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Al-Kazemi: Comprehensive national dialogue is the only way to solve our crises

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Al-Kazemi: Comprehensive national dialogue is the only way to solve our crises

political| 09:37 - 30/07/2022
Baghdad - Mawazine News

Today, Saturday,
Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi stressed the need to see a comprehensive national dialogue and solution to resolve the crises in Iraq.

The Minister of Culture, Hassan Nazim, gave a speech to the Prime Minister during his participation on his behalf in the ceremony to receive the remains of the Barzanis Anfal victims, in which he said:

"I stand with great pride in the values of martyrdom, and the meanings of nations being proud of their history of struggle, and transforming the sacrifices of their people into action and achievement."  He added,

"The people of Iraq have made great and precious sacrifices throughout their history in the face of oppressive dictatorial authorities, mismanagement, injustice, discrimination, and prejudice for what?

For the sake of human, national and moral dignity, and in order to build life opportunities for future generations, and not for political gain.".  He continued,

"When I stand here in the presence of the Anfal martyrs, I am overwhelmed with true human feelings.

I was among the first to give live international testimonies about that horrific crime committed by the dictatorial regime against our people.

I lived among this good people in the mountains of Kurdistan and my eyes were fixed on the eyes of children and women."

And men who were executed for no reason other than that they wanted to live in dignity.”  He added,

"Our people sacrificed in Basra, Dhi Qar, Najaf, Baghdad, Anbar, Mosul and Kurdistan, and bled pure Iraqi blood, not for the sake of shedding tears today.

Rather, our people sacrificed and lost the best of their youth in their honorable struggle, in the absurd wars, in confronting terrorism, and in demanding their legitimate rights. For the sake of the state of justice and citizenship, and for its leaders to be at the level of responsibility, and not to repeat the mistakes of the past, and not to underestimate the value and meaning of blood, and its weight in the human conscience.”

The Prime Minister added,

“I feel sorry that some of them forget all these lofty values, and that some even forget their personal history of struggle, and accept to race for chairs, positions, quotas, nepotism, and try to turn the rule of Iraq into a booty, and I feel ashamed in front of these sacrifices.

The grave consequences of our people as they witness the continuous and repeated political inability for years to translate the election results into political action on the ground, and into an occasion for convergence and cooperation to build the country, and not an occasion for discord, discord, and division.

In 2020, the pure Iraqi blood that was shed in October is an extension of all the sacrifices of our people, and that the

historical duty requires everyone to put solutions to social crises by addressing political crises first, and not to allow differences between people or trends to become a cause in any social crisis New".  He added,

"Unfortunately, some of them who lack historical credibility, and who look themselves at others, doubted from the first moment every noble purpose, and believed that politics is an adventure, bullying the loyal, and flexing muscles, and was unable to understand politics as a heavy responsibility before it." The people, their sacrifices, their history and the future of their generations.  He added,

"That is why I told my brothers that we will not respond to slander and false smear campaigns except with honest work, and we will not be drawn into rhetoric and childish accusations, and we will not care about those who try to bring down their personal, partisan or political crises on the government and on me personally.

And we have no time to waste in arguments, frenzy parties, personal parades, and narrow calculations, and we have enough room after we have completed our mission and handed over the trust to the next government produced by elections.  He pointed out that

"the national responsibility makes it imperative for everyone, in this sensitive circumstance, to open the door to frank and transparent dialogue to resolve the current political impasse.

We need to see a solution, not a recipe for conflict, clash and setbacks.

We need wisdom to take precedence over whims and emotions, and comprehensive national dialogue is the way."

The only way to solve our crises, and to restore confidence between political forces, is a prelude to restoring our people's confidence in democracy and elections."  He stressed that

"our people are concerned about the current political tension and attempts to drag state institutions and security institutions into the arena of political debate, accusations and slanders between politically different parties, and the time for political disagreement is short, no matter how long it takes, and no matter how painful the results are.

However, the time of the state is long, and the state and its institutions must be preserved.".  He pointed out that

"Iraq and the future of this people are entrusted to us..

We are responsible to all the sacrifices made by this people, and in this good and benevolent land that has suffered and made precious sacrifices for many decades, and the love of freedom and justice was rooted in the conscience of its people, whose people did not succumb to a tyrannical dictator." Nor for dark thoughts, they are mountains and valleys watered with pure blood, whose children must find the fruit of these sacrifices freedom, justice and rights.

These remains are not forgotten and do not die,

rather they remain as lofty as the mountains of this land, mercy and eternity for the martyrs of Anfal, and all the martyrs of Iraq.”
Ended 29 / p. 87

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