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Adel Abdul Mahdi of Iraq's interest to have better relations with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States

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Adel Abdul Mahdi of Iraq's interest to have better relations with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States
Wednesday, July 20, 2011 03:15
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Abdul-Mahdi, do not criticize the political situation in Iraq, but as usual, and assess, diagnose and provide treatments to the nature of the flaw in the prevailing political and government performance, without excluding his party or parties, Islamic and secular. Masum: made by Dr. Adel Abdul Mahdi, a leading figure in the Islamic Supreme Council which is headed by Ammar al-Hakim, a former national in the history of Iraqi politics, and that his resignation from his high office, the First Vice-President of the Republic, because he felt that he could not provide its services to Iraq and the Iraqis through the office , because the «real and constitutional powers of the Presidency Off», he said, the job in favor of sacrificing his reputation and the reputation of being a national family believes that «the sites are responsible for the service .. The book through the service, not the importance of the site ».

In his dialogue with the «Middle East» Abdul-Mahdi, do not criticize the political situation in Iraq, but as usual, and assess, diagnose and provide treatments to the nature of the flaw in the prevailing political and government performance, without excluding his party or parties, Islamic and secular. In the first dialogue of the Arab newspaper after his resignation, assigns Abdul-Mahdi, the reasons to resign «dissatisfaction with governance and the deterioration of services and the failure of policies» .. In the following text of the interview ..
* Many of the most common tidbits about the reasons for Astqaltkm, do we know you the real reasons for this resignation, which counted some surprise?
- Dissatisfaction with the management style .. And the deterioration of services .. And failed policies .. And to blame others .. And disturbing public opinion and the reference of the negative conditions that have not been needed improvement, despite the promises and great potential.
* Did you withdraw your nomination for vice president, then Trahtm to the same post, then has Tzmatkm First Vice-President of the Republic, then Astqltm .. Is this the relay of the reasons?
- It shows the restlessness manifested on many occasions .. That I realized that the resignation is the only way, especially after the reference position and public opinion. This is not the first time .. Have submitted my resignation after the bombing of a Shi'ite shrine in Samarra in 2007, there have been other resignations. But in contrast, exerted on the pressure from the major figures I respect in order to survive and serve the state. The issue is not edgy and stubborn, it is the decisions and trading and the likelihood of the positions.
* Are Astqaltkm pressure, whether political or authoritative?
- There is no doubt that public opinion will put pressure, as well as reference .. However, these pressures did not take the meaning of the command, to the extent disclosed their views .. And took the position of politicians expressed alarm about this .. That no longer allows me to stay at the site of a share in this criticism, attack, without a serious and responsible attitude.

* You said to us in an earlier meeting you do not accept to stay in place or position you can not serve the people of which, do you think you can not provide the service through your office as vice president?
- The above conclusion summarizes the previous questions. Yes, I see that the real power and constitutional for the presidency Off .. The Constitution grants the presidency a lot of powers that make them a supervisory and not honorary as some want to .. I wish the President and my brothers in the executive branch activated the public interest and the interest of the country and state institutions.
Q: Are there differences between you and your party the Supreme Islamic Council, or at least with certain parties in it?
- Council was supportive of this position in full .. And stood with him all the decision-making centers .. True there are some individuals who put forward the views of saying that we sacrifice our sites. But the official view that the sites are responsible for the service, booked through the service, not the importance of the site.
Q: Do you return the Supreme Council of which you are leading a review of its accounts of its leaders in order to achieve the launch of a new policy?
- Yes .. The efforts being made, especially by al-Hakim and the rest of the brothers to reform radically the situation at the organizational level and the relations with the masses .. Cutting Board has a long way in that .. In developing a plan of political reform and programs .. And building alliances with the various Iraqi forces .. However the regional space and the international community.
* Known to you, and you are an academic specialist, you are more secular, that you will be in an Islamic party, do you think about the establishment of a national party away from the Islamization of politics or political Islam?
- I'm not closer to the secular Islamic .. I am not closer to the Islamic secularism .. I think that the buildings of Islamic thought are interrelated and can not be dismantling them .. The more fundamentally than at the premises of this thought, we will find that it singles out descriptions and analysis and concepts that would address the situation better position than many so-called secular schools unilateralism .. And the deeper we went more in the case of the situation could have been the Islamic concepts that help us use the tools that we have a good .. Do not take tests failed to raise the banner of some religious or some Alodaaan who walked on one foot .. Take the successful experiences, you will find that the unity of thought will link between the physical and metaphysical .. Perhaps the best Islamic buildings in the cases of binding and discrimination that helps in the clarity of vision and good behavior. Therefore, in our experience in Iraq, the Supreme Council, for example, was more in defense of democracy and devolution of power and the election of Governor and Governor of the People of the many forces that call themselves secular, which called for good governance of the elite or the party or the individual, but practiced for decades.

* You do not belong to those who accept the retiree club, see what the next political Khtotkm?

