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What about the dollar and appointments? The full text of the first television interview with Al-Sudani

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What about the dollar and appointments? The full text of the first television interview with Al-Sudani

Economy News-Baghdad

Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani affirmed, today, Tuesday, that Iraq's financial situation is at its best, reassuring citizens that the dinar is the strongest, and while he pointed out that all possibilities are contained in adjusting the exchange rate, which will discuss the issue of its fluctuations during the visit of an Iraqi government delegation to Washington soon, he decided the position The government regarding the appointments file in the 2023 budget, stressing at the same time that the decision to release the accused, Nour Zuhair, in the tax secretariat case, was not governmental, and there are effective official bodies in the previous government involved in the case, while stressing that security and sensitive positions and sites are outside any investment or political interference and are not subject to for allotment.

Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani said in an interview with the official channel, followed by "Al-Iqtisad News", that "the fluctuations in prices were not the result of a decision by the government, parliament or the central bank," noting that "the official price in the central bank now is 1460 and is sold in private banks 1470." It is not the same as the decision that was taken in the 2021 budget, as the circumstances were difficult, and in order for the government to secure the required amounts for salaries, this request was submitted to raise the exchange rate from 1182 to 1450, so prices rose, and at the time of raising the dollar there was a decision from the government and approval from Parliament, but now there is no decision government to raise the exchange rate of the dollar.

Al-Sudani explained the reasons for the fluctuations in the exchange rate by saying that they “return to international standards and what is related to the relationship between the central bank, the US Federal Bank and the US Treasury, and there was an agreed mechanism to control the movement of money transfers called (compliance standards) for the global banking system, which is a signed memorandum With the Central Bank two years ago to proceed with these procedures so that the central transfer system is through an electronic platform and is audited,” noting that “the procedures were not at the required level in terms of qualifying banks by the Central Bank and the previous government, and it was assumed that private banks and merchants would prepare for this method.”

And he indicated, "The Iraqi merchant refrains from going to obtain an import license, open a documentary credit and pay the tax. Rather, he goes to an exchange company to transfer money to a specific country, and then he gets the goods."

Al-Sudani stressed, "We always talk about the presence of forged invoices and the exit of money abroad through smuggling, and this is a reality," surprisingly, "from imports amounting to 300 million dollars per day."

And he stated, “This explains that the currency was fleeing abroad, and this has been a chronic problem for years,” wondering, “What has stopped life, changed, or lost in the markets? Except for the rise in prices in some materials, during the sale of the central bank for 30, 40, or 50 million dollars a day, and previously it was sold 300, 200 and 250 million."

He continued, "This money was coming out with forged invoices, as the invoices for importing iron previously covered all of Iraq, but these quantities did not enter the country."

And he stated, “This explains that the currency was fleeing abroad, and this has been a chronic problem for years,” wondering, “What has stopped life, changed, or lost in the markets? Except for the rise in prices in some materials, during the sale of the central bank for 30, 40, or 50 million dollars a day, and previously it was sold 300, 200 and 250 million."

He continued, "This money was coming out with forged invoices, as the invoices for importing iron previously covered all of Iraq, but these quantities did not enter the country."

He added, "The issue of proving forgery or smuggling, and in order to prove it legally and issue a judicial order requires procedures, we hear about allegations of money being transferred to the Kurdistan region and from the region to neighboring countries, and we have spoken with the president of the region in this regard, and we must cooperate in it."

The Prime Minister affirmed, "The government has formed specialized security teams in all places, roads, and ports, and sonars have been installed at the controls to detect currency smuggling," explaining, "The government is serious about measures to prevent currency smuggling, and at the same time we assure the citizen that Iraq's financial situation is in the best case." We have a balance, revenues, a turnover, and a budget, and we have the ability to purchase any material.”  

High price solutions

And he continued, "He instructed the Ministry of Commerce to exercise its role by importing materials, and there is a committee that has been working for more than a week to import any material needed by the Iraqi market and come down at the official cost price of the dollar," pointing out, "The price hike procedures will be controlled by the government and the central bank's monetary policy procedures." ".

