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Planning contract with a German company to examine imported goods in the countries of origin

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Planning contract with a German company to examine imported goods in the countries of origin

Issue no: 2590 Issue Date: 10/09/2012: Tuesday
Last Update: 09/10/2012

BAGHDAD - A follow-up:

The Ministry of Planning it had contracted with a German company to inspect the goods imported to Iraq in the countries of origin, and indicated that the aim is to reduce the import of goods is low, is expected to contract with a Swedish company soon, bringing the number of companies viewfinder to four.

The ministry said in a statement issued about it, "the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control of the Ministry signed a contract with tuv German Materials Testing and imported goods entering Iraq in the countries of origin," noting that "The aim is to protect consumers, producers and the environment and the national economy and the reduction of import low-quality goods. "

The ministry added that "the contract obligated the company deposit of 15% of wages installed charged by every three months in the calculation of the Iraqi Finance Ministry, in addition to supporting the Central Agency for Standardization another 15% of the wages they get for providing devices and laboratory equipment of modern origins global sober, as well for rehabilitation of laboratories and develop the capacity of associate. "

The ministry said that "the contract obligated also company viewfinder processing device Central with equipment for testing laboratory tires according to the approved specifications, in addition to supply Iraq with equipment station to check the imported vehicles, whether used and new," noting that "the company will completing wages inspections at border crossing points Iraqi and according to the number of containers, trucks, air cargo which Tdonh in compliance certificate, the importer to pay the wages of issuing certificates of conformity and inspection at official border crossing points. "

She drew the ministry that "the contract that was signed with this company stipulated by providing a letter of guarantee in the amount of five million dollars deposited with the Iraqi bank in favor of the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control to ensure their commitment to good effect," explaining that "the period of execution amounted to three years."

The ministry said by saying that "the organ had signed a similar company with Danish over the past week with the company BV French early last year," anticipating that "is signed with a Swedish company in the coming days ahead, bringing the number of companies viewfinder contracted by the Central to four companies ".

The Ministry of Planning announced, in August 2012, it is in the final stages of scrutiny of contracts for three international companies once to check goods entering Iraq in the countries of origin, indicating that these companies will inspect the goods with the French company, which had previously contracted the ministry in the examination of goods.

And signed the ministry, at the end of the month of January of 2010, contracts with Brio Veritas French (SGS) Swiss in Jordan in order to inspect the goods and imported goods to Iraq and their conformity with international standards, but it decided in the 20 February 2012, ending contract for failing to do so.

The ministry announced in June 30 of 2011, that the goods will not enter into Iraq after the first of July 2011, without inspection in the country of origin by the companies viewfinder which owns certificate of conformity "indicating that companies viewfinder binding examine these goods in accordance with the specifications Iraq.

Iraq signed a memorandum of understanding during the past few years, with the neighboring countries for the exchange of certificates, including a memorandum of understanding with the Iranian device standardization, and another note with the specifications of Jordan, to prevent the entry of any items that do not comply with the specifications Iraq.

And enter Iraq large quantities of canned food, soft drinks and meat, vegetable oils and cheeses, as well as household items and electrical appliances, from Arab and foreign countries such as Syria, Egypt, Iran and China, through the ports Iraq border, are not subject to these materials often to check confirms suitability for use.

And associated Iraq with neighboring countries through 13 port border, in addition to five ports and air five ports freely and is considered an outlet newborn and Rabia with Syria, and port Trebil with Jordan, and port Arar with Saudi Arabia, and an outlet Shalamjah and Mundhiriyah with Iran, and port Abraham linking Iraq to Turkey from the main border crossing points.

It is noteworthy that the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control is a services of the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation in Baghdad, was founded in 1979 under Law No. 54 in order to find references Iraqi certified measurement standards for various national products, in addition to screening of imported goods and control the quality of goods and local products, and labeling of gold.

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