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Security parliamentary reservations on some of the terms of the amnesty

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08/05/2013 12:00 AM

Stressed the need for the failure to extend the killers of Iraqis by
BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab
saw the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary that the amnesty law contains loopholes that could lead to the release of terrorists, which expose the country to a great risk.
comes at a time intends to which the House of Representatives to discuss the amnesty law General, who still faces a debate about some of its paragraphs, particularly with which to release some of the blood on their hands with the blood of Iraqis.
expressed member of the Committee on Security and Defense parliamentary Abbas al-Bayati «support the alliance and support the adoption of the law in principle», however, he pointed to the existence of some reservations the details of this law.
said al-Bayati said in an interview »Sabah» that the General Amnesty Law of important laws, which give the impression of the power of the state and tolerance and willingness to «the integration of people covered by the law in the community again».
At the time, who pointed through Bayati «consensus Alliance National adoption of this law », said he has reservations on« paragraph 3 of Article 4 of the Act and Article 5 and Article 6 «stressing that those paragraphs need to modification or deletion, rejecting the inclusion of« terrorists and blood on their hands the blood of Iraqis, this law », and calling to the importance of The law would be «clear and explicit in the paragraphs that do not include all the terrorists and their support helped them in the criminal act», stressing the need for non-inclusion of people who committed to commit bombings and provided logistical support for terrorists in this law. He criticized al-Bayati, the political parties are trying to «infinite lack of amnesty to people who carried out the direct criminal acts», indicating that this thing will work on the inclusion of those who have contributed and helped Macs criminal amnesty law, explaining that the matter is one of the most contentious points in approving the law. Law is Amnesty one of the main demands of the demonstrators, who stipulated a series of measures the government can do to end the Aatsamathm, is that this requirement led to the division of the political arena between OK and exhibitions for approval. adds Bayati said «National Alliance still supports the Committee of Five, which was formed from the Forum national and that it The passing of this law through the House of Representatives, which is the only body in a position to accept or reject the law », confirming the existence of a unified position in the National Alliance toward the general amnesty law. The National Alliance« rejected »coverage of terrorists and participated murder, the law of amnesty, pointing out During a meeting he held last Sunday, that the purpose foundation behind the adoption of this law is »spirit of tolerance, and amnesty for some of the light from the right path», which was confirmed by a member of the security and defense committee parliamentary MP Qassem al-Araji, who pointed out that « National Alliance supported the general amnesty law provided the failure to extend the killers and their hands stained with the blood of Iraqis. And between al-Araji, said in an interview »Sabah» «The National Alliance to reach an agreement on the law, but he refused whitening prisons», adding that «there are a lot of murderers and criminals who brought destruction to the Iraqi people through the sectarian killings as well as the presence of many criminals who belong to the Al-Qaeda and armed groups associated with this organization. Expressing at the same time «rejected» alliance and unequivocally «state of political bargaining to pass this law», indicating the need to «explain the law is a terrorist and not to confine criminals to al-Qaeda only« anticipated that something like «could be used negatively and lead to fire release of a large number of killers who can not prove their belonging to the base.
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