And he continued, "The government will return the price of the dollar to its official position, while accustoming merchants and businessmen to correct (legitimate) trade. As for those who work otherwise, their trade is illegal, and meetings with businessmen continue on a weekly basis to solve problems and overcome obstacles in front of them," noting, "The council The Ministerial of Economy takes decisions weekly to prepare traders, and this preparation is supposed to have been achieved years ago by the Central Bank to accustom traders to the new mechanism, "noting that" the current government is working to put merchants in the right official way.

Al-Sudani said, "I assure the citizen not to acquire the dollar, because the dinar is the strongest," explaining that "the decision to replace the governor of the Central Bank and the director of the Iraqi Trade Bank took place in a systematic and deliberate manner, not hasty or emotional, and it is within the approach followed in our course of action in implementing the government platform." We will never stop at any official.”

And he stressed, "Any official who does not provide solutions to problems is changed," explaining that "the changes are continuing in all aspects of the state, starting from the minister down to the agent, to the advisor, to the governor, to the head of the commission or the director general, anywhere, and there are no red lines." .

He added, "The government has given 3 months to all general managers in the country, and the period will end, and we started the evaluation process and gave us 6 months since the start of voting on the government program for the current ministers. You continue, and we will announce the results of the evaluation, even if the situation requires the replacement of 100 employees according to the exemption order for the results of the evaluation, and it has been proven that these are unable to bear the responsibility.

Al-Sudani stressed the possibility of "changing ministers in his government," explaining that "until now, the picture has not been completed, but within 6 months, all the ministerial cabinet will be subject to an evaluation."

An official delegation visiting Washington

And the Prime Minister announced that "a high-level Iraqi delegation will visit Washington on the seventh of next February to discuss more than one file, including a discussion of the fluctuations in the price of the dollar and its mechanism in accordance with the new standards."

And he stressed, "The number of transfers and the passage of time increases, as merchants began to adapt to the new mechanism, given that the merchant is looking for the official price to import his goods and at the same time there is a possibility to buy his goods from the citizen, and I am reassured that the process will proceed properly despite the existence of painful procedures that caused anxiety, But the real reform of the banking and economic system, and to preserve public money and prevent it from smuggling and money laundering, this is the right way, and the world is going in this way, and there is not a single dollar that leaves the country except in its correct place, "pointing to the presence of goods entering the country at irrational prices with the aim of removing the currency outside country and this must stop."

government curriculum

He pointed out, "The priorities of the government curriculum are 5 titles, and one of the most important of these titles is combating poverty, and after three months have passed since the government's life, we have achievements that we talk about in combating poverty, including:

First: The launch of the social research process targeting 1.7 million applications submitted for the purpose of inclusion in the social protection network, and this number is not small in the history of Iraq and social protection.

Second: Granting a special food basket, in quantity and quality, to those covered by the social network. It was prepared for January of this year and will continue, as it is part of the ration card reforms.

Third: The budget law will include granting additional cash subsidies that will be distributed to the families of the poor to complete their children’s studies in schools and colleges other than the prescribed salaries. poor.

Service effort and housing projects

He continued, "Service effort campaigns are concentrated in poor places to improve the reality of services in those areas," stressing that "housing projects will have the largest share for the poor."

And he indicated, "The solution to the housing crisis lies in building integrated cities according to a long-term economic situation that will not burden the citizen in paying, and it will be granted to groups for free and to other groups by installments over a period of time so that the citizen receives a housing unit in a city that contains decent services, and there has been continuous work for three months." With the Ministry of Municipalities and Housing and major investors who are able to build these cities in Baghdad and the provinces, the project will be launched soon," pointing out, "the issue of housing in Iraq will witness real solutions according to the vision of building integrated cities that will be available to the poor and middle-income citizens."

The Prime Minister confirmed the agreement with the International Finance Corporation to rehabilitate Baghdad International Airport.

Regarding the achievements of the service effort, Al-Sudani indicated, “The effort achieved quick and important services and is heading towards important service contracts, as it entered unserved and populated areas, and we started implementation with simple capabilities, as part of the budget of the Prime Minister’s Office, which amounted to 70 billion dinars, was transferred to the effort team. 15 billion has been spent so far, of which are for projects presented to the disadvantaged areas,” explaining, “The next budget will allocate a sum of money of no less than 800 billion dinars for this project, except for projects submitted by the governorates.”

