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Iraqui citizen suffers from its national currency shattered

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This is another interesting article I brought this over from DinarAlert Iraqi citizen suffers from its national currency shattered!!
By: Bian2
On: Wednesday 11/21/2012 10:07 am

Baghdad / WAP / report Duraid Thamer: become rare and difficult to enter in the pocket of the citizen paper currency is torn or is glued or subject to paste and become those currencies that circulated Iraqi citizen concern has as taking vendors and shopkeepers and markets cars are reluctant to receive money after that become this Banknotes very old without trying to renew it and took cause them great suffering due to rupture more Currency constant use and lack of care citizen out and maintain when fade many times and others Asahbunha strongly packets Securities surrounded rubberized which exposes them to cut or damage that contributes to omission vendors and others for receiving those currencies which confused the citizens in how to dispose of them or traded.
So you'll find competent financial authorities solutions to this phenomenon? Why do not you released new coins compensatory shattered? And when there will be stiff penalties on the refrain of the receipt of torn currency? .
Said Ahmed Ali Jaber (employee) told Baghdad International / WAP /: that this phenomenon exists in all countries of the world but in other countries received popular unlike what is happening we are supposed to banks isolating banknotes affected and printed new alternatives have to remain Currency trading under and on an ongoing basis and this has not happened so far and I do not know what are the reasons for not printing new banknotes save the citizens from these daily suffering.
The Lamia Abbas Jassim (university student), said L / WAP /: I Banknotes torn from various categories and does not accept a road from shopkeepers or drivers cabs handled or discharged and I am confused about how to deal with knowing that some banks do not accept receipt or replaced when their review under the pretext of work or momentum that the majority of these currencies is we do not have coins under our hand at the present time.
While Haider said Hassoun Matar (teacher) for / WAP /: the failure to print new currencies during these years due to the idea of ​​turning these currencies and replacement, deletion of zeros from where there will be coins a new Iraqi without zeros to facilitate trading and increase the purchasing power of the currency has been this just an idea, but it seems serious in the recent period through what we see on television or newspapers tell us.
The Rasha Fulayyih Hassan (employee) in a statement / WAP /: "The majority of Iraqi banks are imposing these currencies on account managers who can not find a way, but give it to the employees with their salaries and refused to receive these currencies, they are waiting queue may range up to days until Do not repeat one of the account managers then, it will Babdalha us and giving us the other currencies, it is a puzzling phenomenon not know how to get rid of them?.
The Saif Salah al-Lami (taxi driver) in a statement / WAP /, to that objection is not on these currencies damaged it inevitably will be spent will remain in their houses, but the problem that dealing with difficult and accepted by one and this phenomenon does not include currencies without the other has hit damage Most banknotes due not to deal with them in a civilized and good there fade several times and others strongly Asahbunha of securities packages surrounded by rubber, which exposes them to cut and tear.
And demanded decent Nasser Hamadi (housewife) to find solutions to this problem when she said: that this phenomenon are becoming increasingly in recent after being banknotes many to rip and tear due to use frequently and must find solutions to this problem, it is unreasonable to go to the market to buy what I needed to find a lot of shop owners selling vegetables refuse to receive for what they buy it on the grounds that the amounts torn to go back to the house I have bought a few which I wish to purchase the house under such excuses.
He stressed Muhammad Ali Qasim (owner of a shop selling food) that it was impossible to enter into our pockets daily paper currency is torn or is glued or subject to paste until it became a source of concern to us because of its refusal and rebuke shoppers in case of non-receipt her and took some of them often and work under pressure and fear of non-traded when taken from the people because the majority of vegetable vendors and shop owners and other car drivers do not receive money.
Stands Nadia Salem Prism (teacher) confused and hesitant in how to deal with these securities is accepted by the others, saying: When I go to the market to buy what you need family food, clothing stand confused in front of hesitation shop owner a stir amounts that I give him a look out carefully If satisfied taken and if not convinced he took it back to me and refrained from dealing with those legal papers and odd banks and accounts in circles recognizes employees and citizens shattered those currencies which have become a heavy burden on all people.
The home Hadi Thamer Karim (owner of a shop selling clothes): Ban all banks the world has people especially received where all banknotes torn and prepare lists them and sends them to the central bank for the purpose of destruction and printed alternative after taking numbers old and seems that the competent authorities in Iraq, uninterested for this matter and do not want to print a new editions.
The Wael Ghanem Hamid (taxi driver) on our currencies National made of paper is good and edition is also good but why are all this damage? Even we were puzzled and started Kmtdaulin to this currency and how to promote them after that we reserve currency is torn inside our homes and we spend in anticipation of the future.
It showed Faiza Hussein Jassim (employee): that the majority of employees and I'm one of them when we receive salaries, we find many of them contain those currencies what prompted us sort the good from Ripper for circulation hoping to take her shop owners or drivers of taxis, keep them as good for we use after Ripper him.
And suffered Abbas Rasim Hassan (retired) on wages received from the ports to the large papers shattered where when he says: our salaries low and our requirements so many plus those securities shattered that contribute to the difficulty of paying our debts or to owners of generators and after discussions and Atabat long with his port delivery salaries given us some other and Nhtar department in how to dispose of them, so must help citizens who became suffers from its national currency that do not promote torn.
For his part, warned member of the parliamentary economic committee Aziz al-Mayahi of the exploitation of some gangs pumping counterfeit currency into the market during the switching process damaged by a new categories of existing currency by the central bank calling to take significant steps to tighten control on the process of change to prevent this from happening. Said Mayahi press statement: After the failure to reach an agreement to implement a project to change the existing currency by deleting the three zeroes from the current period, Valtjo central bank about the currency exchange current damaged to another through a new contract with a foreign company to do so and added: must be implemented process according to legal procedures tight because there are criminal gangs specialized economic counterfeiting currency exploit this opportunity to ask groups forged to the domestic market and thus will affect the financial and economic situation in the country has announced the CBI for his contract with a British company to replace the currency damaged with new ones. / End



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