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In a shocking report, the International Bank reveals: Iraq students do not understand what they read

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In a shocking report, the International Bank reveals: Iraq students do not understand what they read

Special files, 2022/05/24 10:14, Readings: 237
Baghdad- Iraq today:

The World Bank said that more than 90 percent of the first-graders are unable to understand what they read in Iraqi schools.

This came in a statement in which he announced his approval of a new project worth $10 million to support innovations in order to learn in three late Iraqi provinces.

He added that "the new project aims to enhance teaching practices for Arabic language and mathematics teachers, and to improve reading, writing and arithmetic skills among primary school students from the most needy groups in the Iraqi provinces where development is delayed from other provinces."

He pointed out that "the development of human capital is at the heart of achieving sustainable economic growth", and added,

"Human capital in Iraq represents only 15 percent of the total wealth, which is one of the lowest rates in the Middle East and North Africa region, and it is largely due to the weakness of the products education".

"Years of conflict and structural deficiencies led to an educational system that is unable to provide basic skills to students - which constitute the basis of learning and skills development," the statement said.

The latest evaluation of the first grades reading skills and evaluation of mathematics skills for the first grades shows that by the third grade, the vast majority of Iraqi students who were evaluated were not acquired after adequate basic skills, with more than 90% of students are unable to understand what they read, according to the statement.

He said, "Nearly a third of the third-grade students were able to correctly answer one question about one of the appropriate texts for their ages just read it, and 41% of the third grade students were able to solve the issue of one calculation properly."

The statement stressed that "what we mentioned from the low learning outcomes highlights the urgent need for focus - according to the priorities - on students from the most needy groups and exposed to the risk of failure to knee and leak from the education system, as students leakage increased from primary schools in the recent past and did not complete education Only half of the poorest students."

The World Bank indicated that "the new project is directed towards students belonging to the poorest groups to prevent more learning losses between them and to ensure learning for all Iraqi children."

Commenting on this, Saruj Kumar Jah, the regional director of the East Department at the World Bank, said,

"The promotion of learning and productivity for this generation and future generations in Iraq, and thus securing the economic and social benefits that result from it, requires investments in the basic skills of students from the most needy groups.

The project would be What is new is to help Iraq improve the products of learning to read and mathematics for more than 300 thousand students and improve teaching practices for more than 4000 teachers and schools for mathematics and Arabic language in the three poorest provinces of Iraq."

The new project will be implemented by the Iraqi Ministry of Education in close cooperation with the ministries of planning and finance over two years.

As for the results that will appear within the framework of the implementation of this project, they will be used on a broader national scale and direct the necessary reforms to improve the level of quality of education and its suitability in Iraq.

Innovations will be funded for learning within the framework of the "Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction Fund", which was established in partnership with the government of Iraq in 2018 and with joint funding by Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada and Sweden.

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