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Reasons for the decline of palm wealth in Iraq

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Reasons for the decline of palm wealth in Iraq

211 2021-09-28
Assad Abdullah Abd Ali ||

Iraq was called the country of blackness because of the large number of palms in it, and it was at the top of the world’s list in the number of palms, and

the Iraqi dates became famous and became famous Arab and international for their good taste and many types,

but the case was no longer so after 1980, when the Iraqi-Iranian war broke out and giant palm orchards were bulldozed.

Located on the border to secure the arena of war!

The largest palm forest in the world within the Faw peninsula was also damaged due to the war, then the increasing salinity of the Shatt al-Arab waters came to destroy the productivity of the rest.

Then came the decade of the nineties, to hit Iraq with an economic siege that destroyed the agricultural environment, including palm trees.

Agriculture witnessed a significant and dangerous decline, with the dangers of epidemics spreading, which made the number of palm trees recede in several regions in the country.

The successive wars, the economic blockade, and then the total chaos of the entire country combined led to the number of palm trees in Iraq.

Some statistics indicate that in the late seventies Iraq had about 32 million palm trees, of which only nine million remain today, according to agricultural and environmental organizations,

instead of increasing their number, their number decreased, which made many sound the alarm, warning of the extinction of dates in its first home..

· the reasons

Four important reasons for the current decline in palm numbers can be identified:

First: palm trees have been neglected due to the high costs of palm servicing, which affects the expected profits from selling dates.

Second: The palm orchards suffer from a lack of trained manpower in the field of palm service.

Third: Not to conduct pest control operations that infect palm trees.

Fourth: The urban sprawl, which led to the disappearance of palm groves from existence, as the land is sold and its palms uprooted.

From exporting dates to importing

One of the strangest things is that Iraq has turned from a major source of dates in the world, to an importer of dates,

and the post-2003 governments neglected the interest in agriculture, including palms, especially with the abundance of dollars from crude oil exports, Iraq became an importer of dates,

in light of bad management of the country’s economy, so Iraq lost Previous exports brought him revenues,

and he lost his local self-sufficiency in dates, the worst of which is the ugliness of that loss,

which the country's politicians do not understand.

Idea for correction

The state can establish funds for agricultural and industrial development, and in managing it, it is concerned only with this type of development, and it recovers its money from the profits of these projects,

and after the return of the capital, the ownership of the factory or agricultural land will be transferred to its workers, and these spent funds revolve after returning to the fund for further agricultural development and product manufacturing. agricultural.

With the provision of loans to farmers, support for the provision of fertilizers and water sources, and the fight against harmful insects.

Also, the authority today, that the will to restore the spirit to the wealth of palm trees, must encourage the private sector to establish date presses, cold stores, and establish industrial projects that depend on dates, such as liquid sugar and natural vinegar, in addition to date juice (molasses).

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