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Is the Turkish military presence in Iraq related to deterring the attempt to establish a Kurdish state?

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2021/08/17 19:30
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Is the Turkish military presence in Iraq related to deterring the attempt to establish a Kurdish state?

Baghdad / Obelisk: Muhammad Wadhah wrote.. The agreement signed by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi with US President Joe Biden, during his visit to Washington, included ending the combat missions of the US forces at the end of this year 2021.

The agreement between Iraq and the United States included the evacuation of all foreign forces from Iraq that joined the international military coalition, which was formed to fight the terrorist "ISIS", at the request of the Iraqi government, months after the organization's militants controlled a third of Iraq in June 2014.

But the Iraqi government did not indicate that (the agreement to evacuate military forces from Iraq) clearly and publicly ends the Turkish military presence in the north of the country, which Baghdad has always described as a violation of Iraqi sovereignty!

The size of the Turkish presence in northern Iraq

Turkey has 37 military sites in Iraq, divided between military bases and points, extending from the outskirts of the city of Erbil through the Soran region, and not ending at its large base in the Bashiqa district of the city of Mosul, in addition to the military invasions and air raids it launches from time to time on The villages of the Kurdistan region adjacent to the Turkish border.

Turkey invokes its military presence inside Iraqi territory, that it comes in order to hunt down the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in coordination with the regional government, which often causes the death and injury of civilians, in addition to emptying dozens of villages and destroying and burning large areas of farms and forests within the borders of the Kurdistan region, and this matter Continuing without stopping Turkey from any Iraqi threat or condemnation, whether from the federal government or from the region!

Does the agreement include the Turkish presence?

In an attempt to understand the nature of the Turkish military presence in northern Iraq, and whether it was included in the agreement to withdraw foreign forces from the country at the end of (December 2021), the Al-Fateh Alliance - the most prominent political forces calling for a foreign exit from Iraq - sees that the Turkish military presence in northern Iraq represents an occupation

The same is true of the American presence, even though the American presence was at the request of Iraq!

The spokesman for the Al-Fateh Alliance, Representative Ahmed Al-Asadi, explained that "the Iraqi parliament's decision, which was voted on at the beginning of 2020, includes the expulsion of all foreign forces from Iraq, including the Turkish military forces, because it did not come with a request, approval, decision, or under any legal cover."".

Al-Asadi considered that focusing on ending the presence of US forces in Iraq does not mean condoning the Turkish occupation, ruling out the need for a new parliamentary decision to remove Turkish forces from the north of the country, given that the parliament’s recent decision regarding the evacuation of foreign forces from Iraq did not specify any forces. Therefore, the Turkish forces, like the American forces, are covered by the agreement to end the presence at the end of the current year 2021.

The most important question remains about the possibility and ability of Iraq to end the Turkish military presence in the north of the country, given that the other foreign military presence is capable of it, which was to help Baghdad in its war against ISIS, and this is what is no longer needed, unlike the Turkish presence, which is related to many issues On its (military) appearance, ending the PKK threat to (Ankara) and in its (political) dimensions does not hide Turkey's concerns about any Kurdish aspirations for independence from Iraq and the declaration of a Kurdish state.

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