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The most prominent thing that Al-Kazemi spoke during his meeting with a number of journalists and media professionals

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The most prominent thing that Al-Kazemi spoke during his meeting with a number of journalists and media professionals

07/14/2022 57

Earth News /
Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi confirmed, today, Thursday, that the agenda of the Saudi conference will discuss cooperation in the fields of economy and energy and the challenges brought about by the Corona pandemic and the food security crisis.

Al-Kazemi said during his meeting with a number of journalists and media professionals, according to a statement from his office received by Earth News,

"I put you in the atmosphere of the invitation we received to participate in the Saudi conference, in the presence of the

    Gulf Cooperation Council,
    Jordan, in addition to the
    United States of America." He added,

"The conference agenda will discuss cooperation in the fields of

    energy, and the
    challenges brought about by the Corona pandemic, the
    food security crisis, as well as
    climate changes." Al-Kazemi continued,

"The other talks about the summit's goals are an attempt to confuse, and are absolutely untrue, and it is an attempt to distance Iraq from the prominent role it plays in the region, and for this government to carry out its tasks in serving the people, and attracting investments and support for the benefit of Iraq." And he indicated,

"Iraq's position on the Palestinian issue is consistent and clear, and we are not part of any axis or alliance in the region, and

Iraq maintains its balanced policy with its neighbors and surroundings, based on its national and humanitarian principles." He pointed out that

"this government came in a difficult economic circumstance and we crossed it, and the economic indicators from the World Bank confirm that Iraq succeeded in a very short time in crossing this crisis, and we presented a vision for economic reform represented by the white paper." Al-Kazemi stated,

“There was a clear isolation of Iraq in its foreign relations, and it has suffered from it for a long time, and because of wrong policies, Iraq isolated itself from the world;

This was reflected in many of its infrastructure, education and society, and was reflected in wars and sanctions, the price of which was paid by the Iraqi citizen. And he added,

"After 2003, the policy of isolation continued for several reasons, and thank God, Iraq succeeded in ending the isolation, and for Iraq to take its natural role in its relations with the countries of the region and the world." Al-Kazemi continued,

“Today we live in a different world, not only at the level of technological developments, but also at the level of the nature of administration and politics of governments.

It is the relations and common interests that present projects to address unemployment, desertification, and the environment, and such projects need cooperation with others;

Therefore, the trend was to open up to the world; For Iraq to quickly turn from a member isolated from the world to an active element in relations, and from this point of view we held conferences in Baghdad, and mediations between more than one country in Iraq, most of which succeeded.” The Prime Minister explained,

"Iraq today is one of the countries most affected by climate change, and we need the help of others; That is why we have decided to cooperate with our brothers and friends in overcoming these challenges.” And he added,

"We are going to the conference in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we focus on the file of
water and climate changes, and
partnership in the issue of energy and electrical connectivity, as well as
economic partnerships, and
joint investments, and

all of this is good for the Iraqi people, and great support for investment projects in Iraq." Al-Kazemi stressed,

"It is this role that gives Iraq an opportunity for investment, cultural exchange, education, and health.

The world has changed many of its concepts after Corona, and the security and defense strategy has become health, education, and industry.

It is unreasonable for our strategies to remain based on illusions and mistrust." And stay away from cultural commons.” He added,

"Iraq has found itself in cooperation and coordination, and in projects related to serving the citizen;

That is why we brought in a large group of investments in Iraq;

As a result, we were able to bring in large amounts of investment, which was reflected in huge projects.” Al-Kazemi concluded,

“Iraq is first, this is our policy and our motto, and some try to point to fake fears, and prevent us from building our relations with our brothers, as if Iraq is not at the heart of history nor is it the crossroads of civilizations for thousands of years.

Iraq is in a strategic position that does not allow it but to be effective and integrated with others, and to have good relations with its brothers, neighbors and friends; For the sake of the Iraqis.”

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