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Collecting parliamentary signatures to cancel the government's decision to transfer the Basra-Aqaba pipeline to a Chinese company

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Collecting parliamentary signatures to cancel the government's decision to transfer the Basra-Aqaba pipeline to a Chinese company

political| 06:17 - 10/04/2022
Baghdad - Mawazine News

, Sunday, Representative Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani considered the recent decisions of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi's government unconstitutional, while referring to collecting parliamentary signatures to cancel the decision to refer the Basra-Aqaba pipeline to a Chinese company.

Al-Sudani said in a statement that Mawazine News received a copy of it, “In light of the political impasse that the country is witnessing, and the failure of the House of Representatives to perform its role and perform its oversight tasks in particular, the caretaker government continues to defy the constitution and the law and continues to take strategic decisions that entail financial obligations.

Great, as the government, in the last regular session of the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, 4/5/2022, and through the Minister of Oil, urgently presented the issue of the Basra pipeline project - an obstacle to exporting oil through Jordan, meaning that this strategic project was not included in the schedule The work of the cabinet meeting, as stipulated by the internal system, was not studied by the legal department of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, and

this is a flagrant violation, as it was voted to refer the project to the coalition of the Chinese company CITIC, at a cost of 9 billion dollars.

He added, "This project is the subject of great controversy between a supporter and an opponent of it, and we are not here to argue as much as we note that a non-agreed strategic project is being presented at the stage of a daily care government and in a surprising and scandalous way, as the topic was presented under the title (Philosophy of a Contract) in While the goal is to obtain a decision from the Council of Ministers to approve and authorize the Ministry of Oil to contract with the mentioned Chinese company.

He pointed out, "According to the information available to us, there has been a change in an important detail of this project, as the tanks and pumping stations were transferred from Najaf Governorate to Haditha District in Anbar Governorate.

A Chinese also was introduced in the days of the previous government, and it still exists.

It does not cost the state treasury one dollar, as the project is implemented with financing from the company in exchange for building a refinery and petrochemical plant in Aqaba, the proceeds of which go to cover the cost of implementing the transmission line project and the profits of the executing company, provided that the refinery and factory are owned by The state after a certain period, and therefore what is the interest in overcoming these data?

And he continued, "In confirmation of our fears of this corrupt and unjust deal, this decision was not included in the list of decisions issued in the aforementioned session and was not announced in the press conference of the government's official spokesman or in its media, which have long promoted fake achievements and marginal activities, and while we hold In which the Prime Minister and the Minister of Oil have full legal responsibility,

we regret the position of the ministers for not showing their keenness on public money and addressing projects to waste the country’s wealth, knowing that they will also bear the legal responsibility for these ill-considered decisions that involve clear suspicions of corruption and compromising the public interest.

And he continued, "On the basis of our legitimate and national responsibility, and as one of the people's representatives in the House of Representatives, we demand the Supreme Judicial Council and the Public Prosecution Service to assume its responsibilities and issue the necessary decisions to stop these suspicious contracts, in addition to that we have begun collecting signatures of members of the House of Representatives to cancel the aforementioned cabinet decision and stop this."

The contract and its referral to the next government, provided that it is studied in all respects and the opportunity is opened for local and international companies to present their offers in a way that achieves the best benefit for the country.
Ended 29/h

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