- I will give a greater effort of theoretical and conceptual aspects of the .. And aspects of the construction of a national political forces can shoulder the task of stage .. And to defend the people and the demands of Iraq and the region .. To support any positive action by the state or the government, and the criticism and rectify the negative .. Etc..
* Disclosed Dr Iyad Allawi, leader of the coalition in Iraq, told «Middle East» about the efforts they made ​​in Iraq to your nomination as President of the current government, do we know the details of this subject, and why did not materialize, and what was your position?

- If the question relates to pre-formation of this government is known and a lot to relate patterns of negotiations and claims that if they open the door, they close the doors again .. Brother (Prime Minister Nouri al-) Maliki move has enjoyed broad support from the National Alliance and the Kurdistan there is no room for another option. But if the purpose in the current stage there are no details of this subject, and if you Tstdrjohnna for new details about that and say that this issue has not been raised not to discuss this did not happen .. Did not ask to be our position.

* What do you think are the reasons for the failure of the Supreme Council to obtain more seats during the last legislative elections?

- Could have been of the Supreme Council and the votes obtained in the last legislative elections (which increased to three quarters of a million votes) to double its seats, if properly organized his list .. Has received the highest votes in the Iraqi National Coalition .. Bosrha but a large number of candidates, and this applies to the Reform Movement, led by Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Had he concentrated on the personalities of the votes obtained is very high, and better distribution of seats won more .. Contrary to the Sadrist movement, and the Virtue Party, which made a number of candidates and allowed him to get seats through the voices they are not for candidates. We must also not forget that the Council has two leaders great is not at the level of the Council, but in terms of Iraq and the region, namely, the martyr Muhammad Baqir al-Hakim and the late Mr. Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim, which caused some swings in the policies of the Council and his leadership that have influenced, no doubt, in the performance of the year. However, success in the elections will depend ultimately on the good relationship with the public and filled .. It seems to me that the cadres of the Council has hit some early successes because of vanity .. Vohmmelt and duties in the relationship with the public sites and notabilities They gave more attention to issues of public infrastructure.

* Although all Islamic parties talk about national trends, and you talked about government services and building a state of institutions, the alignments that occurred after the emergence of the election results showed that it had Shia Shia, if not call it sectarian, to support Nuri al-Maliki to keep the head of the government to support a Shiite, although Aaataradatkm of it ..

- I think that there is an imbalance must be addressed in the method of forming a government .. Such mechanisms do not lead to the formation of a political majority, or a government of national partnership, or any other form of government, only government of quotas will be disabled from the moment of birth, no difference whether Shiite or Kurdish or Sunni or other.

* In previous conversations with you «Middle East» Khevcm for many of the objections to the practices of al-Maliki, such as the formation of the current government, but have thus stood at his side, do we know the reasons?

- Politics is not wishful thinking, but the theory of realistic options .. And politics is not just a rogue but a public interest, and the organization of the process, steer, and the pursuit of progress .. When the object Vkoshv slippage factors and imbalances and reform .. When we support Indeed, according the conditions, covenants and agreements .. Interpretations of politics, management and assessment of the position may be true may be wrong .. Only time reveals and determines the results.

* For more than eight years of the former regime change, still the majority of the Iraqi politicians who are in power, throwing the reasons for the decline, political and security service and the Economic and Social Hmaath, how do you see that?

- There is no doubt that the legacies play a key role in blocking the current situation .. But I agree with you that we should get out of this method of treatment .. Valthjaj problems of the past, despite its weight, is a method of failure and inability to treatment .. While when the rights of the address change, it must take into account what can inherit and can do .. And against the weight of the legacy of the past that must be taken into account there is offset by the new opportunities that opened up in Iraq, both internally and externally .. Which do not squander Nstthmrha narrow because of the visions that are still prevalent in our ranks. I think that a large imbalance exists in our concepts to overcome the past and build a new .. It's what keeps us in the vicious circle.

Q: Are there real obstacles stand in the way of economic and service your software service to Iraq and Iraqis, especially as you an academic?

- We are part of this reality inactivated reserved .. Happen to us what happens to everyone .. It is my experience that whenever the State is Bouapoukratitha and paradoxical logic, which is not a clear or consistent to him, and was a party to any program, the factors holidays and braking factors outweigh the encouragement and the starting and development.

* Do you think, does the experience of successful Islamic parties, especially the Shiite in governing Iraq after the Dawa party headed three governments successively?

- No. .. Did not work, not just the Dawa Party, but the total Islamic parties that you call a Shiite .. Succeeded in the constitution and elections, but did not succeed in the government services and national relations and foreign affairs.

Do you think that the laity are better able to manage the country, or the Islamists?

- It has been designated by the government of the laity, however, over the past decades did not succeed as well, and marched in the country through wars, destruction and decline, and tyranny, even though they inherited the situations much better than his heirs and parties that you call them Muslim or Shiite. The question again is not Islamic or secular, but visions of the right to rule the country in all equations and complex internal and external challenges.

* How do you evaluate the issue of freedoms in Iraq after the people have suffered repression for more than three decades, and today confiscate freedoms to demonstrate and express an opinion by the government authorities?

