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The tanker "Sumer" and the financial returns

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The tanker "Sumer" and the financial returns
Economical 03/26/2024
Walid Khaled Al-Zaidi
The transportation sector is
     among the most important elements of the economy and
     a fundamental foundation in the development structure of any country that seeks progress and achieving the goals that its people aspire to, especially
when it possesses
     means of production, and
     manufactured materials
to deliver them to distant markets through various means of transportation, including the sea, which is characterized by the ability to transport large quantities of goods. To long distances,
in addition to its low financial costs and its provision of safety in transportation between different ports, despite the long sea distances it travels compared to other means,
Iraq is one of the economic centers that need sea transportation to deliver its petroleum crude products to global markets in the East and West and various countries..
The National Fleet for Transporting Iraqi Oil dates back to the year (1972) when the number of its tankers reached (22) tankers,
all of which were destroyed during the senseless wars that harmed Iraq, including the war in (1991) with the international coalition forces to expel the Iraqi army from Kuwait.
However, the Ministry of Oil is seeking Currently, through the Iraqi Transport Company, we are trying to restore the prestige of the fleet and revive its luster once again by contracting with the Norwegian company (Patsurfs Mandal) to build two giant tankers, the first called (Sumer), which has already arrived at the port of Khor Al-Zubair on the Gulf, and the other called (Akd) has not yet arrived, according to a contract. It was signed by the Ministry earlier.
The process of docking the Sumer oil tanker on the banks of the homeland, and
the tanker was later confirmed, is a pioneering step taken by the Ministry of Oil with the aim of returning Iraq to the markets of Europe, Far East Asia and South America to transport hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil and a qualitative leap towards rehabilitating the fleet of oil tankers,
especially since the Iraqi Transport Company You did not think about contracting to buy these two tankers, but rather contracting with the Norwegian company to build and manufacture them according to purely national designs.
This is on the one hand, and this contract was also concluded with the Norwegian company that is most famous for manufacturing giant tankers in the world on the other hand.
These two things clearly indicate the sound vision of those in charge.
The ministry, which is keeping pace with the objectives of the government program to expand the area of ​​benefiting from the elements of the national economy, should know that the national carrier of Iraqi oil crudes will save approximately one million dollars per month that was spent on leasing oil tankers from outside the country.
When the Ministry of Oil plans to own means of transporting its exports,
     it is achieving a promising start towards a comprehensive economic outlook to reduce the costs of selling Iraqi oil,
     avoiding its complications, and
     getting rid of the conditions and dictates of the owners of international transport companies that charge the country huge amounts of money and reduce the volume of Iraq’s imports from its oil sales over the past decades. billions of dollars, and that
delivering the loads of the produced crude to the farthest seas and oceans is an additional step to diversify the sources of supplying the state treasury with huge sums that can be invested in other projects in effective development areas, in addition to
strengthening the Ministry’s fleet with modern tankers and
giving priority to the national carrier and a serious contribution to revitalizing the vital oil sector and upgrading it. The level of performance of the Iraqi transport company to compete with similar giant international companies. 
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