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After being sent, the budget enters the area of sharing the spoils: Will it be passed or suspended?

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After being sent, the budget enters the area of sharing the spoils: Will it be passed or suspended?

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The new government took advantage of a legal clause that was ignored by all successive governments after the fall of the regime,

which is to work on approving a budget for three consecutive years that it has the right to amend at the end of each fiscal year,

which was welcomed by the political circles that hoped to implement it on the ground, and yet

there is fear From entering the area of political conflicts in Parliament, given the demands made by some political blocs in return for voting on the draft budget.

* A qualitative leap in budgets

And speaking of the government’s step in approving the budget for three years, Hussein Al-Sabri, a member of the Parliamentary Investment and Development Committee, said in an interview with Al-Maalouma, that

“the government made a qualitative leap in budgets compared to all the years that were approved in the past,” noting that

“the government is able to add Appendix to the budget at the end of each fiscal year.  And he continues,

"The Council of Ministers' decision to vote on the budget for a period of three years is a kind of financial stability for the state," pointing out that

"this decision will facilitate early elections in the event that funds are allocated for them in this budget."   And he added:

"The decision will work to avoid delaying the next budget in order to finance the elections or the amount of expenses that will be spent on them."

And the Council of Ministers had announced, earlier in the day, the approval of the draft budget law amounting to more than 197 trillion Iraqi dinars for the fiscal years 2023, 2024 and 2025 and its referral to the House of Representatives to pass it officially after making amendments to it.

* A step in the right direction

In addition, the independents welcomed the budget decision and counted it as a step in the right direction in reforming the economic sector in Iraq.

And independent MP Mustafa Al-Karawi stated in an interview with Al-Maalouma agency,

"Following the approval of the budget for three years is a purely institutional work that will prevent actions at the individual, partisan, or component level," noting that

"the government is able to make amendments to the draft budget annually."  And he continues,

"The approval of the budget for three consecutive years is a step in the right direction from the positives that are calculated for the current government," noting that

"the government's plan is a program that represents the government's long-term thinking about achieving stability for the country at the level of the economic and financial sector."  And Al-Karawi concluded his speech:

"This plan will make the next governments start from what the current government has finished, and not work on new planning that will cost time in approving it and delay in implementing its paragraphs on the ground."

* Legal move

In the meantime, legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi settled the controversy of voting on the budget for three consecutive years.

In an interview with Al-Maaloumah Agency, he mentioned that

"approving the general budget is possible constitutionally and legally according to Article 4, Paragraph 2 of the Financial Management and Public Debt Law No. 6 of 2019, which authorized the merger, which is medium-term for the next three years, and

the first year is obligatory for application as it is," pointing out That

"the two subsequent budgets are subject to amendment by Parliament and according to circumstances that arise in the future."  And he continued,

"The government's plan is a matter that fits the philosophy of budget legislation, which is a future financial plan that prevents the delay in legislation for the upcoming budgets," noting that

"it is possible to estimate the value of oil and the price of the dollar, and specify appointments and jobs in it with complete stability that guarantees their implementation."    

With the government seeking to approve the budget, the Iraqi street awaits its official approval in Parliament, and

there is fear of political differences controlling it and sharing the spoils from some parties that seek to raise the percentage of their share in the draft budget law, even if it is at the expense of other components.
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