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Al-Kazemi: We have no choice but to dialogue, and the white paper has begun to bear fruit

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Al-Kazemi: We have no choice but to dialogue, and the white paper has begun to bear fruit

political    Yesterday [12/24/2021], 21:41
Baghdad - I know

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi affirmed that we have no choice but to dialogue, while noting that the white economic paper has begun to bear fruit.

Al-Kazemi said in a speech during the mass that was held at the Joseph Cathedral in Baghdad on the occasion of Christmas, in a statement to his office, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Friday:

“On Christmas Day, the sound of war stops, and we must continue to create hope, God created human beings. peoples, tribes and religions, and Iraq is a collector of these many components, and we must preserve this Iraqi heritage in diversity.”

He added: "We celebrate the glorious Christmas, which has become a symbol of a transient Iraqi national identity, and it is imperative for us to create an Iraqi identity that crosses sects and religions,

and today we celebrate Christmas as days to celebrate spirituality, tolerance, and life," stressing,

"These holy days unite us, which are a memory of the birth of our master." Christ, a prophet for Christians and Muslims alike.

He continued: "We were united before in confronting terrorism and confronting terrorist organizations, and we are united today in commemorating the glorious Christmas Day.

The Iraqis, with all their spectrum, participated in confronting terrorism, Muslims, Christians and all other sects," noting that

"from this standpoint, His Holiness visited Iraq and the visit confirmed the importance of Iraq is symbolic and spiritual, and this visit has raised the interest of the whole world in Iraq as the home of religions, from Abraham (peace be upon him) to our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

He pointed out that "this country, which is your country, represents a rich religious diversity and a human, cultural and spiritual asset to the whole world.

It possesses real wealth, which is the religious and cultural diversity that Iraq possesses, and the Iraqis should make it a source of strength, some countries spend billions of dollars in order to create diversity; for this we must invest diversity To support Iraq's national, regional and international standing.

He went on to say: "During the year and a half, my government had to work to advance all the forces of society, with all its benevolent components, in order to strengthen Iraq's regional position,

as well as try to support the spiritual and national renaissance of the spectra of Iraqi society in order to restore cohesion between its components,

and in order to strengthen His regional and international standing, our Christian people and the solidarity of clergymen and Christian leaders with other components have had an indispensable role to work hand in hand in order to strengthen this position.

And he stated: "Iraq witnessed a strong national and diplomatic movement during this period, despite the serious challenges that my government faced from the pandemic, the economic crisis, and the regional and international conflict," stressing that

"this would not have happened if the Iraqis were not cooperating with each other and supporting the government's efforts."

He continued, "We succeeded in raising the name of Iraq, setting the first foundational steps for economic reform, and holding successful and fair elections in a record period,

in addition to launching reconstruction and economic cooperation projects with countries in the region and enhancing Iraq's position regionally and internationally."

The identity of the Iraqis is without the Christians, and this cannot be done without all the other components of the citizens of Iraq.Ghali pointed out that, "I do not believe that there is a political blockage, or in political work.

There were elections and there are challenges we face and now there is a dialogue.

Some countries are delaying the formation of governments for a long time.

We have no choice but dialogue.

It is the solution to building a future worthy of Iraqis of all their sects.

For dialogue to be an opportunity for hope and not to turn into an element of threat and blackmail, as Iraq is built through understanding,” noting that

“unfortunately we hear those who say that the number of Christians in Iraq is constantly decreasing, so we must encourage Christians to stay in Iraq and contribute to building this country, building its national identity, and facing challenges together.”

And he explained, "weeks ago, Iraq's credit rating was raised by two degrees, which is what is happening for the first time since 2003; and these are the results of the white paper for economic reform, which began to bear fruit."

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