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They started not thinking about the dollar.. thinking gold..!

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They started not thinking about the dollar.. thinking gold..!

    April 10 13:46
Sami Jawad Kazem
Books / Sami Jawad Kazem

Where does the power of the state lie?

There are several joints that indicate the strength of the state, the

most important of which is the economy and the

economy is linked to the national currency, the

strength of the state when its currency is fixed and is not affected by the events that take place locally or globally,

strength when the state has the people's strength if the world is exposed to a crisis,

strength when there is no currency market in Al-Kifah Street Shorja and the

citizen does not exchange his foreign currency.

Some countries have begun to consult with each other to have their balance of gold instead of the currency of the dollar, and this is a step in the right direction. In the market, its price exceeded 155 thousand, which is the price traded among traders.

It is not right to be associated with any country in a way that affects our economy.

Rather, it is correct to deal with everyone in an exchange of interests.

Yes, globally, Europe began before Asia to get tired of American politics, and

because politics is all hidden, and the hidden, as Kissinger says about it, is that it is not a service association, but a malicious association.

One day you don't think that China or Russia are better than America, because every country has its interests first, so why not our interests first?

Another very important aspect is the culture of the people and to what extent is self-restraint, that is, to be patient with what we have become accustomed to in terms of foreign goods if they are prevented from us, and

when we all enter our markets, they are full of foreign goods and the

local ones do not exceed 10% of the total, so the

blockade is this dirty method What America and those with it are adopting has become a reality, and all countries of the world must develop alternatives.

The Saudi-Iranian relations took a part from this Zionist-American concern, first and secondly, that the American economic weight relies on Saudi oil. If Saudi Arabia says no to the dollar, know that the American economy will collapse.

Do you remember the killing of black George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer?

The reason was that the owner of a supermarket suspected that a twenty-dollar coin was counterfeit.

It means that in America there are those who counterfeit twenty, ten, and even dollars, and this, if it indicates anything, indicates the weakness of the intelligence side. The high level of poverty line.

To the Iraqi government, you have to
strengthen your balance of grain through agriculture
, the establishment of
silos, and the
sale of oil for grain and not for dollars, because

we have a balance of these grains that make us not affected if the world is exposed to a crisis.

Of course, this approach does not mean neglecting the rest.

Yes, let the Iraqi banks have all the work Dollar Euro Pound Pound Mark Ruble Gold

It's a sign of strength.

We used to hear and repeat the phrase (agriculture is permanent oil).

Yes, it is like that, and it is the source of strength for any country.

We have an example of the country that exports its agricultural and animal products to us.

Our markets are full of them. Are we unable to do the same?

Iran used the method of self-sufficiency and was able to stand up to the blockade, or was its impact on Iran not to the degree that America wanted?

Yes, the Iranian economy was affected by that, but it preserved its agricultural products that the Iranian citizen could obtain.

When the Qatari-Saudi relations were affected, Iran stood with Qatar and exported various foodstuffs to it, while it is also a besieged country.

From here, the Iraqi government must pay attention to the future.

The dollar is not a sign of strength, but rather a loaf of bread is a sign of power.

When the phenomenon of selling paper in the markets disappears, then the state is strong.

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