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Agriculture announces details of its plan for the palm sector

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Agriculture announces details of its plan for the palm sector

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Economy News _ Baghdad

Today, Saturday, the Ministry of Agriculture announced the start of exporting Iraqi dates to various countries of the world, and while it announced the details of its plan for the palm sector, it expected to achieve the highest level of date production during 2021 by one million tons.

The ministry's spokesman, Hamid Al-Nayef, said in an interview with the Iraqi News Agency and followed by "Al-Iqtisad News", that "the Ministry of Agriculture's plan for palm includes rehabilitating this sector by distributing seedlings of date palms, whether they are regular or textile ones, and preparing them for citizens, farmers, universities and schools in general, at prices supported by the In order to increase the number of palm trees and increase their production and cultivation on a large scale.

Al-Nayef added that "the plan also includes creating a suitable environment for citizens by planting green spaces in the streets and cities," noting that

"this measure is a clear expansion of the date palm cultivation process in all of Iraq."

And he indicated that "the ministry has ready-made seedlings in the Department of Horticulture, one of the formations of the Ministry of Agriculture, and directed the Minister of Agriculture to give these seedlings to all the groups mentioned at a subsidized price in order to encourage the palm sector,"

expressing his hope that "a financial fund will be formed to support the palm sector to support every citizen." palm trees are planted."

He stressed that "the presence of a financial fund is an important measure, but financial matters prevent this," stressing "the need to pay attention to the palm sector because the Iraqi palm is the advantage and identity of Iraq."

Regarding the export of dates, Al-Nayef said: "The ministry, starting this month, opened exporting abroad because dates are desirable abroad and their prices are fantastic," stressing that

"the ministry manufactured and exported dates with distinctive Iraqi brands."

He pointed out that "this step will generate money for the state and maximize its revenues, in addition to employing millions of workers," noting that

"the ministry has started exporting in full swing and has prepared all the logistical, moral and supportive matters for all investors and exporters of dates through fumigation and fumigation of dates and issuing export certificates to be window to all countries of the world.

He stressed that "many dates have been seized by countries through Iraqi traders in Egypt, including the Netherlands and Italy, because Iraqi dates are desirable, especially the ascetic variety that is included in all food industries."

Al-Naif expected that "this year will witness the highest level of production of dates after the volume of production increased in 2019 to (650 thousand tons), and in 2020 to (735,000 tons)," stressing that

"the ministry is optimistic about increasing production this year by 30%. Until we reach one million tons, which is a great achievement for Iraq for maximizing revenues, raising the national income rate and being an important section of export operations.

He pointed out that "the ministry sent invitations to farmers and farmers within (contracts 35) to plant 5 dunums in each plot in exchange for the cultivated area to be theirs after 5 years," noting that

"this measure is encouraging to achieve an increase in the palm sector, as well as inviting investors to invest. in the palm sector.

He added that "many orchards have now been invested and started to produce, which has increased the volume of production compared to previous years."

Regarding afforestation, Al-Nayef stressed that “the ministry needs 14 billion trees to be planted, which needs a special program,

and the program in turn needs money, which comes through concerted efforts of the state,”

calling for “work on this program and the use of licensing rounds and giving Investment companies have a percentage until they are encouraged and to ensure the expansion of the palm sector.

He warned, "The ministry is currently relying on the offshoots it has without importing them from abroad for fear of diseases, especially the palm weevil," noting that

"the ministry is counting on the palm rehabilitation program to bring this important sector Iraq back to the forefront of the countries exporting and producing dates globally."

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