Budget file

Regarding the general budget for the next year, Al-Sudani stressed that he “desires a budget that is compatible with the government program and not like the previous budgets that were approved, as it is not reasonable to put forward a program, priorities, and the budget in another valley,” pointing out that “all previous mistakes were the incompatibility of the budget with government programmes.

He pointed out, "The existence of clear projects within the priorities set within the general budget, and this is the first point. As for the second, it is dealing with many problems over the past period, which are related to contracts, wages, confirmation, etc., and these are cost accounts that must be included within the budget. As for the third, real reforms have been put in place and important funds have been established, including A fund for the poorest provinces and the Iraq Fund for Development, on which we count for a real development renaissance to solve housing and school problems, and these matters need a study to present a budget that meets what we promised our fans and people.

Regarding determining the exchange rate in the budget, Al-Sudani stressed that "the decision is taken according to the paths and the economic situation in the country," noting that "all possibilities are contained in adjusting the exchange rate."

Appointments file

And the Prime Minister pointed out, “The lecturers have been present in schools voluntarily for years and without pay, and after that they were transferred to Resolution 315 by previous governments, and they began working in this manner as contracts, and in the Budget Law for the year 2021, it stipulated that whoever has a contract service is 5 years.” It is proven to the permanent staff, but in the food security law, the years of contractual service have been reduced to two years or more, and it is proven to the permanent staff, and there are those who have more than five years and a financial allocation that demands the implementation of the law.

He explained, "The previous government called on the ministries to raise the lists of those who are eligible for confirmation in accordance with the Food Security Law," explaining, "The current government took the decision to install contracts without hesitation, but at the same time we stopped appointments, whether in the form of contracts, wages, or even in the form of voluntary work."

And he continued, "Any official government agency that issues an order to appoint contracts or wages contrary to the announced decision is referred to investigation," stressing, "In the budget law, appointments will be suspended until further notice, with the exception of medical training," noting, "The government has solved problems for employees who have a legal basis." With the existence of a financial allocation determined by the competent and financial ministry, accordingly, the installation decision was taken.

The deal of the century

And Al-Sudani stated, “The issue of theft of tax secretariats (the theft of the century) was pursued by me when I was a deputy, that is, before I became prime minister and had its priorities, and I hoped that it would be opened while I was in the government,” noting that “this file was opened during the government’s time.” previous".

He continued, "The rest of the defendants liquidated their money and fled, with the exception of the accused, Nour Zuhair, who was arrested during his attempt to escape," explaining that "the decision to arrest or release him was not a government decision, but rather it was the judiciary."

And he stated, "The recent dialogue that was published with the judge of the Karkh Investigation Court, which is specialized in cases of integrity, Diaa Jaafar, was a courageous dialogue and explained the specific dimensions of the case," pointing out, "The uproar that arose about this accused, the bulk of it, has artificial dimensions, while the other part has It came to enhance the citizen's reassurance regarding the past procedures in the case."

And he stated, "Nour Zuhair is the black box, and he is now under the control and disposal of the judiciary in investigation and recovery, as the money that he stole distributed to a group of influential politicians, banks, personalities, and media professionals," noting that "upon his release, he began the process of recovering his money, to return it with the same time to state".

And he continued, "These politicians, media professionals, and banks denied the existence of the money they have," explaining, "There are effective official bodies in the previous government involved in the case, and the papers and names will be revealed soon by the judiciary."

And he stated, "Some of them began to return the money in the form of payments, which were delivered to the judge, and the first payment was initiated," explaining, "The uproar that some raised about his release came because it is not in the interest of these people that Nour remains in prison so that he does not demand money from them." .

And he indicated, "Nour Zuhair is accused of stealing one trillion and 600 billion, and it is in the government's interest to return these sums," noting, "I support, encourage and support the judiciary's decision in recovering the money and holding the accused accountable, as the procedures are clear and done with full transparency."

