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Finance: Adoption of the budget in 2012 worth 117 trillion dinars and a deficit of 14 trillion

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08.12.2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Sumerian News / Baghdad said the Iraqi Finance Ministry, on Thursday, that the adoption of the budget year 2012 and of 117 trillion dinars deficit by $ 14 trillion dinars, while the confirmed grant 59 thousand degrees and careers of the ministries and Almússat-governmental organizations. The Iraqi Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi in a press conference held today at his office in the Green Zone in Baghdad and attended by "Alsumaria News", "The Council of Ministers approved the budget for Iraq in 2012 worth 117 trillion dinars," noting that "the share of the operational budget for next year $ 80 trillion dinars, compared to 37 trillion investment budget, and by the inability of 14 trillion dinars, which represents 10 percent of gross domestic product and 12 percent of the total budget. " Issawi said that "the budget that will be sent to the House of Representatives during the next few days based on the production of 2.0006 million barrels per day and $ 85 per barrel, "explaining that" all of Iraq's budget of the next year 2012 witnessed a rise compared to 2011, which amounted to the budget of 96 trillion dinars. " He said al-Issawi that "the balance of 2012 saw an increase in the budget for the development of regions which $ 6 trillion dinars, compared to 3.2 trillion dinars in 2011, while the percentage of the budget of $ 6.1 trillion petro dinars for the oil-producing provinces, "pointing out that" the Kurdistan region's share of the budget alone amounted to 6.12 trillion dinars. " He said al-Issawi that "government support for pensions and social protection network and the ration card and medicines and the cost of extracting crude oil and support the harvest of wheat, barley and rice, $ 24 trillion dinars, which accounts for 21 percent of the total budget," explaining that "the customizations that have been allocated to the energy sector is the top of the other sectors other due to the high cost of production of crude oil to $ 4.20 trillion dinars, followed by the security sector amounted to 17 trillion dinars and then education by 4.11 trillion dinars, while the percentage allocations for the social services sector nearly 15 trillion dinars. " The al-Issawi that "the new issues introduced in the Iraqi budget is the abolition of interest on loans granted by the Agricultural and Industrial Bank and the Housing Fund, will be awarded loans to the industries of Iraq to move the Iraqi economy." and Issawi, "The next budget approved 59 thousand degrees and careers, including 18 thousand job of the Ministry of Health and 15 thousand degrees and careers of the Ministry of Education with the rest distributed and the rest of the ministries and Moisat other government. " The Finance Committee of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, the committee in (11/30/2011), that the balance of 2012 will reach the parliament through (this week) after be reduced and the Ministry of Finance, the proportion of the deficit and the adoption rate of 85 dollars per barrel of oil, while it likely that the rate reduction to 115 trillion dinars. The speaker of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi, in (November 28, 2011), the need to expedite the completion of the annual budget for next year during the a short period, stressing the need not to prejudice the rights of the provinces in pumping money into ventures and investments, as he emphasized the International Fund that is currently working to reduce and minimize the recurrent budget in the budget for Iraq in 2012. and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, (November 16, 2011), that financial budget for the year 2012 will be forwarded to the House of Representatives soon, adding that many countries agreed to implement projects in a payment on credit. The Iraqi Ministry of Planning announced (22 September 2011), that the financial budget for 2012, next will be between $ 112 and $ 120 billion, confirming that 35 percent of the budget allocated to the investment, while the current budget year 2011 of $ 81.9 billion deficit of $ 13.3 billion.

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