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An Unreliable Ally: Will the Kurds Repeat the Fate of the Afghan People?

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An Unreliable Ally: Will the Kurds Repeat the Fate of the Afghan People?

Pratha News Agency   103 2021-08-26
Syrian freelance journalist
Abdullah Al Samer

After the White House took a decision on the withdrawal of US forces from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, there was a serious deterioration of the military and political situation in this country, and the internal conflict reached its climax during the past week.

Thus, on August 15, 2021, Taliban militants entered Kabul and took control of the presidential palace.

Currently, they are diverting thousands of people from the country in every possible way because they are afraid of the establishment of the Taliban regime. This is how the former President of the Republic behaved when he traveled with his colleagues to neighboring Uzbekistan.

As we can see, Washington left the citizens of Afghanistan in the face of the Taliban militants and in addition to this allowed the militants to seize a large part of the weapons destined for the government forces.

And the media reported that gunmen stole nearly 900 rifles, 65 pickups and a Hummer at the Sultan Khel military base in Wardak province in Afghanistan.

Moreover, during the evacuation of diplomatic personnel, people who had cooperated with the Americans for many years were shot instead of the assistance promised to them.

The result of the "act of goodwill" resulted in the death of 5 people and the severe injury of 10.

All this clearly demonstrates the true nature of US "help" and "support" in critical situations.

It has been noted several times that the Americans in any case act according to the principle: "Your salvation is in your hands."

The White House adheres to the same principle in its policy towards Syria.

And controlling the oil fields and benefiting from the extraction of oil are the only factors that keep the American military in this region.

The Kurdish groups that control a large part of these Syrian regions and play the role of "guardians" of oil resources are vainly dependent on continued US support.

The Pentagon constantly continues the policy of looting on Syrian territory and controls about 50 oil and gas fields, and the US Army's special forces are also guarding them.

These American experts are involved in the theft of the natural resources of the Syrian Arab Republic and they are working to destabilize the already difficult situation in this region.

They are hiding behind the protection of international democracy and the interests of the Kurds, who are also working against the legitimate Syrian government headed by Bashar Hafez al-Assad.

In addition, US criminal acts include the work of US trainers in terrorist training camps in northeastern Syria.

It is clear that Washington will start the process of returning the soldiers to their homeland after ending their crimes on Syrian territory and will leave the Kurdish people to face the outstanding issues as it left the Afghan people to face the Taliban militants.

The entire Kurdish people and their leaders must realize their status as a "bargaining chip" in the eyes of the White House, and they must understand the futility of further cooperation and assistance to the American side in the hope of solving their problems.

According to the Kurdish side, Washington appeared in its true form in October 2019 when it announced the withdrawal of part of its forces and allowed Turkey to launch the military operation "Peace Spring" against the Kurdish militias in northern Syria.

The result of these hostilities is the fall of a large number of casualties and the loss of Kurdish control over a sector of their lands, as well as the emergence and spread of terrorist groups in this region.

It is clear that the Americans who leave Afghanistan today will sooner or later be forced to leave the Syrian territories in the future, and the Kurds will be left facing the many problems that have not only been resolved, but on the contrary, have also been exacerbated by the criminal policy of the White House that prevents the participation of the Kurdish people in the process of settling the Syrian crisis.

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