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Maliki confirms Dulaimi denies the existence of corruption in the Russian arms deal and announce the cancellation of the arms deal with Bulgaria and deputies want to know the truth!!

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Baghdad - Hisham Khalid
Government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said in a statement yesterday that «the National Security Council decided during its meeting last Sunday to re-negotiate a complete form with the Federal Republic of Russia on the purchase of arms. Was assigned to a new committee formed for this purpose to ward off suspicions about arms deals to be concluded Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces (Maliki) is keen on the safety of the military institution and the safety of contracts.

And reverse inconsistencies in the statements of government officials about the deal confusion, especially confirmation Defense Minister proxy Saadoun Dulaimi safety deal, after hours with the announcement, spokesman for Prime Minister Ali al-Moussawi having suspicions around, and then claim Dabbagh investigated for «acquitted himself» after that putting in the means local media involved, knowing that the three officials accompanying Maliki on the trip to Russia.
In the same context informed the Iraqi government on Tuesday, Bulgaria canceled deal armament that had been held with a value of 75 million euros, during the visit of the Iraqi defense minister acting Saadoun al-Dulaimi, and his participation in the opening of an exhibition of military products, which was held in the city of "Plovdiv" Bulgarian during the month last May.
The deal includes Iraq to get 500 armored vehicles from factory production "Terim" for military equipment industry.
Sources Bulgarian Ministry of Defense that Iraq explained that the cancellation is not about bilateral relations, but there are suspicions of corruption in the deal with some Iraqi officials.

This comes at a time when it revealed the Sadrist movement for campaign be launched in order to detect those involved arms deal which Baghdad signed with Moscow recently and then decided to cancel after the disclosure of suspicions of corruption had been affected by the accused high-ranking officials.
Members of the House of Representatives showed many questions about the Russian deal and saw that it puzzling too after conflicting reports about the presence of corruption or not, MP Abdul Khader al-Tahir said in a press statement of the morning's New: The Multi arms deal, Russian and addressed the media largely been addressed high level of transparency when the government did not Tnfea not confirmed and things to become an investigative committee,
He MP Abdul Khader that the Russian leadership has sacked some officials adults indicating that suspicion of corruption as part of the deal with Iraq, noting that all this confirms that there is suspicion of corruption and must follow and must things up to their ends, adding, that all Maglguena Baba of corruption opens another door, once in the trade and once in the armament and the other in profiteers citizen and social protection network, explaining the reluctance of the Iraqi state to address these problems and make things loose without solutions and clarifications finding Alilt clear and transparent from the mediators and if we want to hold Safqata we have only to go to the source directly and close the doors to brokers and the corrupt.
The MP said the current bright Naji told «morning's New» that «there is a campaign be launched Sadrists in order to detect spoilers involved in a deal armament with the Russian side and we will call referring them to justice does not make sense to declare a foreign country dismiss officials at the time of Iraq can not hold none of them so as to cover up political parties them ».

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