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Trebil border port with Jordan Trebil port prevents the entry of goods that do not carry a certificate of origin certified by the Iraqi Embassy

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Trebil port prevents the entry of goods that do not carry a certificate of origin certified by the Iraqi Embassy

Author: SK
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2013/03/18 18:33

Long-Presse / Anbar
Administration announced port Trebil border with Jordan, on Monday, they prevented the entry of goods to Iraq, which does not hold a certificate of quality, certified by the Iraqi embassy in the country of origin, and explained that this procedure came after Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization, for is following that was the case previously But "a large lightly."
The general supervisor of the port, Maj. Gen. Qassim al-Tamimi said in an interview to the (long-Presse), that "there is a law named the certificate of origin to prevent the entry of any goods through the port only after obtaining the certificate provided to be certified through the Iraqi embassy in the country of origin," noting "This action came after Iraq's entry into the World Trade Organization, which among its provisions to be goods entering the country supplied with a certificate of origin."
He added Tamimi "This law was the case in Iraq previously but there leniency in its application across fined importer who did not bring this certificate amount ranges of 100-150 thousand dinars," adding that "the fine imposed on the importers have been canceled and will be re-goods to the country origin if the certificate has not been retrieved mentioned. "
Tamimi explained that "this law is not Tjeezaa at traders, but it is a procedure intended to ensure that the certificate of origin by which focus on aspects of the company's goods and viewfinder and producing state."
This procedure is a guarantee to prevent the circulation of goods shoddy environmental, health and industrial and consumer conditions, and prevent the entry of materials unfit for human consumption.
And witnessing border crossings with neighboring countries entering goods expired to Iraq was the most prominent, in (09/11/2012), as attempted Iraqi traders enter five trucks loaded with 30 tons of gifts and toys and sweets expired and contaminated with radiation from Japan via China to the Iraqi market through the Trebil border port.
Iraq imports more than ninety percent of its needs of canned food, soft drinks and meat, vegetable oils and cheeses, as well as household items and electrical appliances, which enter through the border crossings, including the port Trebil, at a time when goods lousy spread in the Iraqi market, the most prominent Chinese and Iranian licenses and result complacency great in the entry of goods expired or bad, Iraq canceled, on 20 February 2012 contracts with Brio Veritas French (SGS) Swiss in Jordan in order to inspect the goods and imported goods to Iraq and see how they conform to international standards, after proved failure in it.
Iraq continues now to examine the goods in more than five outlets including Trebil border since July 2011 through laboratories belonging to the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control of the Ministry of Planning.
Iraq is linked with neighboring countries through border ports group, most notably the newborn and Rabia with Syria, and Trebil with Jordan, Arar with Saudi Arabia, and Shalamjah and Mundhiriyah with Iran, and Abraham linking Iraq to Turkey.
The Cabinet decided in (3 August 2010) to allocate a separate budget for border ports within the federal budget, as the text of the resolution on the establishment of the Federal Ministry of the Interior in coordination with the Ministry of Interior in the Kurdistan region to manage and protect the border points.
Noteworthy that the Iraqi Ministry of Health has banned the beginning of 2011, food imports from Japan, because of radioactive contamination stricken nuclear aftermath of the tsunami, and in order to prevent serious illnesses caused by radiation, including cancer and infertility.

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As of March 2, 2013, Iraq was still observer status... [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]er

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Looks like a Certificate of Origin has already been a requirement:

Certificate of Origin (general)
Although a country of origin statement is required on the commercial invoice, Customs may require a separate certificate of origin. The certificate of origin must state the full name and address of the manufacturer in the country of origin on company letterhead. Prepare in three (3) copies using a general certificate of origin form, certified by a legal chamber of commerce and legalized by the Iraqi Interests Section.

Beginning January 1, 2013, the certificate of origin will require consular legalization by the Iraqi Embassy in the country of origin.
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This part: "This law was the case in Iraq previously but there leniency in its application..." could be referring to Iraq preparing to becoming a member but it was certainly a requirement in the past, perhaps a requirement under being an observer or part of the application for becoming a member state.

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