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Technology for Peace issues clarification on the 'Silk Road' project

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Technology for Peace issues clarification on the 'Silk Road' project

Friday, June 2, 2023 10:01 PM
Baghdad / The National News Center

Technical for Peace issued a clarification regarding the Silk Road project, in which it stated:

During the past days, several statements were made about the Chinese Silk Road project, including what was stated by the current Minister of Transport (Razzaq Muhibis Al-Saadawi) during an interview with him on Al-Iraqiya TV. News at the end of May 2023, he met with the ministry’s staff and

it became clear that there is no Chinese Silk Road project in the ministry, after he demanded the project’s priorities, he said.

This was confirmed by the Sudanese adviser (Nasser al-Asadi) when he stated,

“The Silk Road is a political attraction between America and China. The

plans on Facebook are not real, the plans do not exist,” during an interview with him on (Al-Janoub TV) in May 2023.

While the Sudanese advisor (Hussein Allawi) had a slightly different opinion when he mentioned, during an interview with him on the (Dijlah satellite) channel, that the

Silk Road “touches the northern borders of the Kurdistan Region” and is not within its borders, after he obtained a map from a translated magazine while he was in Morocco. 2019, as mentioned.

These publications and statements circulated on social media in conjunction with the “Development Road project" announced by the current Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani, which is

supposed to link the large port of Faw in southern Iraq with Turkey to reach Europe,

with the participation of 10 regional countries (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Iran, Oman, in addition to representatives of the European Union and the World Bank), during a conference held in Baghdad on May 27, 2023.

Therefore, he decided for us to mention what was circulated of local political news and topics It was put forward during the past years until the present time about the Chinese project and Iraq's relationship with it.

The Belt and Road (Chinese Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road Initiative for the Twenty-First Century), an initiative launched by China in 2013 with the aim of expanding its trade ties by reviving the ancient historical road that linked East with West.

Through this project, China seeks to link Asia with Europe.

This initiative includes a land and sea route, with the participation of 147 countries and about 70% of the world's population, including 18 member states of the European Union working within this initiative.

According to the available maps, Iraq is located on the land road, as the road passes through the northern part of the country.

In 2015, the former Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi visited the Chinese capital, Beijing, and signed several agreements and memorandums of understanding (economic, diplomatic, military, technological and military).

The first memorandum of understanding included “participation in building the economic belt of the Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road for the twenty-first century.”

It is noteworthy that the Chinese ambassador to Iraq (Chen Weiqing), during a speech he delivered at the cultural event of the Silk Road organized by the Iraqi Ministry of Culture in 2018, explained that

“Iraq is one of the first Arab countries to sign cooperation documents with China regarding the Belt and Road Initiative.”

Then, in 2019, (Adel Abdul-Mahdi) visited China for five days when he was serving as Prime Minister, during which he signed memorandums of understanding and agreements related to infrastructure, including the Silk Road.

During the same year, (Haider Al-Tamimi), deputy director of the Historical Research Department at the Iraqi Research Center, stated that the Belt and Road Initiative is of “great importance for the reconstruction of Iraq after the war.”

And the former Minister of Transport (Abdullah Laibi) mentioned during one of the meetings of the Diwaniya Committee, the possibility of accelerating the procedures for Iraq’s accession to the Asian Investment Bank for Infrastructure in order to “finance the implementation of roads, bridges, ports, airports and railway projects along the New Silk Road,” indicating the efforts of the parties Concerned for Iraq's accession to the initiative.

At the time, Luaibi called for a joint workshop between Iraq and China to reach a "clear road map in the coming days."

And under the government of Mustafa Al-Kazemi, the Minister of Transport at the time (Nasser Al-Shibli) confirmed in 2020 that the connection of the Silk Road project with Iraq depends on the completion of the Al-Faw port project in Basra, stressing,

“If it is completed, Iraq will be the center of the (Silk Road) that China is working on to link Europe in Asia.”

While Representative (Ali Turki Al-Jamali) considered that (Al-Kazemi) returned from the Jeddah summit by “killing” the Silk Road, “because America declared that we will not leave a place for China and Russia,” he said.

A member of the Iraqi Parliament for its current session (Saud Al-Saadi) participated in a tweet with several documents, which he explained were related to a memorandum of understanding between the government of Iraq and the Chinese government, regarding “participation in advancing the construction of the economic belt of the Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road for the twenty-first century.”

During a meeting between the Chinese Ambassador to Iraq (Cui Wei) and the Iraqi (Sudanese) Prime Minister, the ambassador stated that

"the development project is very important to Iraq, and it will be the path to peace and prosperity in the region, and it will become a complement to the Belt and Road project," expressing his desire to review the feasibility study. The economics of the project, and China's readiness to provide technical advice for the completion of this vital project, according to a statement transmitted by Al-Sudani's office on June 1, 2023.

In conclusion to our topic and through all that we touched on, it turns out that the Silk Road project in Iraq is still unknown.

Some parties confirm the existence of agreements and treaties for the project between Iraq and China, while

other parties confirm that the project does not exist in Iraq on the ground. [/color]

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