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Prime Minister: There are no red lines on any corruption file, and the dollar will reach its official price

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Prime Minister: There are no red lines on any corruption file, and the dollar will reach its official price

 Politics 04-18-2023, 23:02
Baghdad - conscious

Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani affirmed that there are no red lines on any corruption file, while indicating that

the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar will decrease and reach its official rate.

Al-Sudani said in an interview with a group of Iraqi TV stations, followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA),

"We raised the slogan of services, because it is a popular demand.

It is one of the demands of the demonstrations, and the citizen's desire to participate in the elections became linked to services,

when I participated in the elections and won as a representative for My concern in Baghdad was how to provide services to citizens and for this service to be a message to them,” stressing,

We started to treat services as a priority, through fast services through the experience of service and engineering effort, and by activating lagging projects, and

we gave priority to infrastructure and the health and electricity sectors.”  He added,

"The tripartite budget means economic stability and a positive message for the private sector, and

all international financial institutions advise that the private financial, social and economic situation of Iraq needs a medium-term budget,"

pointing out that maintaining the continuity of the ration card, the growing need for fuel for power stations, and entitlement Unpaid loans have led to deficit and inflation in the budget, and we have many solutions for it," stressing that

"the government job should not be the only outlet for citizens' living income, so we tended to activate the private sector."  And he continued,

"We hope that the retirement and social security law will be passed, and the government will contribute to the fund to provide privileges for workers in the private sector, equivalent to their peers in the government sector," noting that

"the provinces now have 8-9 trillion of allocations in the food security law, and the exchange did not exceed 10 %, and in the budget there are 4.5 trillion between the petro-dollars and the development of the regions, and it is with the projects of the ministries that can cover the needs of the provinces during the remainder of this year.  And he indicated that

"all fluctuations in the price of the dollar were the result of the failure to implement the agreement signed between the government and the Central Bank with the US Federal Reserve in the previous stage.

The duration of the agreement was two years, and it ended on November 15, 2022, that is, less than a month after we assumed our duties," stressing that

"we decided Commitment to the standards of the global banking system, and

we started with intensive procedures in the Central Bank, the government and the private sector, and

our concern was to maintain food prices.”  And he added,

"With the passage of time, the process of complying with banking standards increased, and

all merchants began to enter the electronic platform, and

we helped them obtain foreign currency at the official rate instead of getting used to illegal trade," noting that

"the number of merchants using the electronic platform has increased."

And the parallel price began to decline, approaching the official price of the foreign currency, and

it will continue to decline, and

I remind you that the Iraqi dinar is strong, and

our financial situation is in its best condition.  He added,

"We have confidence in our Iraqi currency, and

our procedures are moving in the right direction, and

in every session of the Council of Ministers there is a decision or procedure towards economic reforms and improving the investment environment," noting that

"there is cooperation between the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq and the Central Bank, in order to have branches in the region, For the purpose of providing foreign currency to merchants present and working there, as well as to citizens, according to regulations and activities.  And he continued,

"We must overcome a situation in which the budget is an opportunity for political blackmail or placing the interests of this or that party, as

it is a budget for all Iraqis and the people and institutions await it," explaining that

"recovering corruption funds is not a heresy, but rather a law, and we move in a legal context, and

Iraq has Agreements in this regard, and

we are a party to the Global Convention against Corruption, and

this is obligatory for all countries of the world that are affiliated with it.  And between,

"We have bilateral agreements on the extradition of wanted persons and looted funds, and

the Central Bank has broad agreements and powers in this regard," noting that

"work on the method of Committee (29) is unacceptable, and

there are investigations about confessions extracted under duress that are nearing completion, and the results will be announced."  And he went on to say:

We directed all oversight agencies and ministers not to have any red lines towards any file of corruption, location, position or personality.

We want full professional legal procedures to be brought to justice, and

we focused on recovering money.

The best way to reach the corrupt is to track down the money.”

And follow-up on the way it inflated," noting that

"some took cover when he was in charge, and

we were able to bring him in by tracking the money and searching for the reasons for its inflation."  He added,

"We respect the agreement that produced the State Administration Coalition, contributed to political stability, and resulted in a political agreement with general principles voted on by the House of Representatives. It represents an incubator for this government," stressing that

"we do not have differences in the State Administration Coalition as much as they are points of view." It is related to the budget or the principle of partnership, and partnership outside the scope of the constitution is unacceptable.  And he pointed out,

"There is a group of files and deferred accumulations.

If this government is able to complete them, it is something that counts for it and enhances its credibility," noting that

"it is not true that the prime minister, when he takes an executive decision to install or exempt a certain responsibility, must refer to the components, which is something." We didn't agree on it."  And he stressed that

"some partners believe that the partnership means that the prime minister does not take a decision in accordance with his powers except with the advice and participation of the political forces present in the coalition, and

this is incorrect, because there are exclusive powers and preserving them is part of the political reform," stressing that

"compensations and housing must be provided."

And security is one of the societal problems, and the provision of services for the practice of daily life, for the purpose of returning the displaced, and these matters faced some delay.”  He continued,

"Among the files marred by corruption is the compensation file, and

there are people who have nothing to do with what the governorates were subjected to, who received compensation,

while the deserving people did not receive their rights," stressing,

"We have prioritized removing the obstacles that prevent the return of the displaced, so that our people can return to their original places of residence.  He explained,

"It is in the interest to start returning the displaced from outside Iraq, after security checks and some procedures related to their reintegration into society," noting that

"the file of the return of the displaced to Sinjar needs security and political arrangements to prepare for their full return. They are around 200." Thousands of citizens have fled to the region.  He pointed out that

"the agreement on April 4 with the Kurdistan Regional Government is an important agreement, and

it regulates the relationship that we contributed to organizing through the contents that we set in the tripartite budget project," stressing that

"the loss of revenues of 475 thousand barrels per day is a large number and the damage will befall everyone, and within days we will go." To the signing of contracts between SOMO and the oil companies, and the Turkish side is notified of the resumption of exports from the region.  And the Prime Minister stated,

"It is the duty of the federal government to pay the salaries of employees, whether they are in the region or any governorate, and it is not an honor. This is what the Council of Ministers is working on," noting that

"the total percentage of the Kurdistan region's allocations in the budget is still fixed and is 12.67, and it has not been changed."".  He pointed out that

"the government submits a monthly report at every meeting of the state administration, on what has been accomplished, and the last report included an achievement rate of 31% within 6 months," explaining that

"crises are resolved by developing successful plans and tools and following up on implementation, and

one of the problems with previous performance is that it contained courtesy.”  And he went on to say:

"We set 6 months for a real evaluation according to professional standards, and in light of it it is determined whether or not the minister will remain in the government, and

we were given a period of 3 months, which is sufficient for general managers and their performance, and sufficient for the minister to know his tools and evaluate performance for them," stressing,

"We have received evaluation forms for general managers."

We are currently studying it, and after the holiday, the first round of assessments will begin.  He pointed out that

"the origin of the problem in Iraq is economic, and

it has social consequences that led to manifestations of unemployment, poverty and poor services, and

we put forward the term (productive diplomacy), and

we were keen that all our visits to countries be preceded by planning and clear goals."


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