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About saving water again

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About saving water again

Articles    Today, 08:16
Ibrahim Sabti

We often find and see uses of good water other than the place for which it was found.

It was found for use in homes, laboratories and factories, and not in the formation of lakes in the streets as an intentional waste and without eyelid twitching or heartburn, because the taps pour without heartache.. and

this type of people is the same who uses them in a wasteful manner all the time, without deterrence or responsibility, what He leads without their knowledge that this national wealth and divine blessing,

we may not find it one day, then regret is useless.

But the lack of awareness, ill-considered behavior, lack of guidance and loss of desire to rationalize, led to this extravagance, waste, extravagance and waste, which cannot be tolerated in these difficult circumstances, and

we see that water in all countries of the world is going through a critical stage for many reasons,

some of which are political and others Related to the factors of climate change and global warming.

In some places, we see that water suitable for human use comes out of the ground as underground springs due to the wear and tear of the pipes that carry them, due to their oldness and scarcity or lack of maintenance on them, or

because of excavation works, which are carried out without prior plans,

due to the presence of the intended underground pipes, which leads to water leakage. In huge quantities and wasting them in vain, without benefiting from them.

I think there are many surprises these days in terms of water scarcity or loss.

We were surprised, amazed and pained, when we heard and saw the drying up of Lake Sawa,

which is a geological and biological miracle since ancient times, and it is said to be from prehistoric times..

It is a closed lake, we have always visited it as a tourist attraction located in the desert of Muthanna Governorate.

Experts say that the disappearance of the lake due to climate change and global warming,

although it does not take its water from the nearby Euphrates River, but from underground water springs.

This model is sufficient to know and realize that the future of water will be difficult and unpredictable.

Preserving this precious national wealth is the responsibility of the citizen and falls upon him, as

he is the first beneficiary of it, and

he must arm himself with the important culture of rationalization, and stay away from extravagance, waste and waste without benefit, or simply wasting water without feeling the importance of what results from these rejected actions.

We were greatly affected by what happened to Lake Sawa,

which is important both in terms of tourism and the environment,

because it alerted us that the drought is not far from other rivers and lakes in Iraq,

a lesson that will have a profound impact on the souls, before it becomes an adult and affecting the fish wealth and birds migrating to it.

In addition to the large number of massive dust storms that strike Iraq these days, resulting in the widening of the desertification cycle.

The general situation has changed a lot, especially with climate change,

due to the increase in human activities in relation to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which locks up the temperatures,

which will lead to the erosion of the ozone layer because of it,

which leads to a serious danger that is reflected on human life on earth,

including the spread of Serious diseases, food scarcity,

and drying up of some water sources in the foreseeable future.

So, it is the citizen's responsibility in front of these dangers, and

he must realize that the conditions are not in his favour, as long as the water sources are threatened with drought, especially the lakes and some small rivers.

Mesopotamia, which has long been rich in history with the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and spread on both sides of the civilizations that taught humanity culture and writing, are now exposed to various dangers, and

the citizen first and last must be the faithful guardian of their water and the defender of the survival of this precious wealth, as a giver of life and

because water is the basis of life

Without it, a person cannot live or build a civilization or civilization.

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