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Industrial development: facilities to attract investors and measures to prevent manipulation of local commodity prices

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Industrial development: facilities to attract investors and measures to prevent manipulation of local commodity prices

Investigations and Reports Yesterday, 13:10
Baghdad - conscious - Muhammad Salim
Photography - Hussein Ammar

The Industrial Development Department of the Ministry of Industry announced today, Wednesday, the establishment of 426 laboratories in one year, and while it indicated that advanced rates of achievement were achieved in the establishment of industrial cities in four governorates,

it confirmed the success of implementing the product protection decision. the local.

The Director General of the Department, Aziz Nazim, said in an interview with the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the mechanism that has been developed in the government curriculum under this government is to grant the largest possible number of industrial project licenses," noting that

"the establishment stage is a first stage and coordination must be made." with other sectoral bodies to prepare the rest of the matters.”

He added, "A plan has been drawn up by the industry to support the investor," noting that

"the fruit of these plans will collide with other political, security, societal and bureaucratic issues, and we are ready to remove all these obstacles."

Industrial cities,

and speaking of industrial cities, the Director General of Industrial Development explained that

“the basic idea of establishing industrial cities is to eliminate the random spread of laboratories and gather them in one place to facilitate the issue of the work environment and the formation of a single industrial community,” noting that

“the Ministry of Industry adopted this issue through Law No. 2 of 2019 establishing a special authority for industrial cities.

He continued, "These cities are distributed among all governorates, and they have been started and advanced stages have been reached in the governorates of Dhi Qar, Basra, Anbar and Nineveh, and a plot of 600 dunums has been prepared for the establishment of an industrial city in Najaf as well as Wasit governorate, and it will be in all governorates as well." That

"Iraqi industry is moving towards industrial cities."

The Iraqi industry,

Nazim confirmed, that "there is a clear advancement of the Iraqi industry in its various sectors, and

this is recorded according to accurate numbers and statistics," stressing that

"the pace of projects is on the rise. One of 426 factory projects, and these numbers are good, but not at the level of ambition."

He continued, "The private sector absorbs more workers annually than the state absorbs in the public sector."

The protection of the national product,

Nazim pointed out that “the issue of product protection comes to the basic degree to protect the interest of the citizen and achieve the interest of the industrialists,” noting that

“in the event that local goods are monopolized and their prices tampered with by some factories will cause harm to the citizen, here the Ministry has another opinion, which is to open import to mitigate from the impact of prices on the citizen.”

He explained, "There are many industries that succeeded after implementing the Product Protection Law, including the cement industries as well as the juice industry, and this applies to the public and private sectors, as those factories started production and covered local needs at competitive prices."

The General Directorate of Industrial Development is

    one of the formations of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, through which the state exercises care and directs industrial activity for the private and mixed sectors, and

    provides means of support for it and

    promotes the opportunities and aspects of Iraqi investments as required by the economic conditions of the country and within the general framework of state directives, and through its implementation of the provisions of the law Industrial Investment No. (20) of 1998 and its amendments.

The directorate aims to

    build a developed industrial base in Iraq

    based on the foundations of modern technological industrial principles with the need to preserve the safety of the environment and

    provide the best services to Iraqi industrialists and investors and

    provide the necessary advice and support for the success of their projects and

    ensure their sustainability through the application of the provisions of the Industrial Investment Law for the Mixed and Private Sectors No. (20) For the year 1998 and its effective amendments and approval of the five-year plan 2014-2018.

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