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“Without a certificate” .. State advisors are illegal

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“Without a certificate” .. State advisors are illegal

Tuesday, 7 June 2022 5:47 PM
National News Center/ Baghdad

Through mutual personal benefit and all kinds of abhorrent “partisan, sectarian and tribal” quotas, and dozens of other portals, thousands of people climbed to occupy high positions as “advisers” and “experts” in the afflicted Iraqi state.

Their numbers are ministries, state departments, bodies, and presidencies, enjoying the privileges of the position in terms of money, identities, cars and other benefits that only God knows, without their presence having any benefit, so that it is true for them to say that it has become a “profession of those who have no profession.”

In this regard, a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Tariq Al-Khikani, said in an interview with the National News Center: “Iraq after the fall of the former regime suffered a great slack in the number of advisers and experts who do not give a single useful advice during their tenure in office, but rather they prepare the job The chancellery is just a booty for obtaining identities, money and cars.”

He explained that "there are hundreds or even thousands of (voluntary) advisers who do not have the legal basis that allows a head of a commission, a minister, or someone who is of his rank, to appoint a voluntary adviser, as he does not exist in the law while they have identities and allocations, so we call for advisers to be according to need.

Even the competent ministries must have one or two advisors, adding,

“But what we see at the present time is that the ministry and the entity that is not affiliated with a ministry, as well as the presidencies, include huge numbers of advisors, and they are in fact just names without the required competencies, and some of them have certificates. Undergraduate university, i.e. only a bachelor’s degree,” he asked,

“How can this be a consultant when he only holds an initial degree?”

Al-Khikani called on all presidencies, ministries, and agencies not affiliated with a ministry to “review their work and the number and quality of their advisors. What matters is quality, not quantity,” stressing that

“the increasing numbers of advisors are increasing the burden on the state and the budget, at a time when we are calling for streamlining and reducing expenses.”

And he indicated that "there is a great tendency by the House of Representatives to review this file, as it is one of the important files that must be discussed to know the number of advisors in the Iraqi state, despite the fact that some of them have pension salaries, and partisan and political accounts helped the presence of these large numbers of advisors in institutions".

The political affairs specialist, Dr. Haider Salman, said in an interview with Al-Sabah, which was followed by the National News Center, that “the job of the commission’s advisor or the ministry was not common before 2003, as

we did not hear about it or know it, and

when we heard about it in countries Outside, it seems to us that their systems are superior to us, and

after 2003 we witnessed an increase in the number of consultants, and

we imagined that they were degrees of experience and that they were people with great abilities that the laws harnessed to them to show what they excel in, and

with the passage of time we found that some of them do not understand anything that was originally brought to work from for him.”

He pointed out that "many of the advisors to the governors and the three presidencies are the ones who lost the elections, so they were marketed and returned as part of (consultations), and

most of those we talk about are the failed class, knowing that there is a successful and good class and its presence is important in what occupies him and works in his opinion."

Salman considered that “it is an absolute necessity to codify the matter and make it within contexts and monitor the performance, and not for everyone, hot and cold,” explaining that

“we still remember how one of the presidents, after 2003, appointed his daughters as advisers to the president, and the examples are many and not exclusive with the spread of recent books about the number of many advisers to the governors.” Tikrit and Babylon.

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