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The same accusation is repeated with every process of achieving Shabibi lawyer and his relative: isolated Central Bank governor politically motivated and the government plans to bring in a replacement «taking orders»

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The same accusation is repeated with every process of achieving
Shabibi lawyer and his relative: isolated Central Bank governor politically motivated and the government plans to bring in a replacement «taking orders»

BAGHDAD - Firat Hassan

Accused lawyer's central bank governor and his relative government that it is seeking to replace conservative person "receives his orders from the government," but the prime minister's spokesman denied the charge and said that "no political motives" behind the investigation with Shabibi and his colleagues, had been expecting a lawyer joint investigation orders booked against a number of defendants, according to The Associated Press.

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The agency said the Iraqi authorities deliberately suddenly to isolate the central bank governor temporarily on the back of targeted and other officials in the bank investigation into allegations of financial wrongdoing.

The agency said that Shabibi, Governor of the Central Bank, is a politically independent economist led Bank shortly after the invasion of Iraq led by the United States. Not charged with any offense, and confirms his lawyer that he is innocent.

The agency reported that the allegations, made by a special parliamentary committee formed to investigate the affairs of the bank, could give fresh ammunition to critics of Prime Minister al-Maliki in that it seeks to consolidate its control over the country's institutions.

The voice of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, on Tuesday, to replace temporarily Shabibi Abdul Basit Turki, Chairman of the Board of Supreme Audit, until the investigation is completed, according to Ali al-Moussawi said, a spokesman for the Prime Minister.

The Integrity Commission to investigate allegations against Shabibi and his colleagues.

Moussawi said that "the committee in charge of this .. and found shortcomings in the work of the central bank, and sent the results to the Integrity Commission, which decided to withdraw the power of Shabibi."

According to what little Musawi, Haitham al-Jubouri, MP participating in the investigation, the probe is exposed to at least alleged irregularities relating to the exchange of the Iraqi dinar in hard currency.

Jubouri said that about 16 employee of Atoulhm Bank investigation. He said he expected to issue arrest warrants soon against each other.

Shabibi was, before assuming the post of Governor of the Central Bank, has worked for more than two decades in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

He defended Walid Mohammed al-Shabibi, a lawyer Shabibi, bank governor's innocence. The lawyer said it was close to the governor.

And he went to that "these charges were politically motivated. Vcbibi Sharif and unprofessional", following the "government plans to replace it with another administrator takes his orders from the government."

Ali al-Moussawi, a spokesman for the Prime Minister, denied the accusation, saying that there is no political motives behind the move.

The agency said it was unable to contact the Governor of the Central Bank to make a hang. His lawyer said Shabibi outside the country. He declined to anywhere is.

The agency reported that central bank spokesmen said they were not licensed to talk about these allegations.

The agency said that Iraq had increased rapidly from its oil production after years of war and neglect, and that increase Ttorgomt rise sharp باحتياطياته of hard currency. Iraq exceeded earlier this year, its neighbor Iran as the second largest oil producer in the OPEC group, and increased its reserves of hard currency recently (more than) $ 60 billion.

But the Central Bank's efforts in maintaining the stability of the Iraqi dinar by sales of the dollar to local banks come under pressure, particularly over the past year.

The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the deputy governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, expressed last January believed that the civil war in neighboring Syria, and the international sanctions imposed on Iran, has caused a spurt in the demand for dollar sales in Baghdad.

Salih said the opportunistic businessmen were buying the dollar and then sell it again on the black market for cross-border customers, absorbs Securities vegetables out of the country, and makes it difficult for the bank to maintain the stability of the Iraqi dinar. The bank aims to keep the local currency stable at the borders of 1 200 dinars per dollar.

The agency said that, in terms of a separate, Salih stressed that among who Atoulhm investigation, but said that no further details have.

Shabibi says in introducing himself on the Iraqi Central Bank he served as Chairman of the Department of Coordination and Planning, Ministry of Planning, from 10 April 1977 until December 1980. And he had previously served as Chairman of the Department of the import and marketing oil ministry from May 1975 until March 1977.

And work in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) from December 1990 until October 2001.

Shabibi holds a doctorate in economics from the University of Bristol, England, in 1975.

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