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Al-Sudani plucks "big heads"... "fundamental" changes in state institutions and calls for holding the "corrupt" accountable

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Al-Sudani plucks "big heads"... "fundamental" changes in state institutions and calls for holding the "corrupt" accountable  

   Today 19:41
Information / special.

From time to time, a new list is issued loaded with the names of many of those who were dismissed from their position or dismissed by a decision of the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia' al-Sudani.

Whatever the reasons for the dismissals, the result is the same, which is "change."

Surprisingly, and out of fairness and out of courtesy, the government's steps began to pick off "big heads" in the state, and

this may not have been repeated in previous years, and

the most important question remains: is the government really heading towards reforming what others have corrupted in the state system, or is political pressure imposing itself on positions?.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shia'a al-Sudani agreed to dismiss the Director of the Federal Office of Financial Supervision, Rafel Yassin Khudair, and to appoint a replacement for him.

Member of Parliament, Thaer al-Jubouri, chapter, reasons for dismissals in important government joints, and while he directed a request to the government regarding "corrupt" personalities,

it is likely that these personalities are linked to major thefts such as the "theft of the century."

Al-Jubouri said, in an interview with Al-Maalouma Agency, that

"the decisions of the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia'a Al-Sudani, to dismiss many personalities who hold high government positions are due to many reasons."  He added,

"Among these reasons is the incompetence of some personalities and spending the specified legal period of four years or more," pointing out that

"these personalities must be dismissed, to change the reality of the government institution and make it work better."  The member of the House of Representatives explains,

"There are changes that may be associated with financial and administrative corruption," noting that

"some of the dismissed personalities may be linked to major financial thefts, such as the theft of the century that occurred previously."

Al-Jubouri calls on the government, "the need to hold the corrupt accountable and bring them to legal accountability, given that there is a financial misdemeanor and a waste of public money," adding,

"All thieves are required to return the Iraqis' money to the state treasury."

The Prime Minister's actions did not stop at dismissals;

Rather, he made a number of changes in important security positions, including the National Security Agency, and

it seems that the list has not been closed and is waiting for a new meal.

In turn, the leader in the coordination framework, Turki Al-Atbi, confirmed that the Sudanese security changes were expected 3 months ago, and they represent only the first meal.

Al-Atbi mentioned in an interview with Al-Maalouma that

“the decision of the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani, to make changes in sensitive security positions, including the National Security and Intelligence, was not surprising. The angle in all decisions to change so far.  He points out,

"There is a second list of names of leaders that will be changed soon," stressing that

"the changes are intended to have 3 important goals, which are

    changing plans,
    giving a role to competencies, and
    distancing the security establishment from any influence or political affiliations."  Al-Atbi continues,

"The Sudanese government is serious about making changes in the country's security system and all its addresses, and

it is part of a fundamental and continuous reform plan according to specific paths."

Al-Sudani's continuation of the approach of change and reform of the government system, efforts that are praised by the near and the stranger,

but the exposure of this authority to political pressure and the harmony with the demands of some political blocs, may be a bump from which the government will not get out easily.

Especially since the previous governments provided actual and good experiences on this matter.
Ended / 25 R

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