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Kurdish rule out the formation of a political majority government with the National Alliance

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Kurdish rule out the formation of a political majority government with the National Alliance

28.01.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - (Rn) has ruled out a spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance, Saturday, join a coalition of Kurdish blocs to the National Alliance, "Shiite" to form a majority government policy, saying it was the interest of Iraq at the present stage the adoption of the principle of partnership and consensual democracy.

Said Farhad Atroshi told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), that "it is correct to say that he could a coalition of Kurdish blocs and the Iraqi National Alliance (Shiite) to form a comfortable majority ensuing majority government is pretty good, and you can run things the state comfortably."

He added, "but we are believers the issue of partnership between the components of Iraq's three main, because it is the foundation on which was built in the Convention of Erbil, a view of the Kurdistan Alliance until this moment, because politics in which variables and may change things after a week and there may be another position, for us, but we are now committed to this position." and waved a coalition of state law, led by al-Maliki that "the National Alliance will travel to the formation of a political majority in agreement with the Kurdistan Alliance and the Bloc white in the event insisted the Iraqi List, a position not to attend the meetings of the Council of Representatives."

He Atroshi that Iraq at this stage need a genuine partnership between Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds, "We all need this equation, at least at the current stage, which is the stage of building the state to settle things," pointing out that "the circumstances do not allow the formation of majority government political strength of the Kurds and Shiites, and remains the Sunni Arabs in the opposition, and this is a problem" . and said that "Iraqi situation is different, because the opposition are in a stable country does not suffer from security problems, and there is no al-Qaeda, or parties, such as the Baath Party (banned)."

He continued by saying "he does not want to repeat the scenario of the problem of the constitution, which Sunnis say they did not participate in its drafting, nor in the vote, especially since there is a package of important draft laws will come from the government. " and Atroshi "We are not with democracy, pluralism because it is in many cases, create problems for many countries, because there are of the opinion that democracy in some cases become dictatorship of the majority to govern and control the country, "noting that" the possibility of the Shiites in this stage and by the number of seats parliament to form a Shiite government in isolation from all other parties. " and wondered, saying, "Is the current Iraqi situation to accept it," adding that "consensual democracy this stage is the solution, especially that Iraq consists of a bi-Arab and Kurdish with respect to the rest of the other nationalities, and if we go to the majority of the Arabs make up about 75 to 80% of the population of Iraq, there will be no law in favor of the Kurds. "

He continued by saying "This is what will accept it, and will become a dictatorship of the majority, so we see that consensual democracy is the solution to many problems, and we do not mean democracy harmonic block decisions, but a real partnership in decision-making and laws in general. " The State of Law coalition board more than once during the recent period, that he may resort to the formation of a political majority, as a last resort to get out of the political crisis suffocating facing Iraq since the Iraqi List, comments attend the meetings of both houses of parliament, against the backdrop of accusation, Vice President and leader of the Tariq al-Hashimi to terrorism, and Maliki's claims to the parliament to withdraw confidence from his deputy and leader also in Iraq, Saleh al-Mutlaq described the background and the Prime Minister to "dictator." From: numbness acetate, the Open: mm

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