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Including digital transformation and fighting corruption.. The Prime Minister sets the most prominent goals of the five-year plan

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Including digital transformation and fighting corruption.. The Prime Minister sets the most prominent goals of the five-year plan
Political     11-26-2023, 10:34
Baghdad - conscious

Today, Sunday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani set the most prominent goals of the five-year development plan, while
indicating work to complete the establishment of a council that supports the private sector.
The Prime Minister’s Media Office stated, in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that
“Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani sponsored the first conference of the five-year national development plan, which was held by the Ministry of Planning in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme, and its work will continue for the period from 26-28.” This November.
In his speech during the conference, the Prime Minister stressed that
“the scale of the challenges requires integrated plans aimed at achieving comprehensive renaissance in the medium and long term,” noting that
“Iraq has witnessed a developmental interruption since the 1980s, due to wars, sieges, and counter-terrorism operations.”  He pointed out that
"the government worked to put development back on track and launch its development plans, in addition to raising the pace of implementation of existing projects, which number more than 7,000 projects, and implementing new projects that represent a higher development and service value."  He pointed out that
"the government has paid attention to strategic projects that are consistent with the Sustainable Development Vision 2030, including infrastructure projects, clean energy, the development road, Al-Faw port, and others."  He stressed
"the necessity of providing the best conditions to achieve the goals of the five-year plan by the parties concerned with its implementation, including the governorates," noting that
"the government, at the beginning of its work, supported the governorates, through the Supreme Commission for Coordination between the Governorates, which succeeded in changing many paths, and its results appeared." Within one year of the government's life.  He stated that
"the new governorate councils will represent a qualitative addition to the work, so care was taken to create the conditions for the success of the elections, so that each governorate would have representatives, whose work would be integrated with the governor."  He continued,
"It is time for the new development plan to have economic dimensions based on the philosophy of economic diversification," noting that
"the government has laid the foundations for economic diversification, including the establishment of the Iraqi Fund for Development, which aims to create an integrated investment environment in the country."  He stated that
 “initiatives have been launched that aim to change the pattern of the rentier economy, such as the (Riyada) initiative, which helps young people invest their ideas in productive sectors,” noting that
“the tripartite budget included a special clause to support the private sector by granting it sovereign guarantees, which will contribute to encouraging the business and investment environment.” In the country".  He stressed
"working hard to support the private sector, and completing the formation of its development council, as it represents the primary partner of the government sector," pointing out that
"success in achieving economic diversification,
providing a fertile investment environment, and
strongly introducing the private sector into the development scene,
the reality of the situation will change.".  He stressed,
"continuing to build a network of economic relations between Iraq and the countries of the world, built on the foundations of mutual interests," noting that
"the government worked to reform the banking and financial sector, by automating all economic and service activities and activities."  He pointed out,
 “starting to automate work at border crossings, and establishing the shift towards the use of electronic payment in all market and commercial transactions,” pointing out “the
need for the five-year development plan to adopt digital transformation, by adopting electronic systems in all aspects of life.”  He continued,
"We need sound development data and indicators in order to make development plans successful, and this requires conducting an accurate and comprehensive census of the population, their places of residence, and their work environments," explaining that
"the population census was decided to be conducted next year, 2024, and we were directed to provide all the financial and logistical requirements to make it successful."  He stated that
"the five-year development plan should create space to achieve good governance, and establish appropriate mechanisms to fight corruption and dry up its sources wherever they may be," pointing out that
"the existence of a five-year, verifiable development plan indicates a state of security, political, social and economic stability, and must be achieved."
The results of development plans should reflect positively on vulnerable segments of society, by providing housing, education, and health, improving income levels, and reducing the effects of climate change.”  He stated that
"the government worked, during its first year, to reduce poverty and unemployment rates, through the social protection network, improving the food basket, paying attention to health and education projects, services and infrastructure, working to not inherit poverty among poor families, and establishing a fund to support the poorest areas."".
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