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use of Representatives resumes debate the federal budget and end the second reading of the draft laws and submit to its next session on Thursday

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House of Representatives resumes debate the federal budget and end the second reading of the draft laws and submit to its next session on Thursday

On: Tue 01/31/2012 16:14

Baghdad (news) .. resumed House of Representatives at sixteen, which was held under the chairmanship of Osama Najafi, Chairman of the House of Representatives and the presence of 221 ​​deputies on Tuesday to discuss the financial budget for the current year, as well as an end to the second reading of bills.

A statement of the Council received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Tuesday: that at the beginning of the meeting initiated by any of the above-Hakim welcomed the President of the Council the return of the coalition in Iraq to complete their legislative and oversight to serve the citizens, noting that the position of all the blocks were placed on the need for the return of Iraq, which requires activating the role of parliament in legislation and activating the supervisory role on the performance of the government.

The statement added that the Attorney Salman Jumaili extended his thanks on behalf of the coalition in Iraq for all the heads of parliamentary blocs and the House of Representatives are keen to return the Iraqi List, to resume its presence, pointing out that the suspension was not a matter of contentious political, but the right guaranteed by the Constitution, saying: that Iraq provide that the political process can reach the country to safety and work to build the state and its institutions through legislation laws.

in turn, welcomed the MP Khalid al-Attiyah on behalf of the National Alliance, the return of the Iraqi List, to perform their work in the House and the legislation of laws and the advancement of the country and expressed his hope that the return is a new page in the work House of Representatives.

and by MP Fuad Masum in his speech on behalf of the Kurdistan Alliance, expressed his happiness for the resumption of Iraqi attend meetings of the House of Representatives because of its weight in the Iraqi street, calling on all parties in the House of Representatives to work together for the sake of the country.

He also wished Attorney Shoresh Haji in speech on behalf of the mass change that the return of Iraqi step to activate the legislative and oversight role, demanding: the parliamentary blocs to work diligence and in accordance with the timeframe for the legislation of laws contained in the Constitution for the formation of bodies to remove obstacles to the political process and strengthen the democratic structure in the country.

The statement stressed: that then proceeded Council discussed the draft law the federal budget for fiscal year 2012.

In the interventions of Representatives on the budget bill, when he referred MP Khalid al-Attiyah said further financial budget by up to 28 percent in the door of allocations to the provinces move deserves praise, calling to eliminate the obstacles that prevent the application of the budget as required, pointing to the importance of backing the House of Representatives of the government's request regarding the implementation of projects through the payment term.

focused MP Alaa Makki, the importance of the budget includes allocations to support veterinarians and agronomists for their important role in the agricultural sector in addition to the interest rate of Waqfs (Endowments), Shiite and Sunni.

He called Haider Mulla to reconsider the distribution of grades in many of the institutions of the state, noting the importance of taking into account the principle of Mahromep in some provinces.

MP Bahaa al-Araji, has stressed the importance that the budget includes a clause providing for the allocation of a share of the oil is distributed to the Iraqi people of the grass, stressing that the block Liberals will not vote on the budget, if not included in this paragraph.

He noted the MP Sadiq gum to the need to allocate sufficient funds for the provinces of Karbala, Najaf and Kadhimiya they need special care to address the shortfall in services-day pilgrimage.

and demanded the MP Nahida Daini allocation of funds in the disputed areas and restore the amounts retained some of the provinces that you do not, regardless their money because of poor security situation during the past years.

He called Mansour al-Tamimi to increase the amounts allocated for the establishment of the port of Faw, or to the establishment of Ports investment shall ensure the establishment of the port pointing to the need to focus on reducing the spread of cancer in Basra.

of For his part, MP Mohammad Al Hindawi that Iraq needs a five-year plan - a decimal for the advancement of the country, noting that the budget is characterized by low employment opportunities for the unemployed.

criticized Rep. I hope the lack of financial allocations for the Al Muthanna province in the areas of women's welfare and reduce unemployment and provide services to the people of the province.

The deputy proposed a nice Mustafa, the allocation of one billion dollars per million, the ratio of the population of each province in the current budget in order to give the provinces greater power.

MP Hamid vegetation has pointed to the importance of controls on the work of local councils to combat corruption and called for cutting support for Iraqi Satellite TV for the existence of observations on the impartiality of its work .

