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Al-Kazemi: We are still in the stage of establishing the democratic system

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Al-Kazemi: We are still in the stage of establishing the democratic system

political| 07:56 - 17/04/2022
Baghdad - Mawazine News

On Sunday, the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, called on Iraqi talents abroad to return to their country, while stressing the need for the certificate to become an opportunity to study reality, and not to obtain a higher salary.

A statement by his office, which Mawazine News received a copy of, said, during his participation with the heads of government and private universities and the advanced cadre in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the breakfast table for fasting the blessed month of Ramadan, that

“this government came under difficult and complex circumstances, and faced great challenges, but Thanks to God and the patience of our people and people, we were able to succeed and cross.”

He added, "What is required of us is to create opportunity and work on building people, and to achieve important issues, foremost of which is education.

The renaissance of the state needs education, and the renaissance of the economy needs education. The four issues on which we base are: security, law, education and health, and the ingredients for its success are present.".

He pointed out that "in Iraq, the first library in history and the first university was built.

It is unreasonable that our past is better than our present, and this matter is not borne by university professors, but rather the political system is responsible."

Al-Kazemi continued, "The economy was on the brink of collapse, and relied only on oil wealth, although it is a country of civilization and agriculture, and oil prices reached zero in a country whose budget depends on it by 96%.

Today, large oil-rich countries have turned it into a project for generations and do not depend on it."

He called on professors to "turn science into an opportunity for success, and turn the certificate into an opportunity to study reality, and not to get a higher salary.

The university professor has the right to search for a dignified and better life, but not at the expense of quality or at the expense of science."

And he added, "It saddens me to hear that world leaders honor Iraqi competencies.

These competencies we hope will return to Iraq to provide the best, and the difference is that the conditions provided to them were better than what they had here in Iraq."

However, the Prime Minister added, "We must stay away from self-flagellation and complaints.

It is the citizen's right that the state provides him with an opportunity for a decent life, and when the state fails, he has the right to object and demonstrate, but in a way that befits Iraq and Iraq's reputation," stressing that

"the state is not built Without education,

if you want a country, there must be a strong army, a solid education and a good judiciary, then Iraq will be a thousand good.”

He added, "We are still in the stage of establishing the new democratic system, and the existing problems are considered normal in the establishment stage, so these problems should not take us the opportunity of hope, and not give in to fate under the title of challenges, but rather work to turn challenges into opportunities for success."

Al-Kazemi concluded, "We will do a lot for you, and we will soon discuss your needs with the ministers of education and planning and the rest of the ministers, and reach a mechanism to support higher education and its professors, and I commend all of your efforts for the future of our children and the future of Iraq."
Ended 29/R77

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