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Parliament to raise its on Saturday after he had finished the second reading of legal political parties and the Electoral Commission Amendment Act

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Parliament to raise its on Saturday after he had finished the second reading of legal political parties and the Electoral Commission Amendment Act
Thursday, 02 August / August 2012 17:10

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates raise to its House of Representatives on Saturday after a vote on the draft Act to amend the Companies Act No. {22} for the year 1997, as well as Completion of the discussion of the law of political parties while finished reading The first and second laws.
According to a statement of the Service, the media, "the Presidency of the Council decided to postpone Vote on the draft legal Federal Supreme Court and Judicial Council Higher reports of the Legal Committee to the next Sunday in order to Andajhma.
On the other hand congratulated the Committee on Endowments And Religious Affairs, the sons of the Yezidi religion in Iraq and the world on the occasion of Eid Arbainet summer, calling from God (the Almighty) to work on consolidating the celestial values ​​that achieve Freedom and equality among the people.
After the Council voted on Draft law amending the Companies Act No. {22} for the year 1997 and submitted by the Committees Economy, investment and finance in order to authorize the Council of Ministers the power to exchange companies Self-financing.
It also ended the Council to vote on Some paragraphs of the draft law submitted by the arms and the committees of security, defense and legal then Considered by the Presidency to postpone the vote until an agreement on some materials Controversial.
Meanwhile, the Council ended discussion The law of political parties and submitted by the Legal Committee, where MP Sardar Abdullah Provided that the rules of procedure of the parties is binding on members of the party.
Of For his part, MP Walid al-Hilli not to hegemony and control of the historic leaders of the parties, as well as To give a percentage of the money for the number of members of parliament from the party for the award of the party even for seeking for Sources of funding are illegal.
She suggested that the MP Maysoon al- Not less than the proportion of women in political parties from 25% to exercise its role Full.
The MP Najiba Najib has called for a host academics And specialists to submit proposals to mature the bill.
He noted the Deputy Amer Al-Fayez to the importance of linking political parties or electoral commission an independent private body Parties.
While MP Mona Amiri asked not to prevent the parties The use of places of worship in the activities proposed not to inspect the headquarters of the parties without the approval of The Federal Court.
The MP Iyad al-Samarrai is not possible to Bind the parties highlight their programs for some might see as the party splits that some of them may Be similar in the calling program to ease the conditions of formation Parties.
And MP Khalid al-Attiyah expressed his support for the granting of the license Parties by the Supreme Judicial Council instead of linking the Ministry of Justice, stressing the importance of To be a founder or the party leader with a vision and strategy to take over a large qualify any Office.
For its part, demanded the MP Haji round development of specific controls To prevent the formation of the armed wings of parties.
The proposed MP Fatima Alzerkani that the individual chooses between public office and party affiliation.
MP Ali al-Timimi urged to tighten sanctions deterrent to those who Exercise the party work in the security services and armed forces.
In Its response to the interventions of the Legal Committee confirmed that it has been held several workshops on Law as well as the opinions and proposals, Ladies and Gentlemen MPs, which contributed significantly To have a clear vision of the nature of the amendments will be made ​​to the project The law.
For his part, Najafi said the draft law of parties Satisfies all views, allowing display of vote after the Eid al-Fitr holiday Al-Mubarak.
After the Council ended First reading Of a bill allocating the amount of (300,000,000) three hundred million dollars to push it to the Kuwait Airways to pay claims filed by them on the airline Iraqi Airways and the Iraqi government and submitted by the committees of Finance and Services and Construction And for the purpose of dropping legal claims filed by Kuwait Airways against lines Iraqi Airways, the government and the settlement of all Their claims.
And completed the second reading Of the proposed law amending the Electoral Commission for election No. (11) for the year 2007.
Interventions in the House of Representatives On the bill pointed to the Attorney bright Naji said the amendment is contrary to the general orientation Of the feminine in the bodies and institutions as it establishes a quota system to devote Party system.
The proposed MP Hanan al abolish the post of Agents Commissioners, especially in the absence of a specific work for them.
And MP Saman Fawzi said the law aims to satisfy the parties, thereby disrupting the work In the future.
It noted the MP unit Jumaili need to know the criteria for Political independence in the members of the Commission, noting the importance of not limiting the position of a particular A certain range or a specific destination.
For his part, MP on the Keywords That all parties contributed to the boot to achieve the amendment in the law in order to achieve Balance in the work of the institution.
He called Yusuf al-Tai to determine the Number of women in the organization of the electoral commission calling for the President powers Commission. Ended

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