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An Israeli report warns: Al-Sadr's victory will push Iran to strike the forces of the current with the factions

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An Israeli report warns: Al-Sadr's victory will push Iran to strike the forces of the current with the factions

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2022-08-07 03:06
Shafaq News/
The Israeli newspaper "Haaretz" considered that the current chaos in Iraq threatens to undermine Iran's regional role,

and that if it feels the decline of its influence further, it will not hesitate to ignite Iraqi fighting, whether between Shiites themselves or between Shiites and the rest of the other forces.

The beginning of the presentation of the Israeli report, which was translated by Shafak News Agency;

The following questions:

Is it possible for Iran to lose its most important bridge in the Middle East?

Is Iraq on the brink of civil war?

And most importantly, what does Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr want?

He added that whoever can answer the last question holds the key to answering the other two questions.

And after the report referred to the crisis after the recent Iraqi elections, in which it seems that it has no other choice but to dissolve parliament and hold new elections, it said that it may appear to be just another development in countries such as Lebanon, Tunisia and Sudan,

but in these countries it is related to a power struggle, while It is in Iraq that may have regional and international repercussions.

While the report described Iraq as a "failed state" due to corruption, unemployment, and the scarcity of water and electricity services, it pointed out that the current political battle may have actually begun since 2003, and the US mismanagement of the occupation phase. importance in the Middle East.

He also pointed out that the Shiite authority in Iraq, represented by Sayyid Ali al-Sistani, made it clear that he opposes the establishment of an Iranian model of governance in Iraq,

while those loyal to Tehran, many of whom resided in Iran during the years of exile, hope to establish a system that follows the principle of velayat-e-fiqh, as is the case in Iran, which the report described as an “ideological clash” reflects the bitter rivalry between the political blocs today,

and it is a Shiite-Shiite battle that feeds on ideological and religious differences as well as on “inflated ego wars” and intense competition for senior jobs and money.

The report reviewed the disputes taking place since the October 2021 elections,

    attempts to form a government,

    the struggle between the Shiite forces themselves and

    the positions of the Kurdish and Sunni forces, leading to the Sadrists storming the Green Zone recently.

Similar to the high temperatures in Baghdad, the fears are that someone will open fire or that bullets will come out of a gun, which will lead to a war between everyone.

While noting that the Sadrists are now calling for new elections, the report considered that no one would be surprised if there was no one to accept this demand in Iraq, adding that

Iran was "worried about these developments and its inability to dictate the course of the process," and that

Iran is concerned that new elections will take place. In Iraq, it will only lead to a further erosion of its position in Iraq, while al-Sadr exploits anti-Iran sentiments to his advantage.

The Israeli report concluded by saying that

all these possibilities greatly concern Iran's leaders, explaining that

Iran's loss of control over Iraq would lead to "a chain reaction in Lebanon and the destruction of Iran's image as a regional power."

He added that many in Iraq believe that if Iran is pushed with its back against the wall, it will use all its economic and political power against al-Sadr and his supporters, and that it may direct its Shiite militias in order to undermine al-Sadr's forces.

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