past years Calfdil, "explaining that" everyone afraid of a return to sectarian violence that if we assume that the death would not recognize from hunger. " Economist: Market threatened paralyzed and shows the economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine pessimistic than going through the country, he says, In an interview (range Press), "The events volatile security and aggravate the political crisis threatens to paralysis of the Iraqi economy," adding that "commercial centers mission in Baghdad began to close its doors early baptized as a lot of people to withdraw their assets from the banks and put them in their homes." explains Antoine, that "the security tension worry sons Baghdad who are leaving their shops early," and wondered, "How can we expect to come dealers provinces to shop from the capital under the current circumstances." and expected economic expert, that "affect the security tension on the domestic capital and the investment side, which Looking for a safe environment, "asserting that" the current situation will reduce the import and raise prices, and probably will turn a lot of workers to the unemployed. " mentions that Baghdad is witnessing four days ago dozens of bombings, car bombs that have killed and injured hundreds, if you saw the capital on Thursday, seven bombings, car bombs, killing or wounding at least 200 people, also fell Wednesday, t (29 th of May, current), at least 108 people in three bombings, while fell Tuesday, (28th May 2013), what At least 100 people were killed or wounded in three explosions in the session and the people of Sadr City, in Baghdad was seen last Monday (27 this month), 11 explosions in different parts of the capital, killing or wounding at least 315 people. noteworthy that rates of violence in Baghdad has seen since, the beginning of February 2013, a rise steadily, according to the United Nations Mission in Iraq, (the second of May), that Nissan 2013, was the deadliest since June 2008, and confirmed that at least 2345 Iraqis had been killed and wounded in the violence affected different parts of the country, pointing out that the Baghdad province was the hardest hit with a total of civilian casualties 697 people (211 people, 486 injured), followed by the provinces of Diyala, Salahuddin, Kirkuk and Nineveh, Anbar, "noting that it relied on Investigations direct addition to the secondary sources reliable in identifying civilian casualties. expects medical sources and security, to be of May, more bloody than last April, as a result of what witnessed acts of violence worsening over days .. The United Nations renewed, today, to express their fears for the future of Iraq and confirmed that it is the "crossroads risk," also called for the European Union to intervene strongly in order to resolve the political crisis in Iraq. Despite all these melancholy, the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced Friday in a statement released him that his government " leaders to absorb the current onslaught as absorbed in the past, "he said, adding that" terrorism is boxed in Nineveh and Anbar. "

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