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Prime Minister: The law does not state collapsed Iraq

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Prime Minister: The law does not state collapsed Iraq
Saturday, March 30 / March 2013 21:42

[Baghdad - where]

The leader of a coalition of state law by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said the list of coalition rule of law will have the audience optimal and efficient and the most in the upcoming provincial elections, indicating it were not for the survival of the rule of law together within the framework of the National Coalition for Iraq had collapsed, and pointed out that the 20 entities and parties and gatherings انضوت within State of Law coalition to contest the election in the ten provinces.

This came during a big festival electoral held by a coalition of state law in Baghdad on Saturday The ceremony included speeches by the leaders of the main factions in the coalition pointed to the electoral program for the coalition of state law in its various aspects.

According to a statement of the Information Office of the Islamic Dawa Party has confirmed President of the Reform Movement, Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari in his speech on the need to analyze candidates responsibly and pursue success stressing to stand firm against corruption and work on unity national warning platforms bad that do not carry the nation any good.

For his part, the head of the organization of Iraq Vice President Khudair Khuzaie the importance of building the country and drive to safety.

The Chairman of the list of independents, Dr. Hussein al-Shahristani, to the importance of the elections, especially during the coming period, which he described the period of construction of the country.

The Secretary-General of the Badr Organization and the Minister of Transport Hadi al-Ameri that there are parties working to thwart Iraqi voters and sow despair in the same order to foil the political process through the reluctance of Iraqi voters to participate, reminding that the values ​​that made ​​our fans martyrs for it deserve our stand against this onslaught .

He advised candidates not to turn their provinces councils into something like the House of Representatives, which drifted toward political debates and conflicts hang side so the enactment of laws that serve the homeland and the citizen.

The Secretary General warned the Virtue Party Hashem al-Hashemi of the schemes designed to waste right of the nation and citizens, demanding that the logo (torque and building), which raised a coalition of state law is a determination to combat corruption and build the present and the future.

The closing speech was the leader of a coalition of state law, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who said he does not state law collapsed Iraq, stressing that the responsibility of a coalition of state law a huge responsibility being on the completion of the construction of a civilized state based on the Constitution and the law

He added that state law spent a long way ivory challenges targeting the unity of Iraq through the use of paper sectarian malevolent addition to the internal and external challenges.

He pointed to the real importance of the Platform for Action, which embodies the motto of state law (torque and building), through determined to meet the current and emerging challenges and also resolve to overcome difficulties and challenges of building and construction.

He stressed that the list of state law will get the political majority in the provincial councils to be able to move the stagnant water and to achieve service and achievements and ages and will have the audience optimal and efficient and the most in the upcoming provincial elections as a result of the history of people in these councils in the current session and candidates for the next session and devotion to Iraq

And between that were it not for the survival of the state of law together in the framework of the National Coalition for Iraq was in last position and our goal to protect the unity of Iraq and maintenance of sectarianism and terrorism and murder and achieve justice and dealing on the basis of national identity and on the basis of the Constitution.

And we in the Council of Ministers focused in our new budget should be given broad powers and great for the provincial councils in the distribution of wealth after output sovereign expenditure for local governments to assume their responsibilities as the role of the provinces at least the responsibility of the central government.

Addressing who put sticks in the wheels of the movement by saying, "What if Andmojtm process stability on the basis of which have security and stability and the social and cultural that there will not be a building without stability, and this stability is based on the integration between the sons of one people."

He added that the construction of the country stands on three things are important, and they achieve political majority to be able to move the stagnant water, and the second is to complete the process of eliminating terrorism, and the third is to eliminate corruption.

The festival saw the electoral law of the state to attend the leaders of six major blocs, ministers and members of the House of Representatives, governors and heads of provincial councils for a coalition of state law. /

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