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In a (charming) style... Coca-Cola roams the streets of Baghdad to spread happiness in the month of Ramadan

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In a (charming) style... Coca-Cola roams the streets of Baghdad to spread happiness in the month of Ramadan

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Economy News - Baghdad

The Coca-Cola Company confirmed its commitment to promoting the values of change, participation and spreading happiness, by supporting orphanages and people with special needs in Baghdad, explaining that the blessed month of Ramadan is the best occasion to implement these goals.

As part of its commitment to its social responsibility in Iraq, the activities organized by Coca-Cola during the holy month of Ramadan and targeting local communities and families contributed to giving a distinctive character to the holy month, as 5 carts toured to spread happiness within the Coca-Cola Caravan aimed at spreading real magic and achieving change through giving and sharing through Distributing gifts to parents and visitors in Dream City Mall, Al-Mansour area, and Al-Adhamiya area.

The Coca-Cola Caravan visited orphanages to provide breakfast and games for orphans and workers in the centers that included the Al-Zuhour Al-Alawiyy House, the Hisham Al-Dhahabi orphanage "The Safe House", the Baraem Al-Sulaikh House, and the Zahour Al-Adhamiya House in Baghdad. Thousands of Iftar meals were also distributed during Ramadan through partnership with the International Organization for Migration.

Coca-Cola partnered with the United States Agency for International Development ( USAID ) and the International Organization for Migration ( IOM ) in Iraq to support IADO to distribute the equivalent of 3 daily food parcels throughout the month to families with people with special needs ahead of Eid Al Fitr. An organization that brings together people with disabilities in Iraq organized group breakfast tables in its center in Baghdad, which included discussion sessions to enable people with special needs and their families to learn about best practices to maintain their mental health and face the associated social stigma.

Coca-Cola culminated its activities by organizing an Iftar banquet in Baghdad with the attendance of about 1,000 people in the famous Sinbad Garden in the heart of the capital on April 29, and the attendees participated in the Caravan of Happiness and received special prizes.

For his part, Coca-Cola Marketing Manager for the Middle East, Tarun Sephluk, expressed his happiness, saying that serving our society through making change, sharing and giving is one of our most important goals, indicating that the blessed month of Ramadan is the best occasion to promote these values, and to reflect the spirit of the holy month.

We were keen to organize events that bring together local communities, families and children in need with each other to consolidate the values of participation and giving and spread true magic and happiness, and from here we feel proud that we were able, with our packaging partners, Coca-Cola Ijigic - Iraq (-Oasis Beverages Company-) to give a more character Distinguish the month of Ramadan through the activities of Coca-Cola Caravan in addition to organizing one of the most distinguished Iftar tables in Baghdad.”

For his part, the head of the International Organization for Migration in Iraq, Giorgi Gigori, commented: "In addition to the happiness that various occasions bring, such as holidays, they may also constitute an emotional and financial burden on families that include members with special needs.

From here and in light of community work in Iraq to achieve Stability In light of the pressures that the country is experiencing, we are proud to partner with Coca-Cola, the United States Agency for International Development, and the Iraq Handicap Gathering to support members of society who may suffer from marginalization and promote societal inclusion.”

About the Coca-Cola Company in the Middle East

The Coca-Cola Company in the Middle East ( NYSE: KO ) specializes in soft drinks and offers more than 500 brands to individuals in more than 200 countries.

The Coca-Cola Company Middle East operations spans 12 markets including 6 GCC countries, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Yemen through 23 bottling plants across the region, under its umbrella nearly 20 sparkling soft drink brands including Coca-Cola. -Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Thums Up, QJ , Canada Dry, and Schweppes.

Our Beverage and Juice brands include Arwa, Crystal, Oasis, Dasani Minera , Pure, Minute Maid, Kapi, Fuze tea and Glasgo Vitamin Water.

The company affirms that it aims to contribute to the development process and bring about the required change, so we are constantly working on developing our brand to offer new and innovative products targeting everyone, noting that

it seeks to positively impact the lives of people, communities and the planet through our sustainability initiatives, which include water renewal and waste management. and recycling as well as women’s empowerment initiatives while continuing to create a favorable ecosystem for its employees, partners and customers.

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