He stated, "The government will not leave the rest of the wanted persons in the case, and there is a specialized team from the security services that is chasing them inside and outside Iraq and they will be extradited," pointing out that "we have now circulated in Interpol orders to arrest them in all countries, as we went to France and signed an agreement with French Anti-Corruption Agency.

And he stated, "Iraq is part of the international convention against corruption, as when we are a party to the convention at the United Nations level, it is the duty of each country to hand over the wanted persons," pointing out that "our constant axes in any meeting with any official who comes from The outside is to take measures to combat corruption, including the extradition of wanted persons and smuggled funds.

And he stressed, "There is no criminal far from the hands of justice and he will be reached anywhere," pointing out, "There are employees involved in the case and they are the ones who provided facilities with Nour Zuhair, who took advantage of the state's chaos, and 3 trillion and 700 billion dinars were stolen."

He pointed out that "slack in protecting public money encouraged theft," pointing out that "there are 5 well-known companies involved in the case, through receipts submitted to the judiciary."

He pointed out that "the government contracted earlier with an international company to audit guarantees, to make sure of the stolen amount," pointing out that "the issue of combating corruption is an irreversible decision and work is continuing on it, as the last of which was the arrest of a tax network related to the case of a deal." Century".


And he stated, "Our procedures in combating corruption are legal, studied, and supported by documents and papers that are being investigated and the suspect is arrested with evidence," noting that "we started with a qualitative procedure, which is the disclosure of financial disclosure according to the principle of where did you get this from?"

And he continued, "The law will be amended to include any person who has become abnormally wealthy by checking his money," explaining that "the money that is stolen is at the disposal of those close to the accused, as the former director of the tax authority who was recently arrested turned out to have 11 properties in the name of his wife, because of theft, and there are investigations for everyone suspected of being involved in theft.”

And he stated, "Corruption is the real threat to the Iraqi state after ISIS, as it disrupts services and all projects and programs," calling on citizens to "cooperate with the oversight agencies in providing real information and not information of defamation, misleading and forgery that wastes effort and time and causes a backlash, because many Honest employees face responsibility, but they fear defamation campaigns led by some corrupt people.

He stressed, "There are websites, pages, and media channels whose mission is to blackmail officials," noting, "The Integrity Commission addressed all satellite channels through the Communications and Media Commission and informed them of the presence of an investigator in each satellite channel with the aim of collecting corruption files that officials in those channels reveal."

He pointed out, "Iraq needs a popular and national campaign against corruption, as it is a serious scourge that threatens the state."

suspension train

Al-Sudani stressed that "the Iraqi citizen is tired of talking about the Baghdad metro and the suspended train," explaining that "this project is stalled, although its designs and studies are complete."

And he stressed, "The issue of the suspended train has been resolved, by agreeing to hold talks between a team from the concerned company and a team from the government to agree on the price," explaining, "In the event that the price is not agreed upon, a consulting company will be resorted to that evaluates the final price with the aim of including it in the list." Budget".

And he indicated, "Our visits are carried out according to an agenda that is properly prepared, which includes the interest of Iraq and the other side, so that the citizen can touch it."

associated gas

And he stressed, "The largest number in the budget is allocated to salaries, followed by the electricity sector, since we allocate from 8 to 10 trillion dinars to import gas, so when investing associated gas and filling the need, the sums allocated to this sector will go to other projects such as housing, health, education, and others," explaining, "a file Gas investment is a first for me, and there is a personal follow-up on my part.

He continued, "This project includes financial abundance and job opportunities."

Al-Faw port

The Prime Minister stressed that "the port of Faw is continuing with implementation, and this year the implementation rates will be accelerated," noting that "from now on, we have begun to think about how to operate the port."

And he indicated, "We are in contact with international companies to complete the port and operate it according to modern management," explaining that "our meetings are continuing with the consulting company and the Turkish side to reach an agreement and extend a railway."

"Two days before I went to France, I met with the consulting company, and the paths were determined and the project was handed over in full with the aim of agreeing with the executing company," he said, noting that "all these projects are strategic and will change the reality of the economy in Iraq."

He pointed out, "We are working diligently and resolutely on strategic economic projects that will bring about a quantum leap," noting that "there is an army of specialists and experts working on that."

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