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Trade Mosul discuss Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO)

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Discuss traders and businessmen, economists and specialists in Mosul, Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), in a seminar held by the Chamber of Commerce of Mosul, in cooperation with the Department of Foreign Relations and the Ministry of Commerce, which participated with a delegation answered questions traders Mosul.
The head of the Chamber of traders Nineveh and member of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce, a future friend Dabbagh told (Voices of Iraq) that "room set up in collaboration with the Department of Relations, Ministry of Commerce, this seminar to raise awareness and discuss Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization with the aim of defining the family business, businessmen, companies and interested objectives of the organization and how to join. "

Dabbagh said that "a symposium held at the Hall of Mosul Chamber of Commerce, attended by members of the Chamber, businessmen and academics, specialists and experts in the field of trade, economy and finance, and bankers in addition to representatives from government departments."

And the World Trade Organization (WTO) (English: World Trade Organization), the Organization of International based in Geneva, Switzerland, whose primary mission is to ensure that trade flows as smoothly as possible and convenience and freedom is the only global organization competent international laws on trade between nations.

The WTO has 152 members integral world countries and 27 observer member.

And gave the delegation of the Ministry of Commerce, who arrived in Mosul About WTO and stages of Iraq's accession to it, said department head legislation in the Department of International Trade Organization, Ministry of Commerce, Dr. Ali Abdul Razak navy told (Voices of Iraq) that "Iraq's accession to the WTO means returning to its real and essential in the global economy and that it must be the fact that Iraq an active and influential in the international economy. "

Official Division Commodity Trade in the Ministry of Trade, Dr. Sawsan Mahmoud Sehud, she told (Voices of Iraq) that "Iraq began in 2004 to apply to join the World Trade Organization and been widely welcomed members of the organization, and after a meeting of the General Council got approval unanimously to accept Iraq as an observer member of the organization. "

She added: "accomplished Iraq several important files and required in the field of joining the World Trade Organization the most important file trade goods, where has the eight thousand commodity variety as possible to enter the country and can be imported and depends on the law of customs tariff, has recently been completed this file after four years of work on it and we are in the process sent to the World Trade Organization (WTO) to start a new round of negotiations with them. "

And the export of goods and products Iraqi said Chihod: "After Iraq to get a recipe for full membership in the organization will be able to domestic goods to the country of export and access to markets of all Member States of the Organization in addition to countries' markets that carry an observer, and will enter the Iraqi goods more than half of states the world. "

Of Japinh said board member Chamber of Commerce Mosul Abdul Karim al-Rubaie said "Iraq's accession to WTO will allow it to strengthen its economy and restart institutions industrial, and this seminar will cover all questions and inquiries traders Mosul to be aware of the stages of accession and will get the Iraqi economy from the move" .

Attendance raised a lot of questions and queries about the laws of the organization and its mechanism of action, and the current economic situation in Iraq, especially undergoing under Chapter VII and the adaptation to the regulations of the organization's work.

Said Professor Department of Economics at the University of Mosul Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics formerly Dr. Fawaz Jarallah told (Voices of Iraq) that "Iraqi negotiator should go with full information about the Iraqi economy is not ashamed of Multi underdevelopment of our economy and the fact that he yield economy due to the deteriorating productivity sectors since the sixties where There were clear industry and there were industrial sectors operating in Iraq and Mosul. "

He pointed out that "there are lab Alexandria and Haj Younis Haji Hashim, textile and sugar factories different even develop the produce commodities that we can practice them with global trade and we trade them and get into the organization to facilitate the arrival of these goods, and now is the longer segments dead and with productivity is weak, we have only oil is not enters the World Trade. "

And wondered what the negative effects of such a move on the Iraqi economy, and he replied, "will be great because we will open up the economy to goods poor do not have standards for quality control prove the importance or quality of such goods from all origins and if we these qualifications as required becomes entry into the World Trade Organization a good thing" .

For his part, the representative of the Ministry of Commerce d. Alklha that "interventions that have been raised in this symposium were basic, centralized and each question and intervention we had a flash we out to enter the threads more complex and Stnfna in the negotiation process with the organization for the purpose of acceptance as a member, and was questioned traders mechanism that will be used in the arbitration process and when to use them in the resolution of disputes and what are the pros and cons that would result from Iraq's accession to the organization. "

The WTO was established in 1995.

It is one of the smallest organizations global age where they Khalifa General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which was established in the aftermath of World War II, and despite the fact that the World Trade Organization were fresh, the multilateral trading system, which was originally set up under GATT has reached the age of fifty years.

The establishment of the World Trade Organization after the world has witnessed a phenomenal growth in world trade.

Merchandise exports has increased an average of 6% per annum and helped GATT and the World Trade Organization (WTO) to establish a system of strong and prosperous trading, which contributed to unprecedented growth.

As for the Iraq dossier to join the organization has members requested more information about the pricing policy in Iraq and investment laws, import licenses, customs laws and tariff laws and telecommunications license and state trading enterprises.

Comes the Iraqi government's efforts to join the World Trade Organization, at the time lived recession in industrial institutions, especially the private sector, while witnessing an unprecedented markets open for goods imported from different origins and different specifications.

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It would be great news to see Iraq join WTO, but I feel they have a long road ahead of them. To many organizational problems in the present Government and continued violence by opposing forces leaves Iraq still in turbulent times. With Syria a constant threat of civil war flowing into Iraq there is much uncertainty in that part of the world. The strength of the country is reflective in the strength and faith in the Government. Like a new born baby,Iraq is learning how to walk. It takes many years for a country to rebuild after years in war. Keep your faith but be realistic in the reality of the present circumstances.



right but after 10 years they should be sprinting imo



PEGME wrote:right but after 10 years they should be sprinting imo

How long did it take Europe to rebuild after WWII?
A whole lot longer then a couple of years.
WWII was 6 years, 1939 to 1945.
Iraq war lasted 8 years, 8 months and 3 weeks.
The Iraq war ended December 18, 2011 when our last troops left. It began in 2003.

I am just saying we may be premature thinking Iraq is ready. I know what the articles, coming out of Iraq and other places, have been saying for years, and I also know that many are false and just recycled in many ways. The Dinar dealers have been making a killing from those who thought they were going to make it rich like the Kuwait investors did. Kuwait was a much different scenario then Iraq. Give it time and wait it out. In the mean time look for other ways to fine income just in case this last for another year or two which it could. It could go into 2014, so the question is are you willing to hold on until then? The world does need Iraq, Iraq needs the world in order to survive and prosper.

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