For his part, MP Ahmed Chalabi, to stimulate the private sector and not to rely on the purchase of mutual inter-ministerial, refusing to exempt goods imported by the ministries of customs duties as it affects the functioning of the private sector.
The MP Nada Sudan has proposed that summarizes the relevant committees in the House of Representatives views members and sent to the Finance Committee for a change in the budget set out the need to abolish all kinds of transfers in the doors of the budget or determined according to strict controls.

For his part, MP Khalid Shwani that the federal budget for I take no vision of strategic economic and reliable in the future and called for adding an article new legal on the provision of financial allocations for the development of the regions.
and MP Jawad Alshahyla the importance for the House of Representatives on the final accounts for previous years before the vote to approve the financial budget for the current year.

and Oahar statement: that the Finance Committee in its response to the interventions confirmed near the final report after the end of discussions on the draft budget law includes the proceedings of the Committee on some of the demands and visions and proposals contained in the interventions, Ladies and Gentlemen MPs, pointing out that the committee is very interested in the proposal to allocate a portion of oil imports for the poor and ambitious in the future seek to establish a fund gives financial stake of imports of oil for every citizen, explaining that many obstacles and problems of routine impede a change in the doors of exchange budget indicating seek to give a sum of money lump all current retirees through a reallocation of some of the doors of the exchange Awachtzal operating expenses.

He noted the statement that the purity of net debt and the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs stressed that the advances granted to companies self-financing was for the purpose of paying salaries to employees, noting that the money accumulated since 2004 and is the matter with the concerned authorities.

The statement added that the council ended the second reading of the draft law on ratification of the Republic of Iraq, the Convention on the economic and trade cooperation and technical cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland North and submitted to the committees of economy and investment, financial, external relations and legal.

In his intervention on the bill, MP Bayazid Hassan said the agreement to Atertb any obligations on Iraq and serve the interests of Iraq and called for a vote.

The statement said: that of the Presidency of the Council decided to postpone the second reading of each of the draft law integration of the bank Socialist Rafidain Bank, submitted by the Finance Committee and the draft law on the status of training the monetary and banking and submitted by the Finance Committee and the draft Law Provident Fund Customs and submitted by the committees of finance, economy and investment in addition to postpone the second reading of the bill to make treaties, provided by the Foreign Relations Committee, and discuss the lending staff based the request of 52 deputies.

The statement that the Council has completed the second reading of Bill villages of modern agricultural submitted by the Committee on Agriculture and Water.

The statement pointed to: that the interventions of Representatives on the bill, said MP Abdul-Hussein Abtan The importance of the project villages, the modern will provide employment opportunities for thousands of agronomists of unemployed graduates.
He called Aboud Issawi to the inclusion of graduates Alaaadadiat professional in the draft law, in addition to the importance of increasing the amount of land granted to 50 acres instead of 40 acres.

The proposed MP Nasreen Anwar that includes a bill of villages trendy every person who has experience Orgbh in the work area of agriculture.
For its part, demanded the MP Manal Hamid that the law covers the villages of modern in some provinces.

MP Hassan Jihad was believed that the project villages trendy failed because it linked the experience of previous defunct regime despite the different reality of the situation now called for to replace it with the provision of services.

For his part, MP Hamoudi that the rise of Iraq's agricultural start of the village, which requires attention to the villages of modern present, pointing to the importance that the Commission Bandaj bill is contributing to the state to provide services, lands allocated to the villages of modern for the success of the experiment with the obligation imposed on the successful experience .

and MP Mutashar Samurai that seek to encourage migration from the city to the countryside collide with a number of obstacles, which requires the support of agriculture and the development strategy can save the agricultural sector, which his deteriorating significantly, reflecting on the reality of the lives of the peasants.

In his intervention between the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Safa net debt that the government cares about the legislation draft law on the villages of modern as it contributes to the advancement of agricultural reality and provides opportunities for the unemployed of Agricultural Engineers indicating: that the government in accordance with this law will allocate funds for the establishment of villages, modern through the allocation of land and the granting of facilities covered by that in the absence of Ivaehm obligations on them the land will be withdrawn.

The statement concluded: that the President of the Council decided to adjourn the meeting to next Thursday. / Finished / Q. p /

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Bye the sea


Great discussion, especially the parts about Oil revenue sharing, unemployment, womens rights, and agriculture.

Looks like this process may take several days at a minimum to complete, and I guess we just hold our breath to see if they can cooperate long enough to pass it.

Best regards, bye the sea

Fast Eddie


time is wasting away they need to finish this up on Thursday or all hell is going to break lose in Iraq the people can't let this go on any long with they delays.

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