- Iraq has achieved freedom and wide for the formation of parties, elections, media, and without these freedoms as we can go into this debate open .. But freedom is not only the expression and demonstration, but an integrated system must be protected and built and supported morally and materially and value unto .. We at this level did not let us build free institutions responsible empowered can contribute to building public opinion and perceptions of the future correctly, and act as the fourth power of all accessories and requirements. As well as the mentality is still authoritarian and practice, security is stronger than the concept of freedom of opinion and public freedoms, and encourages the continuity of historical factors that ruled the country in these ways fraudulent, arbitrary and authoritarian.

* Is there any new agreements between the Iraqi parties and blocs to break the current impasse?

- Yes, there motionless for a meeting summed presidencies and blocks .. There is also mobility and ongoing communication between all the forces without any exception.

* You are now out of power, officially .. What is your assessment of the performance of the current government, especially since President Nouri al-Maliki's security forces are driving, which itself was the head of the previous government?

- The government is not successful and do not lead their core functions and operate in a manner arbitrary. Here has been a long time did not provide a curriculum of the parliament, and submitted it only last week. What is the covenant that you are working or have worked for the period in which past, present and the stock of herself or others to book it? It tries to put her hand on all matters, and is involved in everything .. On the other hand disclaims all responsibility and aimed mistakes on others, and these negative practices .. Will benefit the justifications given legal cover their actions is not the law and the Constitution in something .. I think it covers the legal and constitutional Thelmat serious .. We must pay attention to because it will backfire on all of us, whether we like it or not.

* Was it difficult for the Islamic party, like the old Top agreement with a secular Sunni Muslim like the majority of the Iraqi political process in order to remove all suspicion, sectarianism?

- No. .. It is not difficult to agree with any block, regardless of ideological or religious beliefs. Has got bogged down in alliances with the forces applied by the descriptions above before the change, including the Communist Party and the Nasserists and the Syrian Baath Party, in addition to the Kurds who combine the different sectarian or ideological us that its authority «secular», nationality different. And after the change, and in the stage of the Governing Council established a forum or a house when the Accord Movement and the National Congress and the Communist Party and the forces of secular and non-religious .. Allawi's brother initiated interconnection as well as in the first election to participate with us in one list .. As we had two projects with the Kurdish forces and the Islamic Party and Allawi to form a front in 2005 and 2006 .. We can digression in these attempts. There is not and should not be there, in front of a Chinese Wall of the relationship with any force and an Iraqi national.
Q: Are you optimistic about the government being the subject of Limbering will serve the country and people?

No, because the uterus or umbilical cord of the birth of the government, and justified its existence, as they say in French (raison d> être) is the quota system and the involvement of everyone .. Valtrchiq is deduced from the first definition of the existence of the government .. Ministries as well as the feminine does not make sense if we will provide the million dollars, while we consume tens of billions of dollars due to sagging of the state and corruption and a superficial plans .. These things and others are the great disaster that must be our focus.
* How do you see the initiative of Massoud Barzani, Kurdistan's president, and then the initiative of President Talabani, Barzani, for the initiative and bring the parties in the standard agreements?

- Not for the initiative Barzani what could be the formation of the government .. If the initiative does not succeed Talabani, the crisis will escalate.

Do you think that the initiative will be implemented Barzani vocabulary?

There is a growing loss of confidence .. And realism between the parties is not the rule .. My advice to return to the sound foundations so as to protect the interests of the upper and not to enter into a crisis to be led by Anadna and our estimates for the wrong positions.
* Are favorable good relations with most Arab and Western countries, but we note inconsistencies in Iraq's foreign policy, while speaking, Iraqi Foreign Minister for non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, we find that the government leaders criticize this or that country and insult the Arab countries Islamic supported the new Iraq (on the Bahrain background theme)?

- Must maintain the best relations in Arab countries .. We had initiatives, and will continue to initiatives and communications, so we went to Kuwait, Turkey and other countries to get out of the situation and the escalation of the crisis to a state that allows one hand to support the demands of the masses on the other hand to maintain a peaceful and smooth transition process. We invested our good Bahraini government and the opposition .. And our involvement with the United States and the United Nations and international parties to help the Bahraini people to get their rights and that is maintained on the property and order. The sounds, this is contrary to all .. And we have only.
Do you think that Iranian intervention in Iraq has become a strong influence?

- Iran is not in our view, the axis of evil, it is a friendly country must be careful in the best relationship with him .. The more powerful our relations with Iran, and we were strong, we protect Iraq and stop us to interfere in their affairs .. The more confused, weak Iraq can not formulate its policies, opened the doors of the various types of interventions, not only for Iran but to all other powers, which are also present.

* How do you view the issue of easing relations between Iraq and the Persian Gulf, and Saudi Arabia in particular, we find that while Iraq's relations with Iran is the strongest?

- Is a very negative .. It is Iraq's interest to have better relations with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States .. The escalation in the interest of the Gulf or Iraq .. We must build goodwill and participants to the many factors that surround doubt and things that divide us, what our far greater than any difference, any difference no matter how seriously by us or by the brothers should not hinder our longstanding relationship and escalating [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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