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Al-Sudani directs the submission and discussion of monthly reports of non-oil revenues collected by the ministries

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Al-Sudani directs the submission and discussion of monthly reports of non-oil revenues collected by the ministries

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Information / Baghdad...

The Council of Ministers, in its session held on Tuesday, issued several decisions, including deeming tomorrow an official holiday for Yazidi citizens on the occasion of the Yazidi New Year, approving recommendations for converting the land of Al-Rashid Camp into green spaces, opening Sinbad Street, rehabilitating and opening the atomic energy road.

A statement issued by the Prime Minister's Media Office, which was received by Al-Maaloumah, stated that "Prime Minister Muhammad Shia'a Al-Sudani presided today, Tuesday, the sixteenth regular session of the Council of Ministers," noting that

"the session witnessed consideration of the general conditions, issues and files related to the government's implementation of its program based on Priorities for

combating corruption,
poverty and unemployment, and
achieving economic reform steps.  

The Prime Minister stressed,

"the importance of continuing the momentum of what has been achieved from the government program, and

the importance of the citizen feeling the seriousness of the state agencies in implementing the projects that they promise to complete, in order to build confidence," noting,

"the need to accelerate efforts during the coming weeks and months to reinforce the principle of trust and that the state Do what you promise."

The Prime Minister directed "all ministries to submit monthly reports that include non-oil revenues collected by the ministries and discuss them."

And with the advent of Eid Al-Fitr, the Prime Minister directed that "the Eid holiday be from Thursday, April 20, until Monday, April 24, may God bring it back to Iraq and the Islamic nation with goodness and stability."

And with the celebrations of our Yazidi people on the Yazidi New Year, the Council of Ministers approved on this occasion that tomorrow, Wednesday, April 19 of this year (2023), will be an official holiday for Yazidi citizens.

The council also decided to consider the first Wednesday in April of each year an official holiday for the Yazidi component.

The Council of Ministers continued to study the issues on its agenda and took the necessary decisions and directives in this regard.

In the field of land and infrastructure development for the capital, Baghdad, and projects to reduce population pressure and pressure on the city center and its outskirts, the Council of Ministers approved the recommendations set out in the minutes of the meeting held in the office of the Prime Minister on March 15, 2023 for the purpose of transforming the land of Al-Rashid Camp into green spaces, opening Sinbad Street, and rehabilitating And opening the path of atomic energy, according to the following:

1- Re-allocating all the lands of Al-Rashid Camp to the Amanat Baghdad (except for the Al-Rashid Military Hospital) to enable the Amanat Baghdad to start work.

2- The Municipality of Baghdad shall refer the designs and plans for the project to a consulting company for the purposes of designs and development of master plans and present them to the Prime Minister for approval, and then referral for the purpose of implementation, under the supervision of the Office of the Prime Minister.

3- Transferring the cement factory of the Iraqi General Company for Cement Industry, one of the formations of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, which has been suspended since 1982, to another location to use it as spare parts for other factories. Because it interferes with the implementation of the rational project.

4- The Ministry of Health undertakes the establishment of a second medical city in Baghdad on the structure of Al-Rashid Military Hospital, which is allocated to the Ministry of Health on an area of (401) dunums.

5- Oblige the executing company of the Al-Rashid Camp project to establish an air base in the outskirts of Baghdad, to be determined later, after obtaining the necessary approvals, as a substitute for the Al-Salam air base.

6- Stopping all allocation orders for the lands of Al-Rashid Camp that contradict the implementation of the project, and no part of it can be invested outside this vision, and canceling previous cabinet decisions.

In the framework of the efforts made to develop the oil sector, and to solve the legal and contractual problems that hinder development and expansion, the Council of Ministers approved the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for Energy (32032i) for the year 2023, regarding approval of the consensual settlement between the Basra Oil Company and the consortium of (Shell and Petronas) companies.

Among the decisions related to the oil and energy sectors, the Cabinet approved the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for Energy (23026i) for the year 2023 regarding the direct call to convert the Sadr gas station (1, 2) from the simple cycle to the combined cycle, according to the following:

1- Approval of the recommendation of the Central Committee for Review and Approval of the referral in the Ministry of Electricity taken at its third session (confirmed in Paragraph 8 specifically) regarding the referral of the direct invitation numbered (MOE-HQ14-2021). Converting Al-Sadr gas station (1,2) from the simple cycle to the combined cycle under the custody of the American company (Stellar Energy), for a total amount of (288,598,800) dollars, only two hundred and eighty-eight million, five hundred and ninety-eight thousand and eight hundred dollars, and a specific price of (877,200) dollars Only eight hundred and seventy-seven thousand and two hundred dollars per megawatt, with an increase of (3.2%) over the estimated costs, with a total capacity of (229) megawatts, with an implementation period of (36) months, which is equivalent to (1095) days, (as far as the issue relates to financial validity), and you bear The Ministry of Electricity ensures the integrity and accuracy of contractual procedures in accordance with the laws, regulations, and instructions in force. And to be of European and American origins, equipment and station with American specifications.

2- Authorizing the Ministry of Electricity to complete the referral and contracting procedures according to the financial powers.

The Council of Ministers also approved the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for Social Services (23012g), according to the following:

- Approval of the national policy for the sustainability of urban development projects (Nakheel - PALMS) and its implementation plan, according to what was stated in the book of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / University of Karbala.

The Council of Ministers agreed to consider the deceased in the Ministry of Electricity (Qasim Hassan Ajil Alewi, Ahmed Zaki Nabat) as a result of their injury during work, as contractors in accordance with Cabinet Resolution (315 of 2019), and to promote their retirement transactions, based on the Unified Retirement Law, and for the Federal Service Council to undertake Take the necessary procedures by appointing one for each of their relatives.

In the field of financial and administrative reform, the Council of Ministers approved the submission of the entities whose details are indicated in the statements included in the book of the Federal Office of Financial Supervision dated March 6, 2023,

their data to the aforementioned Bureau, as quickly as possible,

to complete the procedures for controlling public money, and to give the matter great importance, while providing data necessary within (20) working days starting from the date of issuance of this decision,

otherwise, investigative committees shall be formed to identify the defaulters, and submit their recommendations within a period not exceeding (30) days.[/b]
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