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Maysan clarifies the volume of its oil production and reveals plans to invest in gas

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Maysan clarifies the volume of its oil production and reveals plans to invest in gas

Economie    Today, 21:32
Baghdad - INA - Nassar Al-Hajj

, Maysan Oil Company, today, Friday, counted the number of oil-producing fields in the province, the volume of production and daily exports, and while revealing plans for gas production, it confirmed that the Halfaya field will support electricity with 300 million cubic feet of gas per day.

The Director General of the Maysan Oil Company, Ali Jassim Hammoud, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the number of oil fields in Maysan Governorate is 12, 6 of which are crude oil producers: Halfaya, Bazarkan, Fakka, Abu Gharb, Nour, and Amara, and there are undeveloped fields." Such as Al-Hawizeh, Al-Rifai, Kumait, Ali Al-Gharbi, and Al-Dujaila,

in addition to the presence of newly discovered structures, most notably (Dima installation), in which the first exploratory well was drilled by the joint national effort in 2012 with the aim of evaluating the hydrocarbon assemblies in the geological structures.

Daily production and oil exports

He added, "The total exports of crude oil revenues include two parts, the first of which includes the production of the Maysan fields (Bazarkan, Fakka, and Abu Gharb), whose rehabilitation and development operations were referred to a coalition of the Chinese companies Cinoc and Tibao of Turkey, led by Cinoc, where their production is currently up to 238,000 barrels.

There are plans to raise production to 300,000 barrels per day during the coming period,” he added, adding that “the second part relates to the production of Halfaya oil field, which is being developed by the Chinese National Oil Company (Petrogaina), where production is currently 340,000 barrels per day.”

He pointed out, "The total production of the Maysan Oil Company is 570,000 barrels per day," noting that "the company has reduced production in line with the decisions of the Ministry of Oil and the Iraqi National Oil Company, as we are one of the extractive companies affiliated with its structure," explaining that

"the decision to reduce came in line with Our commitments to the decisions to reduce production approved by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

The staff of the Maysan Oil Company

noted that "the number of the employees of the Maysan Oil Company is about 5,000 employees between permanent owners, contracts and daily wages, and they are distributed over all the company's fields that are managed, whether by the national effort or the investment effort and they work side by side with the cadres of the international companies investing in the Halfaya fields And Maysan," explaining that

"the company's employees have the experience and competence that enables them to run the business smoothly, not to mention the capabilities they acquired throughout their work with these companies."

On the file of foreign companies operating in the Maysan fields, Hammoud explained that “a number of the company’s fields were referred for investment within the first and second oil licensing rounds,

and a contract for the development of the Maysan fields was concluded within the second licensing round of a coalition that included three companies (the Chinese National Oil Company Petrogina, and the French Total). And the Malaysian company Petronas,” noting that

“the consortium is led by Petrogyna, with the aim of developing the Halfaya field and bringing its production to four hundred thousand barrels, in addition to the presence of many secondary international companies working to implement projects that fall within its specializations, whether they are drilling operations, construction of facilities, or extending flow and export lines.

And between: "As for the Maysan fields (Bazarkan, Fakka, and Abu Gharb), they were referred for development within the first oil licensing round of the consortium (Cinoc Company of China, and the Turkish company Tibao) to develop and rehabilitate the aforementioned fields and reach their production to 450 thousand barrels, while the other has brought in a number of contracting companies Secondary schools to implement development projects and programs in accordance with the plans aimed at promoting the oil system of these fields.

Development of gas fields

Hammoud continued, "The oil fields contain large quantities of gas associated with the produced crude oil," adding that

"the company has implemented many development projects to treat, desalinate, and prepare gas for use in the energy field, especially the processing of electric power plants."

He pointed out that "a number of vital projects have been referred, implemented and completed, including the Bazerkan gas processing and desalination project, and the Halfaya gas processing project, which is in the process of being completed within its final and final stages," noting that

"the gas receiving station has been linked in the Halfaya field GRS, and these projects will meet the requirements of Electricity projects of the Ministry of Electricity, including the quantities of liquefied gas it will provide, in accordance with the comprehensive plans for interrelated development projects implemented by Iraqi national cadres in cooperation with the investment effort.

gas production plans

He stressed that "the Maysan Oil Company is keen to implement gas treatment projects and invest it in an optimal manner and stop its waste and burning," adding that

"since the start of development operations with the investment effort under the supervision of the Maysan Oil Company's cadres, one of the company's most prominent plans and priorities was to benefit from the gas associated with oil and the product from its fields,

In order to achieve this goal, we completed in the Maysan fields a natural gas processing and desalination project, which is considered one of the important and strategic projects, and it is designed to process 71 million standard cubic feet.”

And he indicated that "these quantities were used to operate the two turbine generating units for the Maysan fields with a capacity of 44 megawatts each, in addition to operating vital facilities for oil production, operating submersible pumps for wells, as well as operating the two turbine generating units of the Ministry of Electricity with a capacity of 60 megawatts per unit, as well as Operation of steam generating units, heating and processing crude oil to obtain the necessary standards for export.

He stressed, "The conclusion and implementation of a contract for investment and treatment of Halfaya gas, which will provide 300 million standard cubic feet of gas per day, and is one of the most important strategic projects of the company," noting that

"advanced rates of achievement have been achieved for this vital project, whose implementation is an important step to enhance the national production of gas for Rafd." Electric power plants of the Ministry of Electricity, and the provision of liquid gas and gas condensate.

He stressed that "a contract for the investment and treatment of Halfaya gas was signed between the main operator, the Chinese company Petrogina, and the subcontractor, CPECC, which will invest and process the gas for the Maysan Oil Company."

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