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Al-Kazemi's economic advisor: The white paper has achieved goals related to loans and car imports

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Al-Kazemi's economic advisor: The white paper has achieved goals related to loans and car imports

political    Yesterday, 21:13
Baghdad - INA

Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister Alaa Abdel Hussein confirmed, today, Wednesday, that the main objective of the white paper is to create more jobs and provide additional income, and while he indicated that it achieved what is related to loans and importing cars, he explained the reason for not achieving the goals of the paper by 100%.%.

Abdul-Hussein told Al-Iraqiya News, and the Iraqi News Agency (INA) followed it, that "the white paper implemented by the government for economic reform consisted of two main parts, the

first containing a comprehensive vision of the economic reality that the country is going through and the desired goals to be achieved. Paper projects, while the

second was related to implementation projects.

He added, "The special projects included 64 projects from various ministries and economic sectors, and each sector had targets, and the total number of targets reached 365 targets, and also each of them has a starting and ending point in order to follow it up according to governance mechanisms."

He stressed that "these projects were distributed among the ministries, for example, the Finance 17 projects, the Oil 7, the Electricity 6, the Investment Authority 4, and other projects for the Ministries of Trade and Housing and other bodies."

Commenting on the speech of Finance Minister Ali Allawi about the occurrence of varying percentages in the implementation of the white paper by the ministries of the state, Abdul Hussein said, "The disparity does not mean the inaction of parties, as there were problems in implementation that led to a decrease in its percentage in some ministries, and the total percentage of projects of the white paper reached Applied for 61% in terms of evaluating the targets, not the completion rate, six months after the application of the paper, which was launched as actual implementation on August 1, 2021.”

He continued, "The reason behind not reaching 100% is problems that accompanied the application, one of which, for example, is one of the targets in the Securities Commission - Project No. 13, which is intended to complete the project.

The authority has accomplished what it had to do, but it was not completed because it must be submitted to the State Council and then submitted to legislation in the House of Representatives."".

Regarding the achieved goals, he explained that "the Housing Fund, for example, had loans granted in it amounting to 45 million, and a decision was taken to implement the initiative of the Central Bank, and thus the loans increased to 75 million, and the initiative continues to grant loans."

He stressed that "the second goal is to allow the entry of damaged cars to be repaired in Iraq after the matter was prohibited, which increased the percentage of craftsmen and provided job opportunities and many other goals achieved."

He added, "We in the Reform Management Cell have set timings for each target, and we ask the project implementing agency for its detailed plan every month to the end of the implementation stages.

A report is sent at the end of each month on what has been implemented, and a team is sent by us to determine what has already been accomplished."

He pointed out that "the main objective of the white paper is to reform the state's finances and the financial and economic procedures in it through its various ministries,

which leads to the development of the economy to make it a job-creating economy with the aim of contributing to solving the unemployment crisis and providing additional income."

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