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Turkish Energy Minister: No pledge to Baghdad not to deal with Arbil without her consent and sensitivity is justified

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Turkish Energy Minister: No pledge to Baghdad not to deal with Arbil without her consent and sensitivity is justified

Author: HAA
Editor: BK, NK
2013/03/11 18:34

Term Press / Baghdad
Denied, Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz, Monday, knowing pledge his country not to sign any oil contracts with the Kurdistan region without the knowledge of Baghdad, and stressed that in all cases the sensitivity of the Iraqi government to the subject, especially the returns of those contracts are in the closet, and it did not seem like it towards the presence of Turkish companies in many other parts of the country, while Iraq has called for a focus on increasing revenues for the implementation of reconstruction projects and forget about their suffering, stressed that his country exist in parts of Iraq not distinguish between north and south because it respects the unity and considers it a priority.
Yildiz said in an interview to the newspaper (Hurriyet) Turkish, briefed him (range Press) "I do not know that the Turkish government sent a pledge to the Iraqi government not to sign any oil contracts with the Kurdistan region without formal approval," he added, "the Department of Energy did not write any undertaking of this kind, not even any other government party because we are the relevant contracts. "
The government of Iraqi Kurdistan, has announced the past year 2012, announced a plan to build a pipeline of its own, through its territory towards Turkey, and attached to the tube president who exported crude oil from Kirkuk to the Turkish port of Ceyhan card estimated at one million barrels per day.
But Oil Minister Iraqi government, Abdul Karim and coffee, said in a press statement, in (the 25 of February 2013), seen by (long-Presse), that Turkey informed Baghdad as "reject any project to extend an oil pipeline or gas from Kurdistan without the consent of the government in Baghdad ". While Turkey has refused to comment on the statements of coffee, welcomed the media adviser to the head of the Iraqi government, Ali al-Moussawi, said no Turkish, returned it "will help strengthen relations with Ankara."
He Yildiz, according to the paper, "However, if Iraq wanted to go beyond these differences and talk about projects, we seek to agree on the implementation of the projects in which we have agreed not to do projects impede the normalization process between the center and the region," noting if "Iraq is one country and that is what must have it, there should not be any differentiation between the north and south and east and west. "
And in this regard, "We call on the Government of the Kurdistan region, because opening up more energy contracts being necessary in the process of resolving the differences between the center and the region as long as they help increase revenue for the country as a whole."
The Turkish minister explained that "revenue obtained in the region will be reflected in the agreed share of the Iraqi budget by giving 17% to the Kurdistan region for 83% of the central government," he continued "Why all this concern about this issue."
He asked Turkish Energy Minister, according to the newspaper, why "are drilling for oil and gas in the Kurdistan region problem while longer the case when we projects in southern Iraq at the time you go where returns projects the region to the central government and resources should be divided in the budget according to the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil. "
He believed Yildiz, that "Iraq if he wanted to forget their sufferings and problems and restores Emaar his country, he should increase revenues," stressing that "Iraq is a country neighbor and friend for Turkey and good governance requires increased financial revenues from anywhere in it."
He was surprised and Turkish Energy Minister, Taner Yildiz, this "distinction between commercial contracts between the north and south if the revenue generate profits for the country", مستطردا "We are in Iraq is not in order to distinguish between the north and south, because we exist in eastern Iraq and western and north as well."
He Yildiz, as stated in the meeting, that "natural presence of Turkish companies in Iraq like the rest of Turkish companies operating in Venezuela, Colombia, Libya and Azerbaijan", stressing that "Turkey among the countries which respects the unity of Iraq and considers it a priority."
Noteworthy that the Kurdistan oil haunts the federal government in Baghdad, which opposes all along the line, the activity of the region in this regard and prepared in violation of the Constitution, while the region see the contrary based on the same constitutional reference, in the absence of the enactment of the federal oil and gas.
The oil pipeline from the fields of Kurdistan to the Turkish border "strategic shift" in the region's capacity to maneuver toward economic Baghdad, which currently controls the oil export meters either through Turkey or other ports.
And decided the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, the pipeline to transport oil to Turkey without the approval of the federal government in Baghdad, arguing that it "does not need permission to create the infrastructure for the oil sector.
The Chief Financial Officer of Genel Enerji British Turkish, Julian Mithiral, predicted in a statement posted on the company website, in (the 28 of February 2013), and seen by (long-Presse), that the company begins exporting oil from fields in the Kurdistan region of Iraq through the pipeline, which is being currently working by the year 2014, noting that the company's production during the current year 2013, would be between 45 to 55 thousand barrels per day, the financial returns to the region up to $ 400 